The Spring Festival Gala disappeared for 10 years because of a word, but now its comeback has been ridiculed, and a generation of heavenly kings has also turned over?

The Spring Festival Gala disappeared for 10 years because of a word, but now its comeback has been ridiculed, and a generation of heavenly kings has also turned over?

The tide has receded and the times have gone forever.


some time ago, my uncle saw a news release of "36 days of China's desperate Rescue" starring Mou Fengbin, Gong Hanlin, Ye Changqing and other actors.

there are no actors and actresses, and as expected, the film didn't cause any splash. I was surprised to see Gong Hanlin's name.

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there are also netizens surprised at the bottom of the news: I haven't seen him on the sketch stage of the Spring Festival Gala for many years.

some people even question: is it old, do you start to make money by making bad movies?

most people in the 1980s and 1990s, like my uncle, grew up watching his sketches.

especially the sketch with Zhao Lirong, which is so classic that every line can be said casually. These sketches made him popular all over the country, but also attracted a lot of notoriety for him.

after 2010, Gong Hanlin disappeared from the Spring Festival Gala stage for 10 years. I believe many people wonder: where on earth has he been all these years?

although he is well known for the sketches of the Spring Festival Gala, Gong Hanlin was actually a crosstalk performer at first.

was born in a family of Quyi. His parents are both actors singing Hebei Bangzi. He has been very interested in Quyi since he was a child.

after graduating from university, he also joined the Shenyang Quyi Troupe and studied crosstalk. It was here that he met his wife Jin Zhu, who worked with him for the rest of his life.

both actors of the Quyi Troupe, Gong Hanlin and Jinzhu have some overlap.

Jin Zhu found that Gong Hanlin was very special. In private, she was not as glib as she was on the stage. On the contrary, she did not like to talk and liked reading.

this one particularly moved her, so she took the initiative to pursue him.

A delicate mind, a big and cheerful heart, extremely complementary two people soon came together, in 1983 into the hall of marriage.

the two share the same interests and help each other, have never quarreled, and have been happy since marriage.

this marriage has been going on for 38 years, which is a good story.

during the working career of Shenyang Quyi Troupe, Gong Hanlin's crosstalk has won three awards for outstanding works in the CCTV crosstalk contest.

in 1988, crosstalk master Tang Jiezhong felt that he had excellent acting talent and could write lyrics and manuscripts, so he should not let his talents be buried, so he encouraged him to go to Beijing for development.

after arriving in Beijing, he began to come to the fore in the direction of comedy sketches.

in 1990, Gong Hanlin, 33, appeared on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time and performed the sketch "playing Mahjong" with Yue Hong.

then he partnered with Cai Ming in the sketch "Strangers" the following year.

what really made him popular was the 1995 sketch "so packaged" with Zhao Lirong, which was a great success and won the first prize of the national audience's favorite sketch at that time.

it blossoms in spring 14, 56, ah, June 6, ah, watching Guxiu, beating six or nine heads in spring, this kind of packaging is simply too hard. I can't open my mouth. I can't keep up with it. I don't feel bad, but I don't feel bad.

became popular, in fact, many people mocked Gong Hanlin. Red flowers and green leaves were the green leaves, with average ability, and they all relied on Zhao Lirong to attend the Spring Festival Gala.

to tell you the truth, this evaluation is a bit biased. After all, he alone stepped onto the stage of the Spring Festival Gala five years ago when he partnered with Zhao Lirong.

because of the excellent chemical reaction between the two partners, they finally created excellent works.

after the great success of "packing in this way", Zhao Lirong and Gong Hanlin became golden partners.

he successively appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala in 1995, 1997, 1998 and 1999 to perform sketches such as "working Adventures", "Kung Fu Ling" and "veterans".

the ministry is a classic, and it is still memorable to this day.

in the Spring Festival Gala of the year when they performed sketches, the first prize of the national audience's favorite sketch was won by both of them.

can not only make people happy, but also satirize some bad phenomena in society while laughing and scolding.

for example, in "working Adventures", Gong Hanlin plays a shrewd and mean manager who runs a "Empress Dowager Restaurant". Zhao Lirong is the 38th old lady who came to apply for the job.

Palace Jade Liquor, 181 cups, is actually Erguotou mixed with plain boiled water; a gathering of heroes, 81 plates are not expensive at all, why is it so crisp, it is a big radish!

in the end, the Price Bureau knew the truth, and Gong Hanlin begged Zhao Lirong to tide over the difficulties.

Zhao Lirong wielded a pen and wrote down four big words: genuine goods.

I have to say that this sketch is still not out of date even today.

Zhao Lirong was energetic on the stage in 1999's "veteran", but in fact, she was diagnosed with lung cancer many years ago.

A year later, she died in Beijing at the age of 72.

Gong Hanlin was performing out of town when he received the call. After hearing the bad news, he was dazed and incoherent, barely managed to finish his work, and immediately returned to Beijing.

the outside world thinks that they are just tacit understanding partners, but in fact they are already relatives. His name is Zhao Lirong Zhao Ma, and Zhao Lirong also recognized him as his godson.

knowing that Zhao Lirong is in poor health, he pays special attention to her body every time he rehearses sketches and tries his best to make her sit and have more rest.

the kneeling of the last dance of "so packaged" is not the stage designer, butIt was Zhao Lirong who lost her strength and failed to hold up.

after that, the two starred in a small supporting role, that is, Gong Hanlin's wife Jin Zhu, who played a very small part, just to support teacher Zhao and always pay attention to her physical condition.

after Zhao Lirong's death, Gong Hanlin is still performing sketches, and his partner Huang Hong has also created many classic works: "Decoration", "neighbor", "unlock" and so on.

but after 2010, Gong Hanlin never performed a sketch on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. Later, in an interview, he explained why, because he never wrote a good sketch script.

before Zhao Lirong died, she once said to him: you should pay attention to the performance and not make do with it.

he always remembered this sentence, so he chose to leave with dignity.

many people complain about Gong Hanlin, who is famous for his sketches.

some people criticize his appearance, saying that he is mean like an eunuch; others criticize him for vilifying Shanghai men because of the image he has played, and the territory is black; and some people even think that when he is old, he is not sure to make money when he goes filming.

but what many people don't know is that he is not only a comedy artist, but also a national first-class actor.

Gong Hanlin has actually been making some films and TV dramas since 1990, and his first film, Firefox, was shortlisted for the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival that year.

then he also made TV dramas such as "Sesame official", "the Northeast Family", "Big Sister Ma", "Dazhaimen 1912", "the Happy Life of my mother-in-law", "the Old Tavern" and so on.

most of them are supporting roles, or even small roles that don't rank on the list. But he always tries his best to play every role.

he has been acting as a green leaf all his life, but with his stage and his part, his quality is always guaranteed. Looking back at Gong Hanlin's works in recent years, there are not many works. On average, there is only one in a year.

back then, Pan Changjiang, who competed with him on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, began to fight live to sell goods after leaving the sketch stage, often falling into a storm of selling fake goods.

but Gong Hanlin never stepped into the tide of making quick money, and he wanted to live up to his conscience.

Last Spring Festival, he appeared on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala again after 10 years, but did not return to his old career to perform sketches.

viewers who are used to watching his sketches do not think highly of the program, and young people no longer even know who he is.

at the age of 64, he has no regrets for everything he has already done his best.

the tide has receded and the times have gone forever.

but whether we remember it in the future or not, whether young people still remember it or not, the classic is the classic, and it will always be there.