The Winter Olympic Games have opened, and tonight he is completely obsessed with God!

The Winter Olympic Games have opened, and tonight he is completely obsessed with God!

Zhang Yimou knows so much about Chinese romance!


the Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened at 8 o'clock tonight.

from 2008 to now, 14 years later, the Olympic flame will be lit again in the Bird's Nest, and countless people are looking forward to it in front of the screen.

with the traditional Chinese 24 solar terms as the countdown, each solar term carries a classic poem:

"as the spring breeze sneaks into the night, it moistens everything in silence."

"when spring thunder rings, all things grow."

"the spring breeze is like an honored guest, it is prosperous as soon as it arrives."

then, the Beginning of Spring's grass becomes a dandelion, and the dandelion spreads and changes into "

the Beginning of Spring

"fireworks, netizens exclaimed: this idea is amazing!

then, the scene of 56 ethnic groups jointly passing the national flag let people directly break through the defense after watching it.

saw the legendary "the water of the Yellow River comes from the sky" for the first time!

the water of the Yellow River rushes down and condenses into a water cube. under the impact of the ice puck, the Olympic rings break out of the ice.

slowly appears in front of us, which seems to echo the five rings which are neutral from the painting in 2008.

I have to say, Zhang Yimou knows too much about Chinese romance!

before this, director Zhang Yimou revealed in an interview that this Winter Olympic Games does not engage in crowd tactics, and that "simplicity and splendor" is the most important feature of this Winter Olympic Games.

A speech filled the appetite of netizens.

after watching tonight's opening ceremony, Uncle just wants to say: Zhang Yimou, it's you!

I believe that the grand occasion of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games is obvious to all.

those shocking scenes are still unforgettable.

since then, Zhang Yimou has been called

Party B to the satisfaction of 1.4 billion Chinese.

when he saw Zhang Yimou carry a heavy burden again this year, netizens shouted: steady!

Zhang Yimou himself became the first director in the world to direct the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer and Winter Olympics.

but who would have thought that once upon a time, the honorable Zhang Yimou almost failed to get into college.

in 1971, Zhang Yimou was a weaver at the eighth National Cotton Factory in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, with a fixed salary of 36 yuan a month.

his father graduated from the Huangpu military Academy, and his uncle went to Taiwan. this kind of background made him a marginal object, and everywhere he went seemed to be shorter than others.

even in the face of other people's praise, he just hid in the crowd and silently turned away.

during a break, Zhang Yimou borrowed his cousin's camera to take pictures.

but when he was playing, he was fascinated and wanted to buy one himself.

at that time, a camera cost more than 200 yuan. In order to save money, he saved frugally for three years, and finally bought the first camera in his life in 1974.

in order to play photography well, Zhang Yimou often huddled alone in a small room and read a lot of photography-related books.

because he couldn't keep it for a long time, he copied it down first and then read it carefully.

later, his level became higher and higher and he became an amateur photographer in the factory, but the consumption of film was a big expense for Zhang Yimou.

just like the saying that has been circulating on the Internet: photography is poor for three generations, DSLR ruins life.

although it is a joke, you can also see the extent to which photography costs money.

so he doesn't dare to shoot casually. He spends a lot of time thinking before each shot.

however, it is this kind of embarrassment that enables Zhang Yimou to develop his extraordinary composition ability.

at that time, his dream was simple: "have a good future, eat a big meal of meat, don't work the night shift, go to the Shaanxi newspaper."... "

in May 1978, the Beijing Film Academy resumed the college entrance examination.

because of his specialty in recruiting students, his friend immediately thought of Zhang Yimou and suggested to him:

"you take such a good picture, you can give it a try."

Zhang Yimou, who is determined to get ahead, immediately went to the registration office of the Beijing Film Academy with his carefully selected works.

to his surprise, the teachers' eyes changed as soon as they saw his work:

"did you really take this? It's better than any of our photography teachers. "

although the work was affirmed, the age limit for enrollment immediately cooled his heart.

the teacher told him regretfully, "you are over five years old and cannot be admitted."

when he was desperate, his friend gave him a trick and asked him to find the leader of the Ministry of Culture.

Zhang Yimou found a lot of people before he passed his work to the leader.

the leader was shocked by Zhang Yimou's level after reading it, and replied on the same day:

"very good, immediately inform Zhang Yimou to enroll for further study and solve the problem of overage in the name of advanced students or other names."

after entering the Beijing Film Studio, he saw so many novel things and powerful characters that he suddenly felt that his once proud specialty was simply a trick.

so, hold the camera.Zhang Yimou, an older youth, has become more diligent.

in order to get familiar with the camera as soon as possible, he brought the habit of copying books into the cinema.

every time I watch a movie, I take a card with me and record it when I encounter a good composition.

