These two kinds of people who appear in life are here to ferry you.

These two kinds of people who appear in life are here to ferry you.

Be grateful to meet, live up to your debt.

some people say:

"if there is no debt, how can we meet?"

all kinds of encounters in the world have cause and effect.

these two kinds of people who appear in your life are here to ferry you, and you must firmly grasp them when you encounter them.

the person who hurt you is to ferry you

the one who loves you is helping you

as the saying goes:

"all adversity is to help you make progress."

this is the case with the environment, and so is the case with people.

those who hurt you cross you, and those who love you help you.

I have seen the Nebula Master describe such an experience:

Master Father asked Nebula:

"what are you doing here?"

Nebula says:

"Master said make way."

Master Father flew into a rage:

"I don't even have my own heart! Your master will come as soon as he is called. "

Nebula is so painful that it quickly changes its mouth:

"I wanted to come!"

who would have thought that Master Father was even angrier after hearing this:

"can monks still lie?"

the nebula has learned a lesson this time:

"Master asked me to come, and I wanted to study, so I came!"

but the Master Father still beat the nebula hard, scolding:


in the dead of night, the nebula recalled the experience of the day and could not help but burst into tears.

just then, the Master Father suddenly came to heal the nebula.

I saw the master father rubbing the medicine and said slowly:

"you actually have good answers, but what I want to tell you is that adversity is inevitable.

you must understand adversity and accept it. Only by accepting everything that is not going well can you overcome the pain that fate brings to you. "

from then on, the Nebula devoted itself to practicing the Dharma, no matter what kind of blow it suffered, always bearing in mind the teachings of this day, using injury as a tonic, turning evil into good, and eventually achieving success.

when you are alive, you meet countless people.

to meet the one who hurts you is to ferry you; to meet the one who loves you is to help you.

these two kinds of people in your life are here to let you know how to grow and how strong.

there is such a fable:

A small fish was stranded in a mud puddle by the lake.

it asks passers-by for a bucket of water to continue their lives, but people who come and go just stand idly by.

the little fish is discouraged and no longer asks for help, but chooses to move desperately to the water source.

if it had relied on the hope given by passers-by, it would have waited for nothing but despair in which the water had dried up.

as the Vimoche Sutra says:

"the lotus does not grow on the plateau land, but the humble wet mud gives birth to this flower."

Goshawks have to go through training before they can soar in the sky; snow lotus has to suffer from the cold wind before it can bloom in Tianshan.

the hurt in your life will only make your life more brave.

therefore, those who put you in danger should not hold a grudge. They teach you how to sail against the current and how to distinguish between good and evil.

Goodall said:

"in life, no one wants to hurt you, no one wants to hurt you, no one wants to betray you, everyone is a prop to help you understand the lessons of life."

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everyone you meet is what you should meet, whether he hurts you or loves you, it is a mutual achievement.

never blame

anyone in life

people often say:

"everyone who comes to you has more or less predestination with you."

everyone you meet, every time you experience a feud, is the karma of reincarnation.

therefore, there is no need to blame people and things in the past, let alone bear it in mind. All cause and effect is God's best arrangement.

there is such a true story:

A woman married at the age of 15.

life after marriage is not satisfactory. The husband prides himself on being flirtatious, despises such a "country bumpkin" and is very indifferent to her.

A few years later, her husband was in love with others and was determined to divorce, when she was pregnant with a child.

she asked:

"what will happen to the children after divorce?"

"knock it out."

"someone died of an abortion."

she asked reluctantly.

who knows in exchange for sarcasm:

"did someone die by train? Don't people still sit? "

from then on, she was no longer afraid of divorce, of doing wrong, of not being loved by her husband, and of giving in.

she began to teach herself German, took charge of the women's commercial bank, entered the fashion world, and eventually became a light out of reach of others.

she is Zhang Youyi, who personally tore up the label "Xu Zhimo abandoned wife" with her own efforts.

someone gives you a scar, but it becomes armor for the future.

as the saying goes:

"all actions are impermanent, and so are relatives and enemies."

in the face of pain, fools respond with hatred, so all adversity is a disaster.

A wise man reflects with kindness. All kinds of the past are his own passage, and he can finally get it from his heart.

the Hua Yan Sutra says:

"We should look at the nature of the law and create everything ideally."

everything around us is inspired by our own sense of mind.

if you are compassionate and do not blame, you will gather around you the same kind of virtuous people and lucky things.

cause and effect, never blame anyone in your life, everything is the best arrangement.

everyone you meet

is to perfect your

this world is always cause and effect fair.

when you get carried away, someone is bound to come out to warn you;

when you are at a low ebb, someone is bound to help you break the maze.

everyone's existence is to perfect you.

in Journey to the West, the four masters and disciples came to the Western Heaven to seek the true scriptures after the disaster.

as a result, Guanyin saw that there were more than 80 difficulties, so the Tang monk and master and apprentice fell on the west bank of the Tongtian River, and an old Bai Fu was cheated again to make up for the 81 difficulties.

ninety-nine eighty-one is difficult, a lot of them.

isn't that what life is like? Everyone you meet is here to help you and help you.

what lies before you is not disaster, but test.

when you think it is a crossing, the past is fate.

when you think it's pain, everything in the past becomes evil.

as the Tan Jing says:

"all laws are inseparable from self-nature."

when you are alive, whether you meet a noble person or a villain is actually caused by yourself.

only by looking at all the bad luck with an ordinary heart, can we smooth out all the ups and downs, truly achieve the road, and achieve a complete life.

as the saying goes:

"there is no meeting in this world for no reason."

I think so.

everyone who appears around you has his reason and mission to teach you something.

what really makes us grow up is not the years, but every past experience.

in life, no matter who you meet, he is here to ferry you. No matter who he is, he should be grateful.

it is they who make our lives more real.

it is them who make us realize a better self.

Thanksgiving to meet, do not owe.