When you are middle-aged, don't show off this in your moments.

When you are middle-aged, don't show off this in your moments.

He is tall without boasting, high and not proud.

the real high level is to learn to keep a low profile.

Wechat has become a social software that no one can give up in the Internet age.

everyone is used to being in the circle of friends, recording their own life. One's circle of friends represents a person's world.

the age of youth and ignorance is gone, and middle age is no longer an age of complacency after a little achievement.

therefore, when people reach middle age, do not show off these things in the circle of friends, otherwise, the light will be ridiculed and the heavy will be misfortune.

Don't show off your happiness

the more a person lacks something, he will show off something.

Real happiness is not made by showing off, but by one's own efforts.

Life is like drinking water, knowing whether it is warm or cold.

what you think of happiness may not be the happiness that everyone agrees with.

Happiness that shows off in the circle of friends will only be judged by others, not the envy of others.

in the luxuriously decorated 17th-century mansion, the host family is sitting at the table preparing for dinner, but they are slow to get started.

it turns out that they are waiting for the painter to paint their delicious meal.

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when the painter finished painting, the servants carried the painting around the world. After harvesting everyone's praise and going home, the master decided to eat satisfactorily.

time and space changes come to modern times, or when eating, facing the father who took pictures, the little girl showed dissatisfaction:

"it's just a meal, not a game, so why bother?"

it is too late to enjoy real happiness, so there is no time to show off everywhere.

everyone has a different definition of happiness, and your happiness will not increase or decrease because of one or two comments from others.

that being the case, why take the risk of being hated and show off your happiness in moments?

just live your own life. Others really don't care about your happiness.

Don't show off your achievements

people who are really capable never show off their achievements.

because time will tell. If you have the ability, you will become famous without showing off. No matter how you show off, it is like a joke.

the tiger has the king on its head, but it is silent. The goshawk flies high in the air and is silent.

heard a story about a Tibetan mastiff and a lion before:

A strong young man took a purebred Tibetan mastiff worth one million dollars for a walk and showed off his dog to everyone.

at this time, I looked at a bald old man by the side of the road, sitting next to a dog whose hair was almost gone.

his Tibetan mastiff howled at the dog, but the old dog didn't even look up at it.

the boy got angry and said, "Old man, let's have a dog fight. Your dog lost 500 to me and my Tibetan mastiff lost 2000 to you."

the old man smiled and said, "I'm worried about my old friend's food next month. If you don't bet more, my dog will lose 50,000 to you and you will give me 30,000 if you lose."

the boy said yes.

after two minutes of confrontation between the two dogs, the Tibetan mastiff was defeated and wilted to one side.

the boy was extremely depressed and asked, "Sir, what kind of dog is that? how can you be so fierce?"

the old man said, "I don't know what kind of dog he is now. He was called a lion before he lost his hair!"

A person's ability does not exist in showing off, even if your show-off gets more envy, a person with no real ability will fall out one day.

No effort, no gain, just be yourself, and God will make plans.

if you waste all your time showing off, you will lose a great opportunity to improve yourself, and showing off will not help.

so, not showing off does not mean being inferior. Only when you calm down can you figure out what you need.

Don't show off your fame and fortune

when it is full of losses, modesty benefits.

people's hearts are unknown, showing off fame and wealth will inevitably be envied by willing people and bring disaster to themselves.

so, the more successful people are, the more humble and low-key they are.

if you lower yourself and put yourself in the right position, you can get respect from the bottom of your heart.

there is a passage in Journey to the West in which Wukong asks about Taode fairies in Sanxing Cave. He is fickle, with 84000 hairs on his body, which changes as he pleases.

one day, Wukong showed off in front of his teachers and brothers, saying that Bodhi Laozu taught him the formula, and he learned 72 changes.

then recite the formula and turn it into a pine tree.

Bodhi Laozu appeared, and Wukong quickly revealed his true body.

the Bodhi Master said:

"after learning this kung fu, how can you show off in front of people?"

when others see that you have this ability, they will inevitably ask you to teach. If you do not teach, others will do more harm to you, I am afraid your life will be in danger! I don't blame you. Just go! "

Wukong said, "the ancestral master's kindness has not been repaid, how can we go?"

the Bodhi Master replied, "where is there any kindness? if you leave, you will certainly cause trouble in the future. At that time, don't get into trouble and involve me."

Wukong nothingNai had no choice but to say goodbye: "never mention the word Master in the future!"

is tall without boasting, high but not proud.

even if you have the ability to be arrogant, you should keep a low profile.

it is the great wisdom of life to act like a fool.

mature rice is bent over, because it hides its edge so that it can avoid the disaster of arrogance.

Rice is like this, and so are people. "capable people" who cannot hide the front are often a flash in the pan. Only those who do not make public, do not show off, still waters flow deep, contain but do not reveal, can they keep their fame and wealth well and be a gentleman for a lifetime.

if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come.

the most important thing for a person to live a good life is to live well, and the opinions of others are nothing but an adjustment.