Be in our stylishly fashionable gown black sequin prom. Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

during his four years in college, Zhang Yimou saw a total of 514 movies.

the students around him were puzzled by his behavior, and he only replied, "I have a low starting point. I can't help it."

after graduation, Zhang Yimou began his career as a director.

when it comes to filming, he has a stubbornness that is different from ordinary people, and he will never stop until he is satisfied.

when filming "Yellow Land," he took every shot extremely seriously. once he didn't shoot it well, he kept blaming himself and looked very ugly. Chen Kaige, who worked with him, often called him a "black face."

at the age of 37, in order to play a good role in the Old well, he stayed out of oil for three days. Finally, with his excellent performance, he won the Golden Rooster and hundred Flowers.

later, he came across Mo Yan's novel Red Sorghum.

after watching it, I had a strong idea: it must be made into a movie!

he hurried to Beijing to look for Mo Yan.

after getting the copyright, I immediately went to look for the red and wild "blood romance" in the book.

but he couldn't find the sorghum field all over the country.

so, unwilling to make do with it, Zhang Yimou bought more than 100 mu of vacant land in Gaomi, Shandong Province, and began to plant crops himself.

wait until half a year later, the sorghum field is beginning to take shape, and the shooting moves on to the next step.

Red Sorghum was officially released in 1988.

No one expected that the film not only caused a great sensation in China, but also won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

you know, this is the highest international award won by Chinese filmmakers at that time!

Zhang Yimou's enthusiasm and sweat into the film was finally rewarded at this moment.

since then, his path as a director has become more and more smooth.

classic films such as "raising the Red Lantern", "Qiu Ju fighting the lawsuit" and "alive" directed by him have made him constantly win gold and silver in the international community, and have really become a world-famous director.

in 2006, Zhang Yimou became general director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.

he knows very well that this Olympic Games is China's first successful bid for the Olympic Games and places the dream that countless Chinese people have been waiting for for a long time.

once you screw up, the consequences are unimaginable.

but it is the dream of countless directors to be the director of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Even though it is difficult and difficult, he never wants to give up.

in his own words: "you can make a lot of movies in your life, but you only have one Olympic Games in your life."

for the Olympic Games, he held more than 2000 meetings in more than two years.

maybe one second he came up with a good idea, and the next he rejected it.

the long creative process is full of depression and bitterness, which makes everyone feel tormented.

he works almost every day at two or three o'clock in the morning and finishes his work.

the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was an unprecedented success.

in China, 840 million of the audience watched the show, which was the most watched broadcast in Chinese history at that time.

TV ratings in the United States also reached an astonishing 18.6%, setting a record for non-US Olympic Games.

there is no doubt that Zhang Yimou has lived up to the expectations of the Chinese people!

the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, in his hands, gave birth to one classic unforgettable picture after another.

for example, at the beginning, the "big footprint" that refreshed the awareness of the world audience, symbolizing the 29th Olympic Games, but also symbolizing China's Olympic footprints over the past century.

for example, the slowly unfolding Chinese painting, the four great inventions, the Silk Road, the Great Wall, and traditional opera. Five thousand years of Chinese culture is among them.

such as movable type printing demonstrated by more than 3,000 people, the word "he" is not only the representative of Chinese characters, but also the quintessence of Chinese thought.

for example, the beautiful sky tree makes people feel like they are in a dream.

all of these ideas and presentations are amazing.

he photographed the development and progress of China in recent years, as well as the magnificence of Chinese culture.

at that time, it was uniformly praised both at home and abroad:

"although I don't like parties very much, I was shocked."

"even if I am abroad, I really want to book a flight home at this moment."

"the name of a national teacher is well deserved!"

with his own strength, he has won the recognition and praise of 1.4 billion Chinese people!

since then, Zhang Yimou has been entrusted with the task of celebrating many prosperous times.

in 2016, he received the task of performing at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China.

when it comes to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games tonight, let's once again say, "Zhang Yimou knows too much about Chinese romance"!

there always seems to be a reassuring feeling in him.

if there are people who do things and there are people who speak in the world, Zhang Yimou undoubtedly belongs to the former.

as long as he says yesIf he does this, he will certainly do his best.

he was asked what is the most troubling question at the moment?

Zhang Yimou replied, "nothing. I just often hate myself for not being talented enough."

he once said: "looking back on my experience, I met with good opportunities step by step, but there are many more talented people than I am!" It doesn't make sense if I'm still wasting and wasting my time. "

you can hardly imagine that he is already an old man in his seventies.

but you can't see any sign of aging in his face.

this is Zhang Yimou.

there is no such thing as a "national teacher". From obscurity to international fame, Zhang Yimou has always chosen the stupidest way.

he was never a genius. His dedication and love for movies made him overcome many difficulties and walked all the way to the present.

he once devoted his best youth to the movie, and my uncle believes that he will not hesitate to continue on this road in the future and interpret more and better Chinese romance!

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