"you have been removed from the group chat."

"you have been removed from the group chat."

I can't wait to experience the feeling of being kicked out by my parents again.

when a child is at home, ask him when he came back:

and people who move the child out of home:

the group name is "Happy Home", a peaceful atmosphere, and parents reply and watch bluntly, so that people can not help but raise the corners of the mouth.

the reason why people share the evidence that their parents "don't love themselves" is precisely because they believe in their parents' love.

those complaints and complaints are engraved with the seal of love.

she is the kind of person with a strange personality and never eats at the same table with us (I hear it's a former custom).

when people ask about my grandmother, I whisper to her, "my grandmother is a weirdo."

once, several cousins came to my house to play hide-and-seek. My cousin and I hid in Grandma's room because it was very hidden and there were so many things that the lights were not turned on all the year round.

We concluded that our timid cousin was afraid to come in. In order to frighten him, we also took two flashlights, ready to pretend to frighten him when he came in.

after a few minutes, there was no sound. My cousin asked me, "do you want to know what Grandma (we call Grandma) put in the cupboard?"

I shook my head.

"would you like to see it?" She won't know. " My cousin strongly egged me on.

"that. Just take a look. "

We pulled out three cabinets in succession, in which there were pills, needle and thread, and jewelry boxes.

my cousin shouted, "look what this is!"

then he opened the jewelry box with a gold bracelet inside.

I turned on the flashlight and had a look. There was a Phoenix on it.

then a powerful but small hand lifted my collar, and a cracked sound rang in my ear:

"Don't go through my locker!" You go out! Go out and stand for me! "

she snatched the bracelet out of my hand and dragged me out of the door. Then behind me came the sound of the door closing.

after that, I dare not speak to her.

she still smokes on the small bench on the balcony alone, and she doesn't eat with us.

when I went to the university to report military training, she went back to live in the country. My mom called and said grandma left something for me.

when I went back on National Day, my mother handed me a box.

I opened it and saw the gold bracelet.

Mom screamed, "Ah!"

"what's wrong?" I asked.

"this is your grandmother's only dowry."

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A friend mentioned a concept to me earlier, which is called retrograde relationship.

this relationship can be used to describe relationships that fall back after climbing the peak, such as from lovers to friends, from best friends to ordinary friends, or from classmates to people who seem to have such a person.

We are all used to it. After all, ups and downs are the norm in all relationships, but sometimes there is no chance to pick up once they fall.

many people say that parents always impose a lot of ideas on us by "all for your own good", but in fact, this toughness often stems from a sense of powerlessness.

only in this way can we feel free of burden and bring out these relaxed and witty content to make everyone laugh.

this goal can be work, study, or hobby. when we all have our own focus, we will be more aware of the value of a stable relationship behind life.

after all, compared with those who ban and cheat, this is a topic that all of us can participate in, and it is an opportunity for us to search for a knowing smile in our memory.

I have no ideal