You don't want to throw anything away, how can you talk about the quality of life?

You don't want to throw anything away, how can you talk about the quality of life?

Free up your heart and live a good life.

people are used to adding to life when they are young:

when you see something you like, don't consider whether you need it or not, just buy it.

enter the society, ignore self-feelings, the interpersonal relationship of management is also more and more complex; go far, experience more, there is always something on your mind.

at first, the house was empty and the heart was clear. Later, more and more things were bought, and the things to deal with became more and more tedious.

Life is also getting lower and lower quality.

there is a saying that people who can lay out their lives must be minimalist in heart, and knowing how to subtract is the beginning of true maturity.

whether it is material or spiritual, throw away unnecessary baggage and encumbrance in order to bring more valuable things into life.

throw away the useless things in the house

if a person has an empty birdcage in his living room, after a while, he will probably buy a bird to raise instead of throwing it away.

this situation of being burdened by objects and becoming a "captive" of objects is also the most common thing in life.

over time, those things that are idle will still be reduced to rubbish.

in an episode of "Please refrigerator", Guo Qilin's refrigerator was moved to the program.

like most people, his refrigerator is full of things.

in a corner of the refrigerator, he found a plastic bag containing red dried chili peppers.

when he took out the dried chili peppers, he saw that the bag was full of mold.

Guo Qilin explained that although he could not cook, these dried chili peppers looked beautiful and could be used to decorate the refrigerator, so they stayed.

he also found that many of the other ingredients in the refrigerator are out of date, such as infrequent jam, soybean jam, and so on.

throw away all the expired food, leaving only some available and relatively useful ingredients, and the refrigerator becomes refreshed in an instant.

Guo Qilin's refrigerator actually reflects the living conditions of many of us:

We are always used to staying with things that seem useful but are actually useless in life, so there are more and more things and less and less room for control.

it says in "break up":

"in, then out; out, then in; and then, out, this simple life mechanism, hides great power."

in our living environment, if we want to meet new things, we must be cruel to get rid of the useless things in life.

only when you give up in time and the objects go in and out can the mood be smooth.

get rid of those uncomfortable relationships

some time ago, I was brainwashed by a lyric, which sang bluntly: "Society is very simple, but it is people who are complicated."

for example:

some people think you are talkative and ask you for help for everything. If you help, he thinks it is his duty. If you do not help, he will be stabbed in the back.

there are people who are different from your values, do not speculate for more than a word, and can argue with you for a very small problem.

because of face-saving, you always acquiesce in this kind of communication, but unconsciously, you have wronged yourself.

there is a good saying:

"get rid of some useless socializing and make every relationship clear."

the adult world is not easy, so be bold and try to get rid of those uncomfortable relationships.

I think of an author friend of mine. When he gets along with others, his greatest characteristic is that he is neither hot nor cold.

I was eager to pull him into the WeChat group of some platforms, but he refused.

he told me that too much useless information makes people anxious and forced to do business, which is annoying.

he also said that it feels good to choose to communicate with the people you like, and then stay away from uncomfortable socializing and be kind to your emotions.

Yes, we really don't have to grieve our feelings for the sake of being considerate of others.

refuse to suffocate yourself; let go of those who are out of luck in life; leave those who hurt you.

the relationship between people will be very simple and comfortable.

lose your obsession

Tagore once said:

"one night, I burned all my memories, and my dream has been transparent ever since;

one morning, I threw away all yesterday, and my footsteps have been light ever since. "

Life is full of vegetation, but what I fear most is that I can't let go of obsession, can't get rid of bad things, and can't live a good time now.

in the novel I am not Pan Jinlian, Liu Zhenyun talks about the heroine Li Xuelian, who is a woman who is too obsessed with it.

at first, what she couldn't let go was the deceit and betrayal of her ex-husband Qin Yuhe.

later, maybe she didn't even know it, and what she couldn't let go was her own endless obsession.

she was young and beautiful, willing to work hard, and could have lived a good life without Qin Yuhe.

but because the obsession is too deep, has been entangled in this bad thing, personally put a good hand, played shabby, and finally, scribbled all his life.

remember there is a saying: "when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares at you."

if we insist on entangling with those bad things and can't let go of ourselves, we will eventually hurt ourselves in the garbage life.

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the meaningless persistence in life, the resistance that will only bring you pain, will not make your life more motivated, it will only make you feel more tired.

there are some roads, there is really no shore until we turn back, and only when we set sail again can we have a direction.

learn to clean up meaningless obsession, face life lightly, and never block your way forward.

the top attitude towards life is to live a simple life and be full of spirit

Minimalist Jil Sander once said:

"the more things you take, the purer you leave behind."

A person's top attitude towards life is to live a simple life and be full of spirit.

if there is one object with the same function, there is no need to buy a second one.

Don't pile up useless items, just throw them away.

only by freeing up the physical space can there be room in the heart.

if you don't like dinners and social events, you don't have to go. No one will care about you.

those who make you uncomfortable and hurt you, please be decisive, learn to leave and stop your loss in time.

when the circle is clean, the heart will be at peace.

Life has always been a mixture of joys and sorrows, so never mess with yourself.

be a person who can pick it up, let it go, not trapped in the heart, not disturbed by love.

there is a sentence in "the Marriage of the fittest":

"the so-called break-up is to leave something that will palpitate in your hand."

cut off the material desires that you never need, give up unnecessary circles, and break away from the obsession with eating yourself.

if you are clear, the world will be clean; if you are simple, the world will not be complicated.

Life is not a material feast, but a spiritual practice.

May we all learn to live a minimalist life:

Don't worry about things, don't complain about others, let go of yourself, free up your heart, and live a good life.

Chu Yang