Three signs of a person becoming more and more blessed

Three signs of a person becoming more and more blessed

The state of mind determines one's fortune.

there are books


there is such a hot question on Zhihu:

"what kind of people are blessed at first glance?"

there are many voices in the comment area.

some people say, "Blessed are those with large earlobes."

some people say, "Blessed are those who are round."

in fact, the more important thing about fortune is to accumulate it.

observing many people who come into contact with people in life, it is found that blessed people have nothing more than these three characteristics: stable state of mind, great measurement, and often altruism.

have a stable state of mind and welcome happiness

"smelly babies."

can you accept a 34-year-old adult man calling you like this via short video or live broadcast every day?

Zhang Laojiu is a takeout worker. Every day, in the process of delivering takeout, he takes some short videos of himself and posts them online.

I often see a sentence in his video: Hello, stinky babies. I grabbed another big order today. I'm really happy.

every video is very positive, click on the message area, and all the fans express their love for him, saying that every time I watch his video, I feel full of energy.

some people even say that what he gives away is not takeout, but a kind of spirit.

boast that he is a treasure in the message area.

he also mentioned that he shot a short video because he wanted to share it with more people. He had a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and happiness was in his own hands.

he is often grateful that all the orders delivered at night are hotels, not residential areas, because hotels are more convenient for distribution.

will also be happy and excited because he grabbed the return order when he was ready to finish work at 2: 00 in the morning.

even because he snatched the twin list, delivered one meal and earned two distribution fees, he said he was going to get rich.

his optimistic attitude makes many people begin to re-examine the troubles in their lives, get rid of their depressed emotions and be full of new hope again.

Yes, when we are physically and mentally tired, we will forget our troubles and cheer up when we see a person who sincerely shares the happiness of life with you and has a happy face every day.

Zhang Laojiu in the short video is not the richest in material, but in spirit, he is richer than many people.

he doesn't care how much he pays. As long as his hard work is exchanged for fruit, he feels contented.

work diligently, do not be impatient, and everything you want will come as promised.

A good mindset gives him an ordinary life and brings clarity and happiness, which is simple but valuable.

see the bright side of life and send positive energy to others.

is life heavy after all? Or is it easy? It all depends on how we look at it.

mindset determines everything; if you have a good mindset, everything is good, but if you have a bad mentality, everything is difficult.

people with a good attitude have a good attitude; a good attitude can develop good habits; good habits can bring about a good life.

mindset determines a person's fortune.

people who have a good state of mind will usher in good luck.

measure is big, Nafu

there is a couplet that says very well:

"A big belly can tolerate things that cannot be tolerated in the world; laugh at the funny people in the world when you open your mouth."

people with big measures don't have a mess on their minds.

having no worries is the deepest blessing.

every day, when the heart is bright and open, natural blessings will be accommodated.

once saw a conversation between a young man and a Zen master, which was very interesting.

the young man told the Zen master:

"there are a lot of chores to be solved every day, and I am very unhappy."

the Zen master smiled and said nothing, but brought a cup of water and a basin of water next to him and sprinkled a small spoonful of salt in it.

then let the young people taste it.

the water in the cup is so salty and astringent that the young man vomits it all after one taste.

and the water in the basin tastes tasteless.

the two containers taste completely different just because of the different volume of water.

this is also like our life, enlarge the belly, do not worry about troubles, the day will naturally be happy and happy.

the broadest thing in the world is the ocean, and what is wider than the ocean is the human mind.

when we treat people and things in life with a broad mind, we will naturally find that many troubles are not worth wasting time to resolve.

to have a large belly to accommodate others is to gather blessings.

people with an open mind will certainly have a long-term vision and pattern.

they are not obsessed with the complexity of worldly feelings, and they are not depressed about their daily gains and losses.

let go of yourself and others, and finally get a happy and good life.

empathy is also a person's heart, when you tolerate others, you are also accumulating grace for yourself.

one day in the future, this grace can help you through the hardship.

"Fu Butang donation", when you treat others with a broad mind, God will win you blessings.

often altruistic, keep blessings

there is a sentence in the Theory of entry:

"all worldly pleasures are born from altruism; all worldly bitterness is caused by self-interest."

means that all happiness in the world is caused by altruism, and all pain in the world is caused by self-interest.

A person's value is not only reflected in himself, but also in his ability to help others.

once there was a kind middle-aged couple who chose to open a small restaurant after they were laid off.

the couple devoted all their energies to running the business, and relying on their good popularity, they brought a lot of repeat customers.

people value the simplicity and duty of husband and wife, and often come to take care of their small shop.

their heartfelt good deeds have also brought blessings to themselves.

one night, a fire broke out in the restaurant, which was quite fierce.

in times of crisis, those who often come to beg risked their lives to help the couple move their things out.

and the shop next to it suffered heavy losses because the rescue was not timely.

it is also a blessing for this couple to keep disasters away from themselves at critical moments because of their kindness and often helping others.

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altruism is storing blessings.

in the process of helping others, we can not only get good popularity, but also feel the joy of helping others.

helping others is also a kind of spiritual practice, bringing a blessed face and atmospheric state of mind.

if you take a long-term view and do not cling to the small profits at hand, you will have a deeper and deeper blessing.

there is a saying in "Xiaoyaoyou Beiming Fish":

"those who are blessed are not counted."

Zhuang Zhou has never deliberately pursued the matter of good fortune.

We should do the same. In ordinary life, we should maintain a good attitude, forgive ourselves and help others. Fortune will naturally befall us in the future.

, may every kind book friend store a lot of blessings and have a bright and happy life in the new year.