There are three things in a family, if you are not rich, you will be prosperous.

There are three things in a family, if you are not rich, you will be prosperous.

A happy and harmonious family atmosphere is the best feng shui for a family.

Anna Karenina says: "Happy families are all alike, and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way."

A happy family is always the warmest harbor, which can protect the wind and rain and heal the soul.

even if there is a contradiction, it will be reconciled quickly without hurting feelings.

once something happens, they will immediately form a rope, support and encourage each other, and work together to tide over the difficulties.

if a happy family is compared to a house, harmony is the foundation, filial piety is the beam, and diligence and thrift are the roof.

when a family has these three, it has the ability to be happy and is bound to be peaceful and prosperous, regardless of the wind and rain.

husband and wife are in harmony with one heart and one mind

educator Liu Changming once said:

never regard children as more important than husband and wife, the relationship between husband and wife is the most important.

it is precisely because of a strong relationship between husband and wife that there is a strong family, and with a strong family, children will have a normal and good environment for growing up.

the relationship between husband and wife is the Poseidon needle in the family.

only when husband and wife respect each other, understand each other and help each other, the family will glow with vigor and vitality.

the best love parents can give to their children is that they love each other.

the husband is like a mountain, the wife is like water, the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, and the family thrives and flourishes.

when it comes to loving couples, Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang are the most enviable couple.

their love makes each other feel like a spring breeze, and also leaves warm and beautiful memories for their children's life.

once, Qian Zhongshu Yang Jiang took her daughter Qian Jiu to a restaurant. Yang Jiang found that her daughter had been staring at other people at the table and gently reminded her:

"Don't stare at others all the time, it's impolite."

the daughter said, "Mom and Dad, look, the parents of that family are quarreling, and the parents of that family don't talk to each other. It's so pitiful to be their children." You love each other and make me a lucky child. "

Children who grow up in an atmosphere in which their parents love each other know more about how to love and be loved, and are more willing to give their own love, to love others, to love life, and to love the world.

if there is discord among relatives, their family is bound to be defeated.

whether a family is harmonious or not, the most important thing is whether the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious.

if husband and wife fall in love, the family will be harmonious and United, and their benefits will be cut off. No matter how poor they are, they will certainly become rich.

filial piety to parents is enjoyable

some people say that the process of children growing up is actually a process in which the "role" of parents gradually weakens.

from crying babies to gradually growing up to being able to take care of themselves, and then to being financially independent, we have become strong, and the role of parents has declined.

until one day, parents will question whether they are no longer needed and whether their aging puts pressure on their children, so a sense of unease and loss becomes a burden in their hearts.

as children, it gives parents peace of mind and makes them feel that they are still "needed" by their children. It is still valuable to this family, which is the highest level of filial piety.

when he was 70, he never said the word "old" in front of his parents, because he was afraid that if he said he was old, his parents would feel that he was reminding them that they were getting older in disguise.

in order to make his parents happy, he often wears the floral clothes of his childhood. When he first learned to carry water as a child, he deliberately slipped outside the lobby and pretended to cry like a child. The parents saw that their son's behavior was funny, funny and distressed.

when asked why Lao Laizi did this, he replied:

Children are always children in the eyes of their parents. As long as children still need themselves, they will have the meaning of existence. They will forget their own age and think that they are still useful.

as the saying goes, "A hundred filial piety is not as good as a smooth one, and a hundred obedience is better than one use."


parents' loneliness begins with the feeling that their children no longer need them.

be filial to your parents and let them grow old with dignity.

in addition to respecting the elderly on weekdays,

more importantly, let them still find their own value and meaning, rather than a burden, can give them the happiest old age.

thrift means thrift, while thrift makes people healthy

Zeng Guofan inherited the sixteen-character motto of later generations: thrift is thrifty, diligence is healthy, diligence is thrifty, and never poor.

diligence is the foundation of running a family, and the happy life of the family depends on the creation of industrious hands.

the family style of diligence and thrift can make the family prosperous, keep the family healthy, stay away from poverty and humility, and create more wealth.

neighbor Aunt Zhuang had a small car accident a few years ago, and she had sequelae in her legs and feet, which was not very sharp.

so only her husband, Uncle Li, earns money to support the family, and the family also has an old mother and little daughter, so life is very tight for a time.

Auntie Zhuang is very frugal and capable, so she has opened up a piece of land in her small yard to grow all kinds of vegetables, which is both economical and healthy.

when she didn't have the money to buy new furniture, Aunt Zhuang kept the house clean and tidy and trained herself to be an expert at repairing household appliances.

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although she is frugal, Aunt Zhuang never cares about money in education and often takes her daughter to the bookstore.

although their family is poor, they lead a good life under the painstaking management of Aunt Zhuang.

Uncle Li often tells the neighborhood that he is lucky to have married a good wife who can run the house.

the night talk around the fire says, "Poverty has no choice but to ask."To be frugal, it is better to be clumsy as long as you are diligent. "

if a family is lazy and extravagant, even if they own Jinshan and Silver Mountain, they will have an empty day.

if a family maintains the family style of diligence and thrift, even if the material conditions are not very good, it will have its own happy time, and will eventually usher in a time of prosperity.

the feng shui of a family is built by the whole family.

only when the family style is diligent and thrifty, can the family keep happiness and never be poor or humble.

only when we respect the elderly and be filial to our parents can we laugh and laugh and be happy.

if the love between husband and wife is harmonious, the child must be gentle and kind.

A happy and harmonious family atmosphere is the best feng shui for a family.

everything is happy if you make peace with your family!