The Spring Festival was only called the Spring Festival 20 years ago, but now it can only be regarded as a holiday at best.

The Spring Festival was only called the Spring Festival 20 years ago, but now it can only be regarded as a holiday at best.

The flowers are really similar year after year, but different from year to year!

it's New year's Day again,

there is no colorful decoration, nor the hustle and bustle of door-to-door visits, as if without the sense of ritual and expectation of childhood.

when I was a child, I began to buy New year's goods in December until New year's Eve.

the house is filled with steam and aroma every day, which is the smell of Nian, which makes people so happy that they can't sleep at night.

Children, don't be greedy. After Laba is the year; 23, sweet melon is sticky; 24, sweep the house; 25, ground tofu; 26, stewed pork; 27, kill Roosters; 28, noodle hair; 29, stick couplets; stay up all night on the 30th night; take to the street on the first day of the lunar month.


I still remember that when we reached more than ten years in the twelfth lunar month, we would begin to go to the market.

when I was a child, it was a sea of people to catch the big collection. New clothes, lanterns, candy cubes, chicken, duck and fish, fruit, frozen pears, frozen persimmons, Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers, wall calendar. Mother will buy home a big hanging picture, a little fat girl or little fat boy holding a big carp!

in order to be more responsive to the situation, get a branch, tied with sugar wrappers, colorful special festive, but also from the market to buy some fake flowers, put on the cabinet, there is a New year's celebration!


I still remember that in the past, when we reached more than ten years in the twelfth lunar month, we had to prepare all kinds of food.

killing New year pigs, when I was a child, the living conditions were not good, and the desire for meat was particularly strong. It was the privilege of Nian to eat a large bowl of lean meat dipped in mashed garlic. This is the privilege of the year. A large pot of meat is full of meat fragrance. This kind of waiting suffering and the satisfaction of eating meat, only when I was a child!

Chicken, chicken, fish, elbows and ribs are the standard Chinese New year meals when I was a child. The chickens I ate when I was young were all stupid chickens. The most nutritious chickens had thin skin and yellow meat, and the stewed soup was all greasy and not greasy. I spent a lot of money to buy it. Chicken stewed mushrooms!

buy a bunch of frozen fish, eat live fish on New year's Eve dinner, and save all the best ingredients for New year's Day!

steaming pot after pot of white and fat steamed bread with adequate staple food and adequate food and clothing. I hope that next year will be more and more prosperous, and all the good wishes of the year will rest on the food.

Reserve dumplings is also one of the New year's goods prepared before the Chinese New year. Frozen dumplings can be filled with several stuffing, pickled cabbage and celery. If the children are hungry at night before the Spring Festival, cook some!

Frozen pears, frozen persimmons, Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit, ice cream, when I was a child, family conditions were limited, and there were not many opportunities to eat fresh fruit. Frozen pears and frozen persimmons became the best delicacy. Take a bite of DC sweet water and Gaga ice teeth!

A whole plate of bulk candy is given to the child, but it is boring to eat one. There are fudge, hard candy, crisp candy and crispy candy. At that time, you can chew hard candy, and you can't eat enough candy.

the classics of fudge are sorghum Yee and bayberry sugar, which are low in sugar

▲ crispy candy prawn candy, one bite off the dregs, eat the throat

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bulk hard candy, orange candy, colorful, tongue discolored.


I still remember that 24 in the twelfth lunar month, there was a thorough cleaning that could not be escaped.

before the Spring Festival when I was a child, we must have a large-scale family cleaning to welcome the new year, sweep the dust, wash the sheets, cover the curtains and clothes, wash everything we can, clean the glass, wipe the ceiling, and clean every corner.

this is definitely the hardest hurdle before the Spring Festival. I can't go out to play and be caught by my parents to do a thorough cleaning.


remember that firecrackers can be set off on the twenty-seventh and eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

at that time, firecrackers were taken apart and set off. At the end of the year, they guarded the firecracker stalls selling firecrackers, throwing firecrackers, earth red, sky monkeys, and one kind of firecrackers called two kicks, which was very powerful.

Bad little boys always throw firecrackers at other children, covering their ears and watching the crackling of firecrackers. When we were young, we danced around firecrackers, as if just yesterday.


remember that couplets can be posted on the 29th of the twelfth lunar month.

families with good calligraphy are basically surrounded. This family came to him with red paper, and so did that one. A large number of people gathered around this "cultural man" and looked at the Spring Festival couplets written one by one. Each family had different Spring Festival couplets.

later, they all bought ready-made ones, and the Spring Festival couplets became more and more beautiful, but less of the flavor of the year! When I was a child, the window grilles were all cut by handy grandma and grandma, which looked better than the ones I bought.


I still remember that the meal on New year's Eve was the richest meal of the year.

almost all the meat gathered together, and each kind of weight is very large. I remember that when I was a child, I had to smell and smell every dish. I was so anxious that I wanted to have a New year's Eve dinner.

the following table is full of happiness, watching countless people cry. At that time, we thought that every Spring Festival would be happier, but we did not expect that the Spring Festival would be like this when we grow up.

maybe it will always be those children who are really celebrating the Spring Festival.


I still remember that New Year's Eve was foolishly looking forward to the New year.

at that time, after the New year's Eve dinner, the family picked up the melon seeds and fruit early and stayed in front of the TV!


I still remember that you can wear new clothes that you have been waiting for for a long time during the Spring Festival.

in addition to New year's Eve dinner and lucky money, wearing new clothes is the biggest hope for Spring Festival when I was a child.

not stepping on the villain's red socks during the Spring Festival is not the Spring Festival, for good luck! Some socks were of poor quality, and their feet were dyed red the next day!


remember, during the New year, no foul language, no haircut, no sweeping, no crying.

on the first day of the New year, Mom and Dad look a lot kinder. You can be naughty and indulge without being beaten in the face. It's all right, it's the Spring Festival. It's just that there is a taboo, especially the word "death". How unlucky it is.


I still remember that you must wear clothes with big pockets when you visit during the New year.

New year's Day must be sweet, because you can not only get delicious food, but also get the amount of lucky money that you usually dare not think of!

at that time, the red packet was only a few dozen yuan, but it was also a huge sum for us. If I put it in my pocket, I'm afraid of losing it, and I'm afraid of stealing it somewhere else.

of course, the next day my mother will say, "bring your red packet. I'll keep it for you first."

Mom, when will those red envelopes be returned to me when I was a child?

when visiting relatives for the New year, adults always grab a handful of snacks and stuff them into your pocket. You carry a big bag of delicious food, which is sweeter than honey in your heart!


I still remember that I liked the big gathering of relatives in January best.

during the Spring Festival, all the relatives in the family will come back. Aunts and uncles ride bicycles with several children. They can meet unusual brothers and sisters, make a lot of new playmates, and a group of children run in and out. Twittering is called Spring Festival!

when I was a child, Nian was the meat bought by my father, the new clothes bought by my mother, the few cents I could not bear to spend in my pocket, and a small whip that crackled and splashed with golden flowers.

when I was a child, the year was to look forward to.

when I grow up, the year is crowded in the supermarket, no one can eat the food that has been cooked for a long time, running around all over the world, and the night as the chaos of the day.

Life is getting better and better, but the pure happiness is getting farther and farther away from us, crying and laughing when we are young, and laughing and laughing when we grow up.

it is true that flowers are similar year after year, but different from year to year!