What adults like is to meet directly.

What adults like is to meet directly.

Stop expecting from that insincere guy.


"since you've been so busy, you don't have to come to me anymore."

this is the last message Xiao Fei sent to her boyfriend who had been in love for half a year.

then she blocked him, and the relationship ended.

Xiao Fei said that at first she liked this talkative and humorous boy. Although she had few opportunities to meet, she always found a way to make her laugh. Across the mobile phone screen, she was as happy as face to face.

but after a long time, how can it be the same?

in many cases, no matter how many sweet words come from a silent hug, there is no such thing as solidity and warmth.

client meetings can't be put off, departmental dinners can't go away, and brother appointments can't be absent. He seems to be the one who is responsible for one side and the other, but only for his girlfriend and in charge of this matter, it seems that he can procrastinate again and again.

it's so childish.

some people say they miss you, but they don't come to see you for a long time. It's like a child living from house to house, having fun in his mouth, and it's not what mature love should look like.

writer Liu Tong said:

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"maybe when you try to accomplish something, faith will give you more power than your ability."

there are no things you can or can't do, only whether you want to.

he said he was too busy to see you.

but the plane can fly 900 kilometers an hour, the high-speed railway can drive 300 kilometers an hour, and the train runs on the normal track all the time.

the mountains are vast and the terrain is complex, but there is always a way to get there.

sometimes, it's not whether the ticket is expensive or not, it's not a long way off, it's just a tradeoff between worth it and not worth it.

remembering a wedding she attended some time ago, the bride talked about the details of how the two had been together.

she said that the idea of marrying the person in front of her and spending the rest of her life together was due to a sudden meeting.

because of the accumulated stress and discomfort at work, she, who has always been independent, casually said on the phone, "if only you were by my side."

unexpectedly, he appeared downstairs of her company the next day.

it was a working day, and there was a distance of more than a thousand kilometers between them.

but he came as soon as she said a word.

this is supposed to be an adult relationship.

does not mean to what extent you have to be achieved, but that the other person understands you and is willing and able to accompany you when you need it.

isn't the so-called love the experience of two people? When you miss it, you will see each other. Other problems can always be solved by dedicated people.

We are too old to listen to love. Be direct and frank.

in the movie Love in years, Lu Lushan and Jiangning have this conversation:

"do you understand that I want sense of security?"

"but how can I give you this sense of security if I have nothing?"

"you are there when I need it, and this is the sense of security I want.


for love, the word companionship always has incalculable power.

because there are loved ones around, the difficulties in life, the uncertainty and fear of the future, do not seem to be so terrible.

in a world where everyone lives as an island, because "I" + "you" = us, we will feel that God still cares for himself.


I think, in fact, many people are not afraid of living alone.

what I'm afraid is that some people say they want to protect you from the wind and rain, but bring you storms that you can't bear; some people say they want to fight side by side with you, but they always let you resist all the difficulties alone.

under the test of feelings, all hypocrisy has nowhere to hide. With the precipitation of time, you will always meet the right person to accompany you through the long fleeting years.

, stop expecting from that insincere guy.

vacate that important position, love yourself, and wait for the person who is worth it.

all right?