Will you still be with your boyfriend after he is in debt?

Will you still be with your boyfriend after he is in debt?

It may be normal to fly separately in the face of disaster, but there is always one person who stays in place for a longer time.

I recommend it to you.

I asked my friends a question:

if your boyfriend is heavily in debt, will you leave him?

but after a while, I will add:

A few days ago, Gan Wei issued a statement as follows:

write clearly the actions already taken and the next steps.

you can see that she is a person who treats each other wholeheartedly.

she made the first statement.

she said she had to come forward.

described Letv's success in doing video and TV all the way.

words contain support and trust for her husband Jia Yueting,

and heartfelt thanks to the masses who support them.

I think this statement,

because in the face of family changes,

Gan Wei,

because in the face of family changes,

people seem to be more receptive to Jia Yueting's wife.

tell me about this person in general.

I went to the PLA Academy of Arts in 2004.

all I could do was to pick him up by car when I was on a date.

I didn't think about what he would become in the future.

she doesn't have any commendable works.

so in 15 years, she founded Le Yang Film and Television.

but she successfully supervised and produced an online drama that aroused heated discussion that year.

only your dream succeeded,

or the status and value in this family.

she's right.

it is precisely because of her independent character that

she tries her best to help her husband bear the responsibility of paying off his heavy debts.

Liu Tao, who has retired, took 25 TV dramas within 4 years to pay off hundreds of millions of debts in order to support the family.

rather than escape.

when you are happy, everyone wants to contribute to this happiness.

even if you don't leave completely,

in a relationship,

is more upright.

the name of affectation,

is also Jia Nailiang's first statement.

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