There are four reasons why a family cannot be "rich". One of them should be vigilant.

There are four reasons why a family cannot be "rich". One of them should be vigilant.

Home is the end-result of everyone's life and our harbor forever.

I believe that many people have encountered this phenomenon:

obviously at the beginning, the starting point is the same.

but some families are getting better and better, while others are getting poorer and poorer.

Why is this?

you know, everything in the world is traceable.

A family, too.

it does not become rich for no reason, nor does it tend to decline without warning.

if a family does not get rich all the time, it is often because of these four reasons, and one of them should be vigilant.

Family discord leads to discord among people

as the old saying goes, family and everything will flourish, and home and happiness will lead to prosperity.

means that family harmony can prosper, life will steam up, and life will be full of happiness.

but its opposite, which means that family discord, even if the family wealth, may also lead to decline.

because family is the foundation of a person and the place where he grows up and becomes a talented person.

if a family is always full of quarrels and grievances, such an atmosphere will only make people suffocate and make people want to escape, how can they get together and contribute to the prosperity of the whole family?

Xiao Taozi told me that he hadn't been home for five years.

it's not that I don't miss home, but I flinch at the thought of the scene when I get home.

as far as he can remember, there was no peace at home, except for quarrels.

either Dad quarreled with Grandpa, or Dad quarreled with Mom, or Mom quarreled with Grandma.

the slightest thing can be turned upside down and restless.

sometimes when there is a fierce quarrel, the village committee will be alerted to come forward to adjust.

he said:

"I always thought that everyone's life was the same, and there were quarrels, contradictions and conflicts at home.

but when I went to college, I found that a family could be so happy, with everything discussed and full of laughter and laughter.

it's just that I've never experienced this kind of happiness. "

but blindly quarreling not only does not solve the problem, but hurts each other's goodwill, alienates the hearts of the whole family, loses cohesion, and loses the possibility of working together to improve and revitalize the family.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "Father and son Benedict, brother harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

Family harmony is the foundation for a family to be prosperous and prosperous; even if there is discord in the family, more money will be slowly lost.

because the atmosphere of harmony is like a spring breeze, which can calm down the hearts of the family and make the whole family prosperous throughout the four seasons.

therefore, whether a family can prosper does not depend on the amount of money, but on whether it is harmonious or not.

and the family is in harmony, no matter how poor it is, the family can get rich.

lax tutoring and doting on children

I have heard a saying: "Family education is the foundation and starting point of the whole education of life."

for a family, perhaps the most precious wealth left to its children is not good family property, but good family education.

because children are the hope of the family.

and parents' education of their children will affect their whole life, and then the future of the whole family.

I have seen an animated short film called "wayward Life".

when her daughter was a child, she saw a rainbow horse on TV and cried and asked her parents for it.

Dad bought her a toy horse, but she didn't want it; if she got her a live horse, she still didn't want it.

No way, Dad had to spend a lot of money on the rainbow horse on TV, and she stopped crying.

after that, the daughter's demands became more and more excessive and outrageous.

but every time, as long as his daughter splashes and cries, the father will still choose to compromise and spend all his money to be satisfied.

but the result of parents' obedience is:

Children think that it is natural and natural for parents to pay for their children.

therefore, they have no sense of gratitude, nor do they have the consciousness to feed their parents.

at the end of the cartoon, the daughter fell in love with a singer and married him dead or alive.

when the father made it clear that he was out of money, the daughter still clung to it.

the father, who could not bear his daughter to suffer the slightest grievance, sold the house and let her baby daughter marry the singer smoothly.

I thought that after his daughter got married, he would be able to enjoy his twilight years.

but not long after his daughter got married, she threw him a grandson, a grandson who was also only good at splashing and crying.

writer Jenny Ellim said:

"it is not terrible for children to have shortcomings. What is terrible is that parents, as guides in their children's life, lack correct tutoring concepts and methods of parenting."

it is a kind of nature for parents to love their children, but if they love their children too much, they will harm their children.

because if children give what they want, they will not be grateful to their parents, and they are apt to become selfish, lack moral sense, and learn filial piety.

We always say that parents' love for their children is far-reaching.

for parents:

the best love for children is not to indulge blindly, but to be restrained and demanding.

the best love for a child is not arranged for him.Cut, but teach him how to deal with life.

the family property is not guaranteed, and they are gluttonous and lazy

Franklin said a philosophical saying: "laziness acts so slowly that poverty will soon surpass it."

if you are a dedicated person in your life, you will find that

it is not unreasonable that laziness is often linked to poverty.

