The sooner you know the 15 words that make people instantly awake, the better.

The sooner you know the 15 words that make people instantly awake, the better.

I hope you can all become people who still love life after seeing through the truth of life.


I have always thought that "ability" can be learned, and when you bet on time, your mastery of something must be improved.

but whether you can recognize life clearly and see through yourself, it can not be achieved through simple study.

to recognize ourselves is a very important thing, it will affect our living conditions, and even related to our personality development.

sometimes, recognizing yourself is a big step forward.

the following 15 sentences have pointed out a lot of directions for me, and I hope they can also bring you some thinking and strength.


ineffective social interaction destroys interesting souls

people are gregarious animals, and it is human nature to desire to socialize.

meaningful socializing will raise people's cognitive level, but meaningless socializing will only polish their shining points.

you, who are supposed to be interesting, are likely to get stuck because of ineffective social interaction.

fear of not being recognized and not being able to fit in. You tremble and erase all your shining points.

socializing is a basic need, but it's not necessary to socialize.

keep your identity, there will always be someone coming because of you.


self-moving giving

dangerous and stupid

all your efforts need to be affirmed.

if your efforts only move yourself, then I advise you to stop as soon as possible.

you can never wake someone who pretends to sleep, and you can't move someone who doesn't love you.

Love needs to go both ways, and "moved" must also be the emotion of the other person from the bottom of his heart.

what the other party does not approve of, all belong to self-consumption.


your efforts hide the stability of your parents in their twilight years

and children's future strength

there are always people who say that the burden on adults is too heavy now, because there are old people at the top and small ones at the bottom.

this is indeed the case. Looking back is the expectation of the parents, and looking forward is the eagerness of the child's eyes.

Why are you afraid to be a salted fish?

because of the rolling waves, we have parents and children, and we need to let them live safely in this vast ocean.

every effort now is saving for future happiness


Old accounts are brought up again

because it has never been properly resolved

there is a saying that love is forgiveness and does not make up for the past.

seems correct, but I'm afraid to think about it.

Why did you dig up the past?

because the matter has not been properly resolved, it has been stuck there like a thorn. It still hurts when you touch it.

Dress to impress in our collection of homecoming wear with short sleeves. You are sure to find the design that will fit you perfectly and homecoming wear with short sleeves will be just the addition your wardrobe needed.

to deal with all disputes and contradictions, it is not to make do with the past, but to resolve the matter.

is it an emotional problem or a disagreement of opinion behind this matter? bring it out and make it clear that the relationship will not only ease, but also heat up.

because you both know each other's bottom line.


not a thousand faces with thousands of people

is a thousand noodles for everyone

everyone is three-dimensional, and the multifaceted nature of a person is sometimes beyond our imagination.

We often judge a person's good and evil because of a certain action, but in fact it is too one-sided.

in this world, it is no longer a thousand people, but a thousand faces.

some people look kind and simple, but in fact they are dark inside.

some people look cold and heartless, but they are actually warm inside.

what you see is not necessarily the real side of the other person, nor is it necessarily a fixed side of the other person.

Human nature is complex, for a person is not easy to draw conclusions, but patiently and carefully observe, the judgment will be more accurate.


answer is not the question, in fact, I have already answered

can you lend me some money?

"my child is going to college soon."

he answered your question in a way that was not what you asked.

when he doesn't answer the question, you don't have to ask, because he has politely turned you down, and it's no use asking more questions.

keeping dignity for each other and for yourself is another meaning of not answering the question.


Human beings go astray

is often not because of ignorance but because of self-righteousness

ignorant people are not terrible, and self-righteous people are the most shunned.

it is futile for a stubborn person who is unwilling to know new things with an open mind to say anything to such a person.

with a humble heart, it is the most wise thing for a wise man to look at the strengths of others and internalize them into his own.

remember a sentence, he who ignores the truth, the truth will also ignore him.


