The second half of life: don't look back, don't force it, don't hesitate

The second half of life: don't look back, don't force it, don't hesitate

There is no medicine for regret in life, and you can't start all over again.

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the world of adults is to fall into the abyss countless times and get up again.

you can cry bitterly, but never look back.

be a sober and powerful person for the rest of your life.

Don't look back, move on

Shakespeare once said:

"look forward, don't look back, as long as you face it bravely and look up, you will find that the haze is only a short rainy season."

Zhang Youyi is Xu Zhimo's ex-wife.

having just given birth to her second child, she received a letter of divorce from Xu Zhimo, indicating that she was asked to sign.

before long, her second son also died, and his life suffered a double whammy.

Zhang Youyi did not feel sad for a long time, but immediately woke up and went to study in Germany alone, majoring in pedagogy.

after returning to China, Zhang Youyi became a German teacher at Soochow University by virtue of her excellent skills, and then she became vice president of Shanghai Women's Commercial savings Bank.

she is decisive and unrestrained, can cope with it well, and has opened up a new life for herself.

later, Zhang Youyi commented on the past as follows:

"I want to thank Xu Zhimo for the divorce. If it hadn't been for divorce, I might never have been able to find myself or grow up. On the way of forcing myself to move forward, I became a better me. "

in the face of difficulties, we can turn around, but we can never turn back.

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turn around, you can reverse your fate, but when you look back, you can only be dragged down by the past.

when we fall to the bottom, even if there is a glimmer of light, we have to climb out on our own.

there is a Western proverb:

"never cry over spilled milk."

all the past is a prelude. Don't worry about what has happened.

only by going forward can we see a wider world.

Don't force it, don't make do with it

as the saying goes, a twisted melon is not sweet.

A Ying, a college classmate, fell in love with a guitarist in a band.

everyone is talking about that Ah Ying looks ordinary and can catch up with such a handsome upperclassman.

in fact, A Ying has paid a lot in this relationship.

she knew she didn't deserve each other, but she took the initiative to express her love, skipped class to see his performance and made her own birthday present.

in the year they graduated from college, the two suddenly broke up, and no one knows why.

many years later, A Ying got married. Her husband was not handsome and very simple and honest, but he took good care of her preferences.

asked why she got married, A Ying said:

"We get along very well. I can be myself in front of him. I don't have to force each other, and I don't have to please each other deliberately."

people, don't force yourself.

Don't force yourself to get along with people you hate; don't accept things you don't like; don't scrape along with food you can't eat.

if there is a grain of sand in your shoe, what you need to do is to pour it out right away, not to force yourself to adapt.

the rest of your life is expensive, listen to your heart, don't force it, don't make do with it.

Don't hesitate to act

"some opportunities are lost and there are no more, so waiting and hesitation are the most ruthless killers in the world."

after a few years of work, I suddenly became timid and always had too many worries.

once, an industry expert came to our company for training.

she is one of the top bulls in our industry and has a lot of experience. I would like to get to know her and prepare a lot of opening remarks.

after the training, we ran into each other in the same elevator. It was an excellent opportunity, but I couldn't say a word.

I am worried about saying the wrong thing and losing face. In short, the opportunity is lost.

on the other hand, another colleague often asked questions and spoke at the training session, and later took the initiative to ask her to add Wechat, and the two became friends.

when the human stars shine, it says:

"when the time to change fate comes, hesitation will fail."

there are rare opportunities in life. If you take a chance, you won't regret it.

do what you want to do, do not hesitate, the more hesitant, the more afraid.

"Don't wander under the tree, don't meditate in the rain, don't cry in the dark. Looking ahead, there is still a bright sky. "

there is no medicine for regret in life, and you can't start all over again.

Don't look back, look forward to hope;

Don't force yourself, live your best;

Don't hesitate, action is everything else.

there is an end to the longest road in one's life, and the darkest night greets the early morning.

, may we all be free and easy people.