Wechat's new function: "I can't hide my love for you."

Wechat's new function: "I can't hide my love for you."

Don't flinch if you like, don't be timid if you want to love.

Cheng Yi


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Wechat has officially launched a number of functions recently.

among them, netizens think that this function is the most practical:

Voice messages can be paused.

because people usually don't like super-long voice messages.

with this new feature, it is much more convenient to listen to voice.

the joy of learning this function condensed the love that had been accumulated at the bottom of my heart into one paragraph.

sent ten sounds to the male god in one breath.

hide all the love you don't dare to show directly in your voice.

ask her why she doesn't confess to her face to face, so that she is not afraid that the male god will not hear or miss it.

she said:

"it's best if he can hear it, so I can give up when I'm explicitly rejected."

it doesn't matter if you miss it, so you can still be friends without embarrassment. "

like it but dare not express it boldly, want to have it and be afraid of losing it.

so I can only convey my feelings secretly and carefully.

this is probably the mood of having a crush on someone.

what's it like to like someone but don't dare to let him know?

some people say:

"afraid that he knows, and that he doesn't know. I'm even more afraid that he knows and pretends not to know. "

never had him for a second, but he seems to have lost him a thousand times.

you will be happy to see him approaching you.

but when he doesn't stop when he passes you, you will be sad again.

as long as you don't mention feelings, you can be calm in front of him.

but at the thought of his love for him, witty remarks will become hesitant.

because you are not sure of his attitude towards you, you have to hide your feelings for him.

you hide this love in memos, cell phone albums, and Wechat's voice favorites.

has nothing to do with him, but his eyes are full of him.

like Xin Xin, her mobile phone is full of information about that boy.

she wrote down his birthday and habits in the memo.

his photo, which she keeps in the album, is encrypted.

she collected all the songs he shared in moments and built a new playlist.

she liked him so much that she dared not tell him to her face.

even the voice is intermittent, and the words are not fluent.

because she is worried that if she is rejected, she will not be able to be a friend.

but as Haruki Murakami said:

"I tell you I like you. I don't have to be with you.

I just hope that when you fall into the trough of your life, don't be discouraged.

someone has been attracted to you before, and there will be others in the future.

you are not useless, you were someone's light. "

maybe we should all be free and magnanimous.

be generous enough to pay for your heart, and let the other person know if you like it.

they all say where we don't meet in life, but some people miss it forever.

be proactive and bold, and it may not change the outcome.

but at least not empty regret, regret for life.

True love is not the effort, but the heart.

"Please answer 1988", Gou Huan has been kind to virtue:

in order to go to school with you, I wait for you at the gate more than an hour in advance every day.

I was so worried that I couldn't sleep before you came back from the study room.

when I happened to meet you on the bus, when we went to the concert together.

I am really happy to death.

I will miss you more than ten times a day. I am very happy to see you. "

but he is not firm enough to express his love to his face.

I didn't regret waking up too late until I saw Te-shan fall into the arms of Aze.

there may be no pros or cons between letting nature take its course and taking the initiative.

but in love, fate tends to favor those who take the initiative.

in fact, regardless of love or life, opportunities are generally reserved for those who are prepared.

Why not try to get the one you like?

what are you afraid of?

if you are afraid of losing, you will never win. If you do not go on stage, you will always be an audience.

Don't leave yourself regrets in your prime.

I think so.

after Xinxin finished sending voice that day, she thought about it and sent a message to the boy again.

the little brother replied to her, "if I don't finish listening to the voice, or if I press the pause button halfway, and I don't hear it completely, will you send it again?"

Xinxin said no.

"all my courage was used up the moment the voice was sent out."

the little brother said, "you should have been braver, because I have begun to waver."

it was only because she was not sure of her attitude that she didn't dare to act rashly.

the words were spoken, they told each other face to face.

so you see, hesitation really leads to defeat, and initiative is the only way to tell a story.

it is better to say this kind of thing face to face.

Don't write a small composition or send a long voice message on Wechat.

he will soften his heart when he sees you.

, may every step you take be exchanged for double arrows.