When a person gives up on you completely, he will often do this to you.

When a person gives up on you completely, he will often do this to you.

Only by bravely letting go of the past is it possible to gain a new life!



recently there is a popular saying on the Internet: "so love will disappear, isn't it right?"

the helplessness of life is that some people break up as they walk, and some love disappear when they fall in love.

when a man gives up a relationship completely, no matter how vigorous he used to be, he will have the following performances.

at this time, instead of struggling with it, it is better to let go and achieve each other!

No blocking, no contact

in a relationship, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

so those who break up but hold a grudge actually don't let go of each other.

as someone said:

"block a person because he can't let go, and there is hatred in it;

Delete a person because he is too cold and has grievances in his heart. "

and really let go, is no longer with expectations, no longer with hate, no longer unwilling.

even if they still keep each other's way of communication, they will no longer make phone calls or send Wechat.

not deliberately not to contact, but really do not want to contact.

so it doesn't matter whether you delete it or block it.

I don't like it anymore, so I don't care;

put it down, so it doesn't matter.

is like a lyric in the song "put it down":

"Heaven and earth, rivers and lakes, sun and moon, do not stay, do not read, do not speak".

from then on, one parting is wide, and do not disturb each other.

do not miss, do not disturb

some people say:

"the real end of a relationship is not the moment you two agreed to break up.

but suddenly one day, you find that you will never think of him again, and the relationship is really over. "

I think so.

if a man is still in love with that woman, even if he breaks up and deletes each other, he will always remember her and want to know about her and everything about her.

and whenever he is dead of night, he can't help recalling the scenes of the past, and his heart is full of sadness and mixed feelings because of missing.

but if he really puts it down, he will no longer remember or miss it, and his heartstrings will not fluctuate because of each other's smile.

even if he inadvertently hears your news from a mutual friend, he won't show great interest and enthusiasm.

because he has adapted, adapted to life without you, and you have become his passers-by.

Don't expect, don't look back

someone in Zhihu once asked:

"which moment do you think you really let it go?"

one of the answers goes like this:

"when I no longer have expectations for my previous relationship, but can love others generously, I know I've let it go."

Yes, we can often see in life that some men can't let go of the past after breaking up.

although she had no choice but to leave her, she was still looking forward to it, thinking that one day the woman would change her mind and come back to him.

so he sealed his heart and refused to accept the love of other women, just foolishly waiting for her to come back.

but once the man ceases to have expectations and illusions, it is the beginning of his choice to let go.

in his heart, if he puts it down, he will never look back. He will leave the place of love in his heart for a new relationship to accept a new lover.

for the rest of your life, you are you, he is him, each has his own life, each has his own joy.

as the saying goes, you can't hide loving someone.

as a matter of fact, it is even if you don't like it.

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has let go of your man, and these performances are usually obvious.

therefore, women should learn to let go and learn to be strong. They might as well sort out their broken feelings and try to let go of the past.

after all, only by bravely letting go of the past can you gain a new life!