"Why are you angry again?"

"Why are you angry again?"

"forget it. I'm fine."

We sighed in the group when our newly divorced roommate suddenly threw out a chat screenshot and said contemptuously, "Oh, man."

the boyfriend replied: "Yes, it's pretty!"

actually, I don't need her to tell me. After the boyfriend praised the other girls, the roommate only coldly said good night, and the boyfriend replied: "good night!"

A lot of boys don't know that a girl whose girlfriend praises someone else in front of you is the only time you don't have to agree with her when you fall in love.

so I went to interview several romantic parties, and tonight I want to share with you what girls and boys think in those "girlfriend-like" experiences.

fall in love for three years

on his girlfriend's birthday just past, A Jie prepared to spend three months of his part-time salary, a bracelet of a luxury brand, and a bouquet of roses as big as half a person.

"she has been under a lot of pressure lately and is reluctant to spend money. I just want to cheer her up and tell her that I still love her after three years. "

A Mu

" Why is everything to blame on me? "

"other girls are calling my name, and I can't keep their mouths shut."

"and her boyfriend is playing a game, is it right for her to walk away suddenly? I will be unhappy too. "


" so why is she angry again? "

"I really don't know what I did wrong. Should I ask?"

Why did she go back to the dormitory with an impatient face? Don't you like me so soon?

it seems that in the boys' world, the century puzzle of "Why is she angry again" is not going to get any better just because we have been together for only two months or three years?

so I went non-stop to find out what their girlfriends really think.

have been in love for three years

when KIKI talked to me, she was actually apologetic.

"but think about it. We will take the college entrance examination next year. Should we make a plan for the future?" Why doesn't he seem to be under any pressure? is it all right to stay in love like this? Or, in fact, he didn't even think about our future. "

" how can I wear such a gorgeous bracelet? if I feel uncomfortable when I draw, it will make me blossom. You might as well buy me some paint. " She said.

fall in love for a year

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A Mu and A Yi are diametrically opposed to each other. Ah Mu is neurotic and laughs all day long. Ah Yi is a girl with good grades and few words.

"that's obviously my boyfriend. Why are they shouting so loudly?" How can he respond to them? "

A Qing

"he doesn't care about my feelings at all."

"because of M pain, I wanted to lie in bed with salted fish all day, but he kept calling me and said he wanted to go shopping together. Listening to his expectant tone, I missed him, too, so I stood up and changed my clothes and makeup. "

"but when I went downstairs and took Iced Milk Tea in his hand, my heart was half cold. "