The strongest "scum man" in history drove Zhou Xun mad and beat Haiqing angrily: this time, I can't hide it at last!

The strongest "scum man" in history drove Zhou Xun mad and beat Haiqing angrily: this time, I can't hide it at last!

A good actor will never be buried.

towards the end of the year, all kinds of chaos in the entertainment industry are flying all over the sky.

was a little tired when he saw it.

and there is a hot search, but the fire is different, very interesting-# Yang Di's mother was angry by Jinbo to eat Xiaoyao pills.

it turns out that Yang Di's mother, as a loyal audience of "Xiaomin Family", is so emotional that she is so angry by the characters in the play.

Jin Bo, who plays the part of his ex-husband, is in debt, a pit child, and a lack of progress, which is properly "the middle-aged version of Su Daqiang."

the man who was pursued by the debt chased him to the door and unexpectedly tried to get his son to quit school and work to pay his debts.

then, he encouraged the children to inquire about the ex-wife's salary, and even wanted the children to extort money from their ex-wife in the name of living expenses.

, without blinking an eye, he planned to ask his ex-wife for money to make up for his big hole.

it can be said that he was so selfish that his son turned a blind eye to his impudence.

who doesn't hate such a scum man on the stall to itch his teeth!

No wonder Yang Di's mother was so angry that she needed to take medicine after watching the play.

I have to say, teacher Tu Songyan, who plays Jin Bo, is really good at acting and holds the role to death!

and a large number of viewers at the top of the plot also joked online that they were holding the number plate of "looking for the Golden Boyo frame".

because Jin Bo and Tu Songyan were "involved" and innocent lying guns were scolded!

however, it also proves from the side how successful he has portrayed the character.

speaking of Tu Songyan, perhaps many people look at a loss and even ask, "who is he?" The question.

but when you see this face on the screen, you will suddenly realize.

he is Li Yaping, the selfish and mean mama's boy in "double-sided glue".

he is a "house slave"

, Xie Qianli, the kind man who is indomitable and tenacious to his feelings.

he is Xu Jiahui, the delicate and gentle model husband in the Life of two cities.

who would have thought that Tu Songyan, who is so familiar with the character, embarked on the road of acting by accident.

Tu Songyan was born in Beijing in 1974.

like most children, he was once raised.

until the age of 9, his parents went out to work and carelessly locked him at home. When Tu Songyan woke up, he found that the house was empty and the door was still locked.

in a hurry, Tu Songyan tried to break the glass and escape, but his hand was accidentally scratched by the glass, leaving a pool of blood.

fortunately, the next-door neighbor heard the news and sent him to the hospital for treatment. his parents were so scared that they were still scared.

from then on, the dancer's mother would take him with her when she went out.

as a result of osmosis, Tu Yansong gradually showed a different kind of artistic talent. Table tennis, martial arts, calligraphy, recitation, singing. Anything will do.

but this acting experience was not taken seriously by Tu Songyan.

because his dream is to be admitted to the University of Economics and Economics and become an ordinary office worker.

however, by chance, the idea of being an actor took root in his mind.

Tu Songyan, a senior in high school, was attracted by the prize of "Mr. Olympic Competition" and signed up with the idea of giving it a try.

unexpectedly, he unexpectedly won the third place trophy and got the prize speaker.

his mother saw his artistic potential and encouraged him to continue to participate in the King's Financial Cup singing contest.

with the fearless drive of the newborn calf, he made it to the finals.

however, when the experts gathered in this competition and were eliminated, the judge teacher of the Chinese opera persuaded, "you are so qualified, you should try to take the Chinese opera exam."

Tu Songyan was awakened by a sentence, and his fate was also strange. He was admitted to Chinese opera so confusedly and became a classmate with Tao Hong, Duan Yihong and Yin Xiaotian.

for a long time, Tu Songyan was immersed in the joy of being admitted to Chinese opera and felt that he had finally found a broad road to life.

but who knows, there are all kinds of challenges waiting for him.

as a novice performer, when he first entered the Chinese opera class, he didn't even know what acting was, let alone liberate his nature. Acting became a hurdle that he could not overcome.

throughout his freshman year, he spent almost all his time doubting life and worrying about the future.

during the four years of college, many students received scenes one after another to save strength and pave the way for their future.

Tu Songyan is obviously a clear stream, studying hard and focusing on practicing his acting skills.

near graduation, Tu Songyan unexpectedly received an olive branch from the crew of "holding hands".

at that time, he was preoccupied with the graduation drama, so he refused the invitation for the two male roles of the crew.

later, "holding hands" became popular.

