When the 15-year-old boy committed suicide, he cried in a suicide note: "my father took the money he sold me and married my mother!"

When the 15-year-old boy committed suicide, he cried in a suicide note: "my father took the money he sold me and married my mother!"

Refuse cyber violence, start with me!

these days, the name "Liu Xuezhou" touches everyone's mind.

he is a 15-year-old relative-seeking boy who has attracted public attention because of the news that he was "sold by his father for betrothal gift money".

in the early hours of this morning, a suicide note "born light and still clean" suddenly appeared on his social account.

after reading word by word, countless people are worried about it.

enthusiastic netizens hurriedly called the police and left messages to advise him not to do anything stupid.

it is a pity that when I heard from him again, the child had passed away.

he took dozens of antidepressants and was sent to the hospital without breathing or pulse. The doctor tried his best to save him, but he still failed to save him.

he left this world forever.

this wretched 15-year-old boy, like Sun Zhuo and Fu Jiantao, was originally a child of "kidnapping".

however, his story is even more tragic and more poignant.

when he was born 4 months old, he was abducted and sold by human traffickers.

this is the first time he has lost his parents.

, he lived with his adoptive parents in Xingtai, Hebei Province.

in a fireworks explosion, his adoptive parents died and his house was bombed.

this is the second time he has lost his parents and his home at the same time.

he began his living life in the second grade of primary school, but he was ridiculed and bullied by his classmates because he had no parents.

at that time, finding his biological parents became his biggest demon.

on December 6, 2021, he posted a video of finding relatives online:

"my name is Liu Xuezhou. I was born between 2004 and 2006. I am in good health. I was sold in Datong, Shanxi Province in about three months."

nine days later, with the help of the police, Liu Xuezhou finally got what he wanted and found his biological parents.

later, Liu Xuezhou went to Wulanchabu in Inner Mongolia and met his birth mother for the first time.

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it was the happiest day of his life, and he said:

"I am very happy. My mother has been holding my hand all day."

"my mother also said that she wanted me to spend the New year here before going back."

I thought their story would be as complete as Sun Zhuo, but unexpectedly, such warmth and happiness did not last.

Liu Xuezhou posted on January 16 that his biological parents could not stand the online condemnation of them and had blocked their Wechat, saying that the two were using the money they had sold him as a wedding gift.

it turns out that he was either abducted and sold, and the person who sold him was his biological father.

his biological father used the money to marry his mother. Later, the two divorced and each had a new family.

Liu Xuezhou is the only one drifting out there.

because he has been living in someone else's house, he hopes that his biological parents can buy or rent a house for himself.

but when it comes to money, his biological parents fall out.

his biological father had three companies, but he told him that his conditions were not good, and his biological mother directly blocked him and refused to contact him any more.

I started looking for my parents at the age of 13, but now I finally found them, but they have been abandoned again.

this is the third time that he has lost his parents, and his belief that he has been going so far has completely collapsed at this time.

Liu Xuezhou, full of grievances, posted a post online to confront his biological parents.

Liu Xuezhou's biological father responded coldly: "people set up packaging, sell miserably successfully, online beggars, a bunch of fools eat melons so wholeheartedly."

his biological mother said that all the hardships he had suffered over the years were caused by his adoptive parents, and if it were not for them, they would have a better family to adopt.

the understatement is the determination and cruelty of trying to get rid of one's own responsibility.

the remarks made by the two men have really ruined people's values.

from beginning to end, all they care about is their own reputation and happiness.

but forget how much the 15-year-old boy has suffered in the sea of suffering!

on January 17, Liu Xuezhou said in a live broadcast, "I just want a home that belongs to me, and you say I am forcing you."

but this clarification not only did not improve his condition, but made some netizens "restless".

someone scolded him, "the good boy is not

can't you earn what your parents should have hands and feet? I knew it was old. What a bitch.


some people laughed at him, saying, "the purpose is not simple at the beginning, not to come back to recognize relatives, but to come back to make money. When will the smart man start the live broadcast?"

A flood of questions and insults flooded the teenager who was already in despair.

on January 24th, he decided to say goodbye to the world that made him suffer.

"I don't expect everyone to sympathize with my experience, because when I try to cover me with sadness, try my best to let people see my sunny side, and show my smile to everyone, it is more attacking me."

but I hope there are fewer dark and vicious people in this world.

Thank you for knowing me all my life. Thank you. You can finish it. "

this gentle teenager, in the last moment of the suicide note, is still grateful, trying to leave his most sincere smile to the world.

even though his heart has long been broken into glass dregs, even if he is constantly abandoned, constantly censured, constantly reviled.

Liu Xuezhou's tragedy stems from his "born but not raised" parents, while cyber violence is the last straw that kills him.

you know, a word can warm a person, but it can also destroy a person.