A few days ago, I saw this news:

A man who once worked on a construction site earns 350 yuan a day, which is not too high, but at least he can support himself.

but the man thought the job was too low and too tired, so he would rather starve than go to work again.

it's just that people always have to live and don't go to work. Where does the money for meals come from?

the answer is stealing.

before he was caught, he surfed the Internet during the day and stole at night, often having the last meal without the next meal.

later, he was arrested and jailed for theft.

A young and strong middle-aged man with hands and feet can gain a foothold in this society as long as he is steadfast and willing to work hard and earnestly, even if he has no education or skills.

but he just likes to eat lazily, afraid of hardship and suffering, so that he is poor and unable to eat, and thus embarks on the road of crime.

I remember when I was a child, my mother used to teach me that diligence can get rich, but laziness means the family is poor.

I also always believe that a person, a family, may be poor for a while, but not for a lifetime.

the premise is that he is a hard-working and diligent person.

in this world, there is nothing to get for nothing.

what you want, you have to give and work hard, instead of being gluttonous and lazy.

if you only harvest, do not work, enjoy but do not give, no matter how much property you have, you will lose all your possessions, and even the moisturizing days will be exhausted.

and a family, in order to become rich and prosperous, can not be separated from everyone's efforts and efforts.

how much effort you put into your life and how much sweat you put into your family, time will tell you the answer you want.

so you don't have to envy the beauty of others, you can also use your own hands to create your own happiness.

the family style is not good, the character is bad

it is often said that a wealth of money is not as good as a good family style.

A good family style is the real estate of a family, while a bad family style is a booster of family decline.

recently, the news of the arrest of two female village tyrants in Anhui has aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

he Jing and Chen Yongfang are mother and daughter, and they are also villagers of the same village.

they want to make money and get rich, but they don't go the right way, but they have a bad idea.

according to villagers in the same village, mother and daughter are particularly fond of finding fault, and have blackmailed men in the same village many times.

whenever vehicles from other villages pass by, the drivers who pass by will be asked to pay tolls, and if they do not pay, they will not be allowed to go.

finally aroused public anger, and after being reported, both mother and daughter were arrested by the police.

when the local villagers heard about it, many families set off firecrackers to celebrate.

the ancients said: "the family that accumulates good must have Yu Qing, and the family that accumulates evil must have aftermath."

the development of the whole family is bound to be affected by unhealthy families, bad morals, bad character and crooked upper and lower beams.

while a family with a good family style does good deeds, good conduct, and is respected by others, it also accumulates blessings for the whole family.

at this point, I have to mention the Mou family in Yantai, Shandong Province.

from the end of the Ming Dynasty to the present, it has been handed down for 10 generations and lasted for more than 400 years.

and one of the big reasons why it lasts so long is to hold good thoughts and do good deeds.

some people say: "Home is the soil for children to grow up. The quality of the family style determines the quality of the soil."

if you think about it, it is true.

A family with a good family style and pure character is like a ray of warm sun, which warms the future of the whole family and guides the direction of the whole family.

that is, "

the family style is good, the family is prosperous.


remember the line in the TV series "in the name of the Family":

"Home is a trivial but warm daily life, and it is also the one that belongs to you among the lights of thousands of homes.

because of the fetters of love, because we are a family, even if there have been disputes or quarrels, joy and warmth are always with me. "

Home is the destination of everyone's life and our harbor forever.

and we also hope that every family can get better and better, and the whole family can go further and further.

if a family can't get rich no matter how rich it is, and no matter how well it develops, you might as well find out the reasons from within.

families with discord and discord lack cohesion and motivation to get rich together;

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families with lax parenting and doting on their children cannot keep their property running for a long time;

families whose property is not guaranteed and are gluttonous and lazy, even their rich assets will be consumed.

unhealthy family style and peopleA bad family can neither hold on to the wealth of its predecessors nor win respect.

whether a family can be rich depends not only on the efforts of each family member, but also on the family style and tutoring of the family.

Family harmony, good tutoring, good family style, and hard work, such a family will become more and more prosperous and richer.

, may we all go hand in hand with good luck, bump into wealth and make our families more prosperous.