A sense of humor is a sense of size

sense of humor doesn't mean you can speak unscrupulously.

the so-called humor should be based on the degree acceptable to the other party, joking without a bottom line, it is not humor, it is not enough sense of proportion.

humor regardless of the circumstances and feelings of others is narcissistic stupidity.

an intelligent sense of humorIt makes people feel inviolable and can accept and produce pleasure.


the starting point of jealousy

is people's hidden worry about their own vulnerability

everyone has jealousy. It is perfectly normal to hope that others are good, but do not want others to be better than themselves.

this jealousy usually comes from a lack of self-confidence and is a sign of vulnerability.

you don't have to be hard on yourself and feel immature.

but I would like to remind you that instead of constantly getting caught up in self-friction, try to build your own mental system to make yourself stronger.

Don't be so glassy, don't be so jittery, accept that others are better than you, and try to make yourself better, is a flowing state of health.


Happiness is just a temporary pause of desire

endless desire is a sharp weapon that suppresses us to happiness.

"originally all I wanted was a hug, but I accidentally had an extra kiss, and then you found that you needed a bed, an apartment, a card. When I got divorced, I remembered: all you wanted was a hug. "

Song Dandan's sentence exposes the nature of each of us.

give yourself a little time to catch your breath. Don't just stand on tiptoe to catch what you don't get.

Press the pause button for desire, and you may gain more.


ignorance becomes mainstream

sobriety is a crime

when ignorance becomes mainstream, sober people seem out of place.

but the "majority" is not necessarily right, but the precious ones are those who stick to the bottom line and have not defected.

one of the people I admire most is that even if you realize that you are small, you still don't give up your conscience and responsibility, and firmly believe that a single spark can start a prairie fire.

Don't be the silent majority, just be a small part of the brave.

only in this way can our time become better.


Prejudice is an insurmountable wall

"when he became a director at a young age, he must have a background;

she dresses so plainly and carries such an expensive bag that it must be a fake.

his study is so poor, his character must not be very good. "

always look at a thing with an inherent mind, and you will always be firmly immersed in personal prejudice.

if you don't know the truth of things and don't open your mind to accept and think about more possibilities, you will always be in the wrong attribution.

not knowing the whole picture and not commenting is the basic bottom line of being a human being.


the more questions you ask

the less you fear

there is a saying that the more you learn the same skill, the less you ask for a person.

most of the way forward is tortuous, and we can't hold on because we are afraid of difficulties.

but when you try to find the answer according to the question, you will find that the fear of difficulty will slowly be diluted.

solving a problem by asking questions is always the first essence of solving a problem.


there is no need to be sensitive all the time

dullness is sometimes a kind of beauty

Nietzsche wrote in "Human, too Human":

"there is no need to be sensitive all the time. Dullness is sometimes a virtue. Even if you see through the motivation of the other person's behavior or thought, you need to pretend to be dull.

try to interpret the language from the perspective of goodwill and maintain the feeling of being slower than the other person. This is the knack of socializing, and it is also pity for people. "

it is not silly to see through, but pure and good to see through.

leaving half a sentence on the edge of the mouth is a pattern and self-cultivation.

maintaining insensitivity is sometimes a superpower.


lower expectations

all encounters are gifts

in life, we often have this mental state:

exercise for a few days, hoping to lose weight quickly;

to be kind to others, I hope he can be equally kind to himself;

after reading a book, I hope to remember the main points in it immediately.

if the initial expectation cannot be realized, there will be a feeling of resistance in the heart.

but you should know that a lot of things don't work out as we imagine. instead of waiting for results, it's better to do well every step of the way.

sometimes, life is full of metaphysics, the more deliberately, the less you can get, inadvertently inserted willows but shady willows.

since you can't decide the outcome, take every step of the way.

lowering your expectations and doing your best is the best answer for yourself.

at the end:

most people who recognize themselves do not have a bad life.

because they know what they want and what they are not good at, they will customize their lives.

Don't follow blindly, don't cling to, don't push yourself.

I hope that everyone can become people who still love life after seeing through the truth of life.