These three kinds of people are kind and poisonous, and the farther away the better.

These three kinds of people are kind and poisonous, and the farther away the better.

Never let such a person into our lives.

as the ancients said, "it is difficult to draw bones when painting dragons and tigers."

some people are kind-looking, but have a snake and scorpion heart; some people are plain-looking, but have a good heart.

"people cannot be judged by their appearance". Under a good-looking skin, it is often difficult for us to see through a person's true heart.

only by taking time as the sieve and through a person's words and deeds can we know the true face of a person.

people who are kind-hearted and poisonous are often the following three kinds of people, the farther away the better, and never be fooled by their appearance.

an inconsistent villain

as the ancients said, "beyond gold and jade, there is defeat among them."

the ancients satirized the generals and civil servants who were in high positions but did not do anything. On the surface, they looked like gold and jade, but in fact they were as worthless and meaningless as shabby cotton.

in life, those who are inconsistent with their appearance are often uglier than shabby cotton.

there is little truth in their mouths, but most of them calculate in their hearts.

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they are good at talking in front of others and talking nonsense behind others, so they can't see the good of others.

day after day, he delights in sowing discord and gossiping, messing up other people's lives.

when our secret is known by them, the next second, it will be made public.

such people, no matter how good they say, do not easily believe that their praise is extremely hypocritical, and their praise is all flattery.

"University" said: "this means sincerity in the middle and appearance in the outside." Therefore, a gentleman must be careful to be alone. "

A gentleman is mostly what he appears to be.

only when we associate with people who match our words and deeds, can we avoid being exploited and framed, and simplify the circle.

the bad guy who hides the knife in his smile

laughter is a facial expression that people usually use to express their goodwill.

some people's laughter is a natural expression from the inside out, but some people's smile is hidden in the smile.

Li Linfu in the period of Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty was a villain with a knife in his smile, who used to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

he and Li Shizhi assisted in national affairs, and the two appeared to be friends, but he was always looking for an opportunity to frame Li Shizhi.

once, he smiled and said to Li Shizhi, "there is gold in Huashan. If it is mined, the country will certainly be rich."

Li Shizhi felt that this was reasonable, so he told the emperor.

when the emperor learned of this, he summoned Li Linfu and asked him if there was a gold mine in Huashan.

Li Linfu replied, "there is a gold mine in Huashan, but there is a king under the gold mine. If it is excavated, it will be disadvantageous to the dragon body. Therefore, I dare not hear about it."

with these words, the emperor concluded that Li Linfu was a loyal minister, Li Shih was unkind and unjust, and later removed Li Shizhi from his official post.

if Li Shizhi could pay more attention to Li Linfu, he would not have framed him.

A bright knife is easy to block, but a hidden arrow is hard to defend against.

the world is sinister, and we can save ourselves only if we remain vigilant.

as the saying goes, "do not harm others and guard against others". For those who hide swords in their smiles, we must keep our distance and never confide in such people.

villains who cross the river and tear down bridges

Buddha said: "two people are rare in the world." What kind of two? If you do one thing, you can't do it; for both, you will return the favor. "

doing good and returning kindness are human virtues.

in life, there are always people who like to do ungrateful things. No matter who they are, they all use tools.

he forgets the help given to him in the twinkling of an eye, and he forgets the rejection of others.

when they cross the river, they want to tear down the bridge and do not want to leave others a way back.

after grinding things, they want to ungrind and kill donkeys and kick away people who have helped them.

such people have long lost their conscience and are more frightening than wolves.

there is a saying like this: "gratitude is the smallest of virtues, ingratitude is the worst of vice."

Thanksgiving is the foundation of human beings.

people who do not know how to be grateful do not have the most basic principles and bottom line of life, so they must stay away when they encounter them.

although it is said that "phase is born from the heart, and the environment is created by the heart", a person can pretend to be "good-looking" by controlling his or her expression.

people who are used to wearing masks can hardly be seen under the mask, whether it is evil or good.

only by observing a person's words and deeds can we have a more comprehensive understanding of a person's inner character.

people with a kind face and a poisonous heart are often inconsistent, hide a knife in a smile, tear down a bridge across a river, and be sure to stay away when they meet.

the rest of my life is precious. Never let such a person come into our lives.