Ma Tianyu posted an article for Liu Xuezhou and said:

"how many murderers are there in the comment area? Have you ever experienced the sufferings of others? Are you awake at the age of 15 or 16? "

Keyboard warriors boast of justice and question Liu Xuezhou's motives, but have they ever thought about the situation of this 15-year-old?

if it were you, the same age and the same experience, would you be strong enough and kind enough?

having experienced campus bullying and perverted molestation, Liu Xuezhou did not give up, but looked for the light of the future in the darkness, propping himself up with a wall of awards for his ideal medal.

beaten by fate and maliciously speculated, he was not discouraged. Instead, he signed up to volunteer, giving back his greatest kindness and energy to the world.

turning misfortune in life into positive energy, this little teenager has done well enough.

not a single snowflake is innocent during an avalanche, and every one of those self-righteous cyber rioters is a killer.

like a scene in the recent hit drama "the beginning":

in the play, the girl Wang Mengmeng begged the driver to stop when the No. 45 bus drove to the bridge across the river.

but because it did not comply with the regulations, the driver turned her down.

in desperation, Wang Mengmeng called her father Wang Xingde for help, but Wang Xingde could not get through to his daughter because his cell phone was on the van.

the frightened Wang Mengmeng again urged to get out of the car and slapped the driver's steering wheel.

after things fermented on the Internet, the keyboard man who didn't know the truth was full of malice and said:

"good death, who told you to pull the steering wheel."

"does she have shit in her head?"

"if you don't die, you won't die."

these crazy verbal attacks are frightening across the screen.

No one sympathizes with what happened to the girl, and no one cares why the girl got off the bus.

maybe for those sprinklers, the truth doesn't matter at all.

it's like Xiao Heyun, the hero in the play, stabbed the bomber during a struggle with the bomber.

when they found that the game being developed by the man contained an element of violence, they called him a "demon".

they don't care that the man stabbed the bomber to save them, in their eyes, your violence hindered my eyes, so it's your fault.

also, the passengers killed in the bombing "live brother".

Lu Xun once said, "as a matter of fact, the number of people who take advantage of the team to cheer is the same as last year."

do not think that this is just a TV series, in fact, real life is far more terrible than movies and TV dramas.

some time ago, Wang Bingbing, who was regarded by countless people as his first love, collapsed his house.

what's going on?

first, someone pulled out Wang Bingbing's CET-4 report card.

it is said that Wang Bingbing scored 369 points, while 425 points were counted as crossing the line.

then, someone posted a screenshot of Weibo on the Internet.

claims that this is a blog used by Wang Bingbing when she was 19 to record the daily life of her relationship. It describes Wang Bingbing's experience of "cohabiting" and "licking a dog".

finally, a profile wedding photo of Wang Bingbing was posted, saying: "Wang Bingbing got married a long time ago and is now divorced."

some people despise Wang Bingbing's achievements, saying that she used to be an art student, and high achiever has completely collapsed.

someone humiliated Wang Bingbing as a slut for her private life.

they stink that Wang Bingbing's behavior is defined as "rotten crotch" and "disorderly"....

there are people who just see some photos on the Internet and believe that she has been divorced, saying that she is a secondhand, and marrying her is to be a catcher.

I have taken the CET-4 twice. At the age of 19, I fell in love, lived together, and got married.

is this the reason why Wang Bingbing was attacked by the Internet?

that's ridiculous.

didn't you find that today's network environment is becoming more and more hostile.

there are always some "moral guardians" who like to stand on the highest point of morality and judge others morally.

they measure others by the standard of "saints" and boast of kindness and justice, but in fact they are full of hostility.

Jiang GE's mother wanted to beg for her daughter after Jiang GE's accident.To be fair, and some people actually use various means to humiliate her and vilify her.

they use vicious cartoons to imply that Jiang GE's mother is eating Jiang GE's "human blood steamed bread".

when they saw that Jiang GE's mother filed a civil lawsuit of more than 2 million yuan in compensation against Liu Xin, they slandered her just for money.

Zhong Nanshan, who has made numerous contributions to the fight against the epidemic, has also been splashed with dirty water.

in an interview with overseas media, Zhong Nanshan's daughter answered in English all the time.

the Internet sprinkler couldn't help scolding his daughter for being unpatriotic and not using her mother tongue.

seeing his son wearing a Herm è s belt, these people "concluded" that it must have been embezzled.

perhaps in the view of such people, heroes should be destitute.

and Yang Qian, who was called a "kneeling girl" last year.

she has just won her first Olympic gold medal for China. She was scolded by netizens for collecting Nike shoes before.

it's really chilling.

you see, in the face of these keyboard warriors, no matter how good you are, as long as they are not satisfied with anything, they can be hacked.

there is such a comment on the Internet:

"watching the fire from the other side, they treat the fireworks as fireworks and regard them as holidays. When they see drowning people, they use water spray as a fountain and applaud, and these cheers often destroy a person and a home inadvertently."

because the needle didn't hit me, I didn't think so, and followed the booing, which is the common mentality of cyber rioters.