When you reach middle age, get close to the person who nourishes you.

When you reach middle age, get close to the person who nourishes you.

Stay away from those who consume you, and get closer to those who nourish you.

it is easy to form circles between people, and there may be two kinds of people in your small circle:

one makes you feel exhausted and tired, while the other makes you feel comfortable and nourishing.

the former kind of person absorbs the energy of others, while the latter kind of person gives others energy.

the older the age, the smaller the circle.

when people reach middle age, those who consume themselves also know how to stay away and give up.

for the rest of my life, I only want to be close to those who can nourish me.

A cup of coffee is enough time to sort out relationships.

"Energy is a precious resource, and bad friends will cling to people like leeches and slowly absorb your energy."

A person with negative energy will not only hurt himself, but also make the surrounding magnetic field chaotic and bad.

I think so.

these people may be colleagues who gossip and complain around you all day, friends who drink and brag all day long, or even loved ones around you.

Last year, my father had an operation because of a pharyngeal cyst, and my mother stayed with the bed in the hospital while in hospital.

but after spending less than two days with him, the father called and said that his mother was so angry that he was determined to let her go home.

Mother has been talkative all her life, but she still complains about her father even in the hospital.

"drink and smoke all day, but now you have to pay to see a doctor if you don't talk about what you've suffered!"

"when I am old, I have not enjoyed happiness with you all my life, and I have waited on you in the hospital."

"you don't listen to what I say, and you don't listen to what the children say! If you are in the hospital, your lack of silence also affects the children's work. "

prick the heart every sentence!

physical pain, heart and mouth more hold back panic, inevitably anxious to get angry, so that the father simply can not meditate to recuperate.

Father later complained:

he could have been discharged from the hospital in two weeks, but because of his mother's complaints and accusations, the lump did not disappear, and she stayed for an extra week before she was discharged from the hospital.

Human body and mind is a complete energy system, many diseases, external doctor, internal support.

who supports you the most?

the person who can calm your body and mind supports you the most.

people with negative energy are like a black hole. If you get too close to them, you will be inexplicably emotional, and you will feel physically and mentally exhausted.

for the consumption of loved ones, sometimes we are often very powerless, want to escape but have nowhere to run.

It is such a dream to be able to find just the right formal ankle length dresses for that special event. The easy way with the highest high value.

but for love and friendship, be close to the people who "nourish" you, and stay away from those who consume you constantly.

when I was young, I didn't understand. I always thought that the more friends, the better.

slowly to a certain age, people learn to protect their own energy, know what is the most comfortable way of life.

writer Su Qin said: "you don't have to put everyone into your life."

there is no need for more arsenic sharpening, one is better than ten thousand sleep.

the wrong people consume each other; the right ones nourish each other and make each other better themselves.

between people, there is such a magical energy magnetic field. You will meet whoever you are.

everyone you meet in your life will affect you more or less.

when a person's heart is beautiful and powerful, his magnetic field will make everything better. People who are close to him will also become clear and beautiful.

I have an old friend who is just such a person.

because of his work, he went to work in a foreign land, his wife and children were not around, but he lived like a team by himself.

getting up at 6:30 every morning for exercise, he works very energetically, and he has a loud voice all day, and the people under him don't dawdle about.

and he never makes do with living on his own, and often cooks for himself.

the favorite bite is splashed noodles, just like his own life, every day is greasy and steaming.

if I feel depressed one day and have a chat with him, he will make my heart clear in a few words.

he often enlightens me:

"people, they live in high spirits. Only in this life, you must be enthusiastic!

you are the master of everything.

you must be pure yourself, solemn yourself, improve yourself, turn yourself into a little sun, warm yourself and warm others. "

when you chat with him, you will feel that your unhappy things are just sesame and mung beans, it's no big deal, and life is still very interesting.

people have phototaxis, who doesn't want to get close to such a positive, optimistic and enterprising person?

for the rest of your life, be close to someone who can nourish you.

when the light in your life is really inspired, your heart will be bright even if there is no moon in the sky.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "one voice corresponds to each other, and one asks for it at the same time."

when people reach middle age and have seen all kinds of people and experienced ups and downs, they will understand that there is a heart-wrenching truth in the world:

people with equal energy will like you, affirm you, appreciate you, accompany you, and cherish you;

people with lower energy than you will doubt you, deny you, judge you, and attack you;

people with higher energy than you will understand you, tolerate you, protect you, support you, and achieve you.

I remember a writer once said:

"how far a man can go depends on who he is walking with.

How good a person is depends on who gives him guidance.

how successful a person is depends on who he is with. "

the best relationship between people is to nourish and achieve each other.

the best ending between people,


go in both directions and meet each other at the summit.

Don't be capricious when you reach middle age.

stay away from those who consume you, and get closer to those who nourish you.

and from now on, you should also be an energetic and self-overflowing person.