Tu Songyan admitted that he had regrets, but he was not discouraged, thinking that gold would glow wherever he went, and it was only a matter of time before the fire broke out, and if he missed it, he had no fate with himself.

it was his concentration and hard work at that time that gave him the strength that is now recognized by everyone.

the graduation drama won a full house, and Tu Songyan became the brightest star on the stage.

this also won him the favor of the National Theater, and then he officially joined the National Theater.

at that time, it can be said to be verySomething worth being happy is equivalent to having an iron rice bowl.

however, there are many masters in the theatre. Having just graduated, he has been playing a supporting role, following the troupe all over the world.

he is not discouraged, patiently starting from a small role, constantly honing his acting skills.

time never disappoints those who have been working hard. How much you pay, how lucky you are in life!

opportunity is approaching him unwittingly.

in 2006, director Teng Huatao accidentally saw his performance and thought this was the person he was looking for. He immediately threw out an olive branch and invited him to play the role of Li Yaping in "double-sided Glue."

after reading the script, Tu Songyan hesitated. Because Li Yaping's people are so unlikable, he is afraid that his "debut" will be badly criticized by the audience.

after much consideration, Tu Songyan decided to play this role.

"double-sided glue" is popular, but he has won the title of "scum male professional household".

even over the past decade, many viewers still tickle their teeth at the mention of Li Yaping.

in order to tear off the label, he successively starred in films and TV dramas such as Wang Gui and Anna, you are my Glory, and Journey without perplexity.

however, his way of acting seems to have fallen into a strange circle, and the actor is always not popular.

it was not until last year that Li Haichao, the father of Li in "in the name of the Family", made Tu Songyan completely popular and was known by everyone.

he let us know what is recognized as a good dad template:

when I heard someone blaming the child, I didn't feel it. I took advantage of the strength of the drink to say what I was holding back in my heart.

when children decide to go abroad, even if they are reluctant to give up, they are forced to smile at the dinner table.

tears were in his eyes, and his mood could not stop. He turned and secretly wiped the tears and said, "OK, go."

Tu Songyan interprets the characters vividly, the emotions are progressive, the details are very real, and directly poke people's hearts.

after watching this play, some people sigh with emotion: tu Songyan is finally popular!

however, Tu Songyan seems calm:

"A good actor should bloom a spring for himself in his heart, and then watch it blossom into a summer with brilliant flowers."

the play is bigger than the sky, which is the most basic accomplishment of an actor.

the popularity is short-lived, and the actor is eternal. What he wants to pursue is that the characters he shapes can be recognized by the public.

Tu Songyan put his mind into every role, repaid the audience with every effort, conquered the audience with acting skills, and eventually won him a lot of applause.

in the words of Xu Zheng, "A good performance is life, as natural as breathing." Tu Songyan proved with his strength what textbook acting is.

he has dubbed Tony Leung Chao-wai, Jacky Cheung and Liming in films such as Hero, Red Cliff and October siege.

on the stage of "immersive sound", in order to get into the role, Tu Songyan put his hand around his neck and tried to restore the character's hoarse sense of reality.

not only the voice is vivid, but also the mood and eyes of Tu Songyan seem to be acting during dubbing, which makes the lines bring their own charm.

on the screen, he is very charming, in reality, Tu Songyan is a brilliant interpretation of life.

he likes photography and records his life with photographic lenses, and his works have been included in National Geographic magazine.

he loves traveling, sports and food. He is also very keen on craftsmanship, beads and watch straps. It doesn't matter.

in addition, Tu Songyan also writes good calligraphy, which cannot be done without a little kung fu.

Tu Songyan seems willing to spend more time living a good life and taking care of his family than being busy on the road non-stop.

at the age of 41, Tu Songyan's son was born.

the word "father" adds another weight to Tu Songyan's heart.

in order not to miss the child's growth, he is determined to slow down the pace, return to the family wholeheartedly, and devote most of his energy and time to taking care of the child.

he has to change his son's diaper, breast-feed and take a bath on his own.

A little older, he personally picked up and picked up his son when he went to kindergarten and swimming.

Tu Songyan witnessed every moment of his son's growth and felt the joy and happiness brought about by the change of identity.

there was a silence for three years, and it was not until his son went to kindergarten that he returned to the screen.

when everyone feels sorry for his career, Tu Songyan doesn't think so.

"there is a lot of filming and a lot of life, but the way I want to go is endless. I always have the impulse to go for a walk. I am far away from my heart, and I always want to see places I have never been to."

for him, acting is only his sideline, not his whole life.

there may be regrets and losses, but Tu Songyan is always awake. He knows what he wants at each stage and protects everything he cherishes.

compared with fame and popularity, acting works are what he cares about most.

compared with applause and flashing lights, he yearns for a dull and quiet life.

No matter how the outside world changes, Tu Songyan is always on the way forward. It doesn't matter if you go faster or slower, as long as you continue.

"set out for the moonEven if you can't get there, you can stand among the stars. "

Uncle firmly believes that a good actor will never be buried.

sober, real, and passionate inside.

the "Tu Songyan" in the entertainment industry is the scarcest good actor of our time.

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