We're not fit to be together.

We're not fit to be together.

That's it, then.

before I realized it, she suddenly asked me, "do you think that like is important, or is it appropriate?" "

in order to comfort her, I patted my thigh and said with hindsight," I was too embarrassed to say that you were together at that time. In fact, I always think you are not suitable, I think you deserve better, he is not good-looking! And personality. "

she looked at me and said nothing.

this time, I turned off my phone screen and lay in bed thinking carefully.

he is from the north and will go home after graduation, while Hua is from the south. She said, "I can't leave my parents and marry so far away."

later, when I think about it, this only happens when the emotions of love and fear are intertwined. I like you very much, and I'm afraid I can't go on with you.

the weather was so hot at the end of the year that several of our friends couldn't stand it and decided to go out to rent a house for review. Hua has a boyfriend, so he won't come with us.

she smiled and said, "he said I always give you time, but he is jealous and won't come with me."

she is kind and considerate and a heavy friend, and he is arrogant and jealous.

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so for three years, she always indulged and coaxed.

in a relationship, the tired person asks "like or fit, which is more important". We all think that the choice is in the hands of this person.

I have hated eating fish since I was a child. On the contrary, my father had almost no fish to eat, so fish soup, fish cooked in various ways, often appeared on my dinner table. When I was a child, my expression was often twisted, I was forced to swallow one mouthful of fish after another, and I was stabbed by fish bones several times.

I have always felt that fish, which is dangerous and unpalatable, is forced by parents to eat it.

I used to think that fit is similar, and only similar can we understand each other.

then someone asked me, "do you like eating shiitake mushrooms?"

he was suddenly happy: "I don't like it. I hate that fishy smell."

at that time, I realized that, on the contrary, it could be appropriate.

I hope he grew up in Cantonese-speaking areas so that he can catch up with all kinds of Cantonese speakers. I hope his love of meat is also average, because I can't cook it. If he likes it very much, we will have to split into two groups at the dinner table, and so on.

I can't understand his Chaoshan dialect, and he can't speak Cantonese very well. He loves hot pot, we don't eat much together, almost always hot pot, every time he can casually order a pile of meat I don't know.

every time I ask him, "what are we eating?" He would think carefully for a long time and turn on his cell phone to search for nearby restaurants.

Hot pot was never on my list before, but I was not angry. On the contrary, because the sauce he made was unexpectedly delicious, I gladly ate the meat he had cooked in my bowl, as if it had opened the door to a new world.

once he told an interesting story about his family in a dialect, I suddenly guessed a word, and he clapped his hands excitedly; occasionally he would say "I don't know, I don't know" in clumsy Cantonese without warning, and I laughed.

then there is a person who, like them, is not suitable.

I asked Hua later: "if you could do it all over again, would you choose not to be together?"

but after a while, she added: "but it doesn't seem to be decisive enough. I don't know."

We just, in front of love, know that it is not appropriate, whenever it is possible, we want to try.

instead of asking "like or fit, which is more important",

so people keep saying, "We're not fit to be together", but just want to say:

"I don't want to be with you."

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