Why do we have to work hard for 18 years?

Why do we have to work hard for 18 years?

The new year is coming again. I wish you all the best.

after eating and eating takeout, you swear not to leave the dormitory without an interview. But 72 hours are coming, your phone hasn't shaken, there's no new reminder in your mailbox, you haven't worn a formal suit, and you want to prove that you know something other than games and TV shows, but no one gives you a chance to prove it.

the roommates who took the Offer finally went back to school and said in the WeChat group that everyone would get together again. You are obviously the most idle one in the dormitory, but on that day you told your roommates that there was an interview that could not be turned down.

when you leave, you smile and close the dormitory door, then go to the square where no one is going, while no one is looking, secretly slap yourself in the face and scold, "what an idiot."

you have found a job with a monthly salary of close to five thousand in Guangzhou, and your classmates say you are capable. You explained at the dinner table "where there is nothing".

you get hit so much that you start to doubt yourself. I want to talk to my friends around me about this, but I find that everyone is the same, and even a few of them have resigned and gone home. The reason is: "Guangzhou is so stressful, and if it goes on like this, you will never be able to buy a house."

you have a sore nose and drink the wine in the glass.

but in fact, you are thinking of another sentence: "I am homesick, too."

the night before the postgraduate entrance examination, you sent your favorite girl a push entitled "the first batch of 95 is finally going to take the postgraduate entrance examination". Without waiting for her reply, you added: "Don't go back, cheer up tomorrow."

short junior prom dresses are everlasting subject of fashion which show off your exquisite femininity. Just click and admire as you enjoy a relaxed shopping experience.

at noon the next day, you received a call from her, and the first sentence was: "I'm done."

you take a big breath, and finally pluck up your courage and pretend to be calm and say to her, "it's all right. I'll raise you at most."

for a long time, finally wait for a sentence: "you misunderstand."

sitting on the red plastic stool of 7-11, facing the cold car noodles with a lot of ketchup, you smiled: "how can I afford to raise others?"

the fitness card you made six months ago is still eating dust in the drawer, and there are endless stories of staying up late and dying, but you still use "survivor bias" to convince yourself that even if you never eat breakfast, don't eat on time, don't exercise, and stay up late every day, there won't be any major health problems.

so you took your computer bag and said to the boss with a heavy head, "Sorry, I'll go first."

"isn't it 53, I can't afford it?" With that, you click "call", but it takes 15 minutes for the nearest driver to come. The software asks you if you are willing to wait 60 seconds, and you will be given a coupon of 1.33 yuan.

along the way, you don't want to say a word to yourself, first because your head is about to explode, and second because you are not convinced.

when you get to the hospital, you wait in line for registration, fill in a new medical record, and then wait for a skin test. You suddenly remembered that one late night in your second year of high school, you also had a fever and a person registered to fill out a medical record and other skin tests. the difference is that you still had the strength to read online novels while giving an injection, and you still had the strength to say to the doctor, "Doctor, I don't have much money. Can you prescribe less medicine?"

this seemed to be an angry sentence at that time,


you ran home, but it took you fifteen minutes to remember that you were not in town, but in the city center.

then you receive a location and tell the driver to turn around.

your mother's first question is: "how much money do you have?"

your mother asked again, "can you transfer it out?"

Mom put her hand on her chest, looked up at the ceiling, gasped, and slowly repeated to you what the doctor had told her.

"work hard next year, earn more, earn more."

above are five reasons why you must work hard for 18 years.

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