The way you eat exposed your life.

The way you eat exposed your life.

Please remember that to eat well is to live a good life.


Qingmu said:

"in the world, only love and food can not be disappointed, love has failed too much, food can no longer be disappointed."

Yes, apart from love, what in the world is more healing than good food?

eating is not simple firewood, rice, oil and salt, it is a kind of earthly fireworks that contains all kinds of flavors.

A person's attitude towards good food exposes his attitude towards life.

collected everyone's favorite food, flipped through thousands of photos, and we saw these attitudes towards life.

people who miss their mother's taste know love and responsibility

some people say:

"if there is the most delicious thing in the world, of course it is the taste of mother.

you leave home at a young age, even if the boss doesn't come back, everything is blurred in memory, but only the smell of your mother always worries you. "

the smell of a mother is a memory engraved in her bones since childhood.

maybe the food cooked by my mother is not so delicious, but in the eyes of my children, thousands of delicacies are defeated.

in my mother's hands, even simple food has its own soul, and that delicacy cannot be copied.

people who miss their mothers are people who are full of love and responsibility in their hearts.

they are grateful for their mother's efforts, feel sorry for their mother's old age, and protect the best mother with a pure heart.

Let's take a look at these little friends who love the taste of their mother the most. They miss their mother with delicious food.

@ Naren

the smell of home, the hot sauce made by Mom and Dad, the smell of happiness.

@ Hefei

Breakfast for high school students, Mom's breakfast is not the same every day.

@ 🥇 is full of positive energy

Seafood spaghetti 🍝, from my mother's skillful hand.

@ A Spring

Mommy's fried chicken with leek and egg cake tastes good, and the skin is crispy and stuffed. I can't eat enough!

people who miss the taste of their hometown, nostalgic and single-minded

I have heard such a sentence:

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"homesickness is the yearning for taste. No matter how many years a person has been out there, even if his accent has changed, he still has unlimited thoughts about the food in his hometown."

miss the taste of hometown, read the memory of hometown, the sustenance is a strong homesickness.

whether you come from Northeast China or Yunnan, small town or country, there is always a smell that you can't forget.

people who miss the flavor of their hometown are nostalgic and single-minded, and no matter how small and biased their hometown is, it is the only fetter in their life.

their wandering days are full of difficulties, but as long as they come to a delicious meal in their hometown, they will be able to save energy and continue to struggle.

for these people who miss the taste of their hometown, it is the delicious food of their hometown that takes them along the mountains and seas, as if they have returned to their hometown they have not seen for a long time.

@ two girls: show

this dish is a special dish in my hometown, although it is only an ordinary bean sprout fried fans, but it has an unusual name called "care"!

@ ordinary life

what I like to eat very much is the buckle meat from our hometown, fragrant, flavored, soft and waxy, with Douchi or red beans, or dried vegetables at the bottom. This buckle meat is unpalatable anywhere in the country. The buckle meat in our hometown is not dyed with soy sauce. The buckle meat made with soy sauce loses its own flavor. My hometown is in Zhangjiajie.

@ ✨ in full bloom

Donkey bone + donkey meat with soup ~ delicious food from my hometown.

@ Zhou Bing of incense

after walking so many places and eating different delicacies, the most unforgettable thing is the taste in my hometown. This bowl of Huainan beef must be eaten every time I go home!

people who are willing to taste Baiwei cuisine will know how to love themselves better

now that living conditions are good, food is not only used for satiety, but also a kind of spiritual comfort.

as the saying goes, "Food that satisfies the body is not enough, but also food that satisfies the soul."

when sweet and sour collides in the mouth, happiness heats up unwittingly, and all troubles can be left behind for the time being.

those who love all kinds of delicacies have mastered the biggest secret of a happy life-love themselves.

eat what you want to eat immediately, and those who want to see you will see it right away. After all, nothing in the world is more important than to make yourself happy.

these lovely people use food as a cure for their hearts and let their happiness last indefinitely.

@ Jingya ®

the best cure is for girlfriends to chat over barbecue.


made a special collection for cooking. The smoke and fire in the world is the most soothing to the hearts of the people. I always think that love and eating are the most healing, but eat faster and more directly.

@ Youth

if you are unhappy, remember to eat delicious food, good food can cure everything!

@ broccoli

what can cure your loneliness and annoyance is absolutely attractive food 😍

I agree with a saying: "if people don't eat well, they can't think, love and rest."

Food is a way for us to communicate with the world. Our attitude towards food is also our attitude towards life.

if you miss your mother's delicious food, you might as well call her mother and care about her three meals a day.

if you miss the delicious food in your hometown, you might as well go back and have a look and walk around the streets and alleys in your memory.

be in a bad moodJust go to a big meal, focus on the food in front of you, and seriously taste it.