When a popular actor abandons his husband and son for his lover, he becomes a beggar 10 years later: the greatest disaster in life is to choose the wrong partner.

When a popular actor abandons his husband and son for his lover, he becomes a beggar 10 years later: the greatest disaster in life is to choose the wrong partner.

Don't wait to lose ​ to regret, don't wait to be hurt to cherish.


"I've been begging for seven years, and I don't know if I can still beg for the rest of my life."

recently, a video of a woman begging has gone viral.

she was on crutches, her face was full of vicissitudes and fatigue, and her family was in vain. No one could have imagined that she would have been a famous role in Qin opera.

but for her current tragedy, many netizens have commented on the word "deserve it".

When you choose ivory girl flower gown, it will make your look glittering and amazing. The easy way with the highest high value.

what has she experienced from boundless scenery to begging?

the woman's name is Li Suying. She began to learn Qin Opera from an early age and once worshiped Lei Kaiyuan, a master of Qin Opera.

because she was beautiful when she was young, many fans traveled thousands of miles to listen to her sing.

according to the villagers, when she was popular, a man approached her maliciously.

Li Suying insisted on divorcing her husband for that man and left her two-year-old daughter at the same time.

shortly after the divorce, the ex-husband died of illness, and the daughter was adopted by her kind aunt to avoid wandering.

is also this step, so that Li Suying's life completely collapsed.

what the man did was for her money, and when he got what he wanted, he kicked her out.

Li Suying was mentally devastated because of years of rheumatoid arthritis, it was difficult for her to perform on stage again, and her life was soon unsustainable.

in this way, Li Suying disappeared, and when she was recently found again, she had been wandering and begging for many years.

now, Li Suying has been placed in the old house where her mother-in-law lived, and has also applied for a minimum living standard.

in the video, some people feel sorry for her current situation and are more confused about her past.

saw a comment: "the road was chosen by myself."

once a person chooses the wrong path in a relationship, the next step forward may be doomed.

about extramarital affairs, Venus once said:

when you still meet the "love of your life" after marriage, it must be the cause of both parties.

because you lack something, you are not satisfied, you have a window that is open. If that window is closed, the chances of meeting a loved one are very low.

the essence of derailment is the unwillingness to close the window.

constantly lust for new passions and keep looking for new candidates, but true love is no different from true love, and the trivialities involved are roughly the same.

No matter men and women, people who do not know how to manage a marriage and easily betray their partners, another person will not be able to live a good life.

do you remember actor Sun Xing?

at the age of 22, with only a primary school degree, he married Pan Yang, a famous poetry writer, and gave birth to a son and a daughter.

after marriage, Sun Xing successively starred in "A Fairy wife" and "brilliant Zhu Bajie in Spring". His acting career was gradually on the right path, and he was originally a winner in life.

but at a dinner party, he was amazed by Miss Malaysia champion Lin Meizhen.

at that time, her daughter was just born, but Sun Xing was impatient to divorce Pan Yang and then married Lin Meizhen in 2001.

Lin Meizhen also gave birth to a son for him after marriage, but Sun Xing did not stop.

in 2005, he fell in love with Luo Lina, a hot dancer 12 years his junior. He broke up with Lin Meizhen and shouted to the media:

"I promise, Luo Lina will be the last woman in my life!"

Lin Meizhen refused to divorce, so he maintained a "love triangle" until the scandals of Sun Xing and Luo Lina were exposed in 2011.

since then, Sun Xing's acting career has come to a standstill, life is down and out, and Luo Lina left him after he got out of prison.

emotional indulgence made him play a good deck of cards to pieces.

in an affair, no one has ever been able to put it away and get out of it.

Predator passion and freshness will eventually be shredded by time, can not afford the benefits of the so-called "true love" is scattered.

if you meet the wrong partner, it will pull you into an endless abyss.

the stimulation of profit and desire is not love. It's only a matter of time before you stumble.

extramarital affairs are just two ends.

there are people who go round and round, and there are also many people who repent after stumbling and want to start all over again.

but people will not always wait for you in place, there are always cracks in the broken mirror.

he was expelled from the army because of his style, but Qiao Simi did not dislike him and was duty-bound to form a family with him and have children.

Qi Chenggang was not reconciled to living his own little life, having an affair during Simei's pregnancy and flirting with female passengers.

Simei was so angry that she was born prematurely. Qi Chenggang cried bitterly for forgiveness, but built a love nest with Meng Guizhi, a clerk in his own bookstore.

he only wanted to be fresh and exciting, but he didn't want Meng Guizhi to be true. He went to his family to force him to divorce on the grounds of fake pregnancy.

Simi once again chose to forgive, Qiao's family cleaned up the mess for him, and he went out of town because of a text message from his lover, and finally contracted SARS.

after life and death, Qi Chenggang began to see the beauty of Simei, but Qiao Simei found the text message sent by Meng Guizhi to Qi Chenggang and resolutely chose to divorce.

the freshness again and again made Qi Chenggang bury his family with his own hands.

No matter how courteous he is after the divorce, it will be difficult for him to find the Qiao Simi who is full of his eyes.

infidelity will be exposed sooner or later, but few people can bear the consequences.

have read such a sentence:

"In our life, it is hard to avoid the regret of seeing Yang for the rest of his life, and the regret of meeting a beautiful woman but not getting married. But a responsible adult knows how to grasp boundaries. "

it is not easy to meet someone in this world who would like to spend your life with you. The more greedy you are, the easier it is to put yourself in an irreparable position.

there is a saying in Love during Cholera: "the duty of marriage is not to love each other for a long time, but to overcome each other's boredom."

those marriages that can lead to a white head are bound to have the loyalty of treating each other with all sincerity, the tacit understanding of never giving up, the growth of co-breeding, and the unforgettable kindness.

when contradictions are irreconcilable, are you willing to change for each other?

when there is temptation around you, are you willing to stick to it for each other?

when the day becomes dull and tasteless, are you willing to withstand the insipidity?

Don't wait for loss to regret, don't wait for hurt to cherish and encourage.