Women who live a thorough life have these seven traits.

Women who live a thorough life have these seven traits.

Women who live well will be treated gently by the years.

have a sense of ritual

the fox in the Little Prince once said this:

the sense of ritual is to make one day different from other days, and make one moment different from other moments.

the sense of ritual is not only the condiment of life, but also the emotional need of the spiritual world, and it is the concrete way for us to express love with our heart.

ceremonial women are good at creating a little romance, and they make their lives interesting and romantic.

make every day fresh: maybe it's a hand-baked Korean laminated cake, maybe it's a candlelight dinner with a beautiful bouquet, maybe it's lighting an essential oil fragrance during yoga every day.

they are good at expressing affection and gratitude to their families, creating unforgettable memories for their loved ones, giving intimate small gifts to their friends, and polishing every important moment.

as the writer Loreleis said:

A life with a sense of ritual gives us a real sense of existence.

is not to leave any impression on others, but their own heart in the real sense of life, full of enthusiasm to face life.

maybe the next second, she will surprise you.

Mingyan exquisite

some people say:

there are no ugly women, only lazy women.

some people say:

the best way to love someone is to manage yourself and give each other a high-quality lover.

when you see a woman with well-groomed hair, curly eyelashes and glittering nails;

she wears fashionable clothes and exquisite high heels;

she has elegant and decent speech and is good at socializing.

you can't help yearning for it.

such women are exquisitely carved, have their own aesthetics and have their own ideas.

in socializing, they know how to distribute their own advantages and charm on different occasions: to do every job to the extreme in the workplace, and to devise every negotiation in the wine market.

when they are alone, they know how to dote on themselves, manage their desires and weight with self-discipline, pursue a quality and refined life, and make others pleasing to the eye.

there are poems and books in the belly

it is said that women who love to read books will never have too bad luck.

in the bustle and hustle and bustle of the city, they maintain a quiet heart and the ability to calm themselves down at any time.

A woman with poetry and books knows how to decorate her soul, enlighten her wisdom and improve her self-cultivation.

constantly improve your learning ability, broaden your horizons, learn from the past and the present, and export into a chapter.

they have unique views on problems, and they tend to have excellent temperament and rich hearts.

they have seen all kinds of things in the world and know how to make choices.

Lin Yutang said:

people who love reading become more elegant in soul and appearance, and they meet better themselves in books.

eager to take risks

Gulong described a classical legendary woman: Feng Si Niang.

ride the fastest horse, climb the highest mountain, eat the hottest food, drink the strongest wine, play with the sharpest knife, kill the most ruthless man.

now, there are women around us who like such adventures.

they tend not to stick to one style, climbing high mountains, diving in the deep sea, rock climbing, bungee jumping, low-altitude parachuting, downhill skiing. Everything is as good as a man.

they retain their youthful curiosity about the world, like to challenge their limits, have a strong ability to adapt, and are more able to break the conventional mode of thinking.

such women, brave, sincere, warm, innovative in the workplace and life, not afraid of challenges, their life is full of heat and vitality.

warm cure

people's life, from simple to complex is a kind of maturity, from complex to simple is a kind of precipitation.

warm and cured women tend to be thorough and knowledgeable, but do not treat others with worldly sophistication.

they are sympathetic and understand that it is not easy for you; they are always sweet and take care of the small details for you.

they often take part in volunteer activities, take care of injured stray animals and are full of love for the world.

A kind person is like a bright lamp, which not only illuminates the people around him, but also warms himself. Kindness does not need to be inculcated and forced, but will only infect and spread each other.

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future.

A warm and cured woman is kind and soft at heart, passing warmth and tolerance to every friend around her, emitting a gentle and considerate charm everywhere.

have one's own opinions

independent-minded women are very attractive. They have a scale in their hearts and know everything about the outside world.

they are spiritually free, do not care about the eyes of the outside world, and can strengthen their beliefs in the event of trouble.

they treat people sincerely and will not hide them, and the people around them are willing to get acquainted with them.

they have their own pursuits and goals, and work very hard and independently.

they never forget to learn and grow at every stage of their lives, constantly breaking through themselves.

look at the long-term goals with a wise vision, stay at the forefront of the times in your career, have a happy marriage, and women with independent ideas will not be left behind.

enjoy being alone

solitude is an important ability for women.

instead of circling around others, humbly and aggrieved to be sociable, it is better to enjoy being alone.

just like the lyrics in "not that simple"--

listen to what others say and make your own decisions.

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable gown embellished bridal. Be enthralled by the combination of subtlety and comfort.

A glass of red wine with a movie, turned off my cell phone on weekend night and nestled comfortably on the sofa.

Women who enjoy being alone have already given up ineffective social interaction and are tired of staggering preparations and pushing cups for a change.

Women who enjoy being alone are used to having a complete independent space to cultivate their strengths and explore the unknown.

they don't need to be attached to anyone, and they won't be disturbed by anyone.

they are independent, brave and independent, and reap the growth of the spiritual world in their solitude.

Women should plow deeply what they love on the long road of life in order to harvest splendor, full of spirit, from the inside out.

Women should live into a beautiful scenery for a long time, graceful and graceful, each with its own merits.

it is better to live well than to grow well, to be a woman who lives well, to amaze time, to upend sentient beings;

be a woman who lives a good life and make her life interesting and interesting.

A woman who lives well will be treated gently by the years.