The school is the heaviest drag bottle for prospective graduates.

The school is the heaviest drag bottle for prospective graduates.

There are eight classes a week and one class in half a day.

in my senior year, school often becomes an encumbrance.

the degree of coincidence of these complaints is like bile flowing out of the same body, no matter where you are or where you go to school, they all have the same smell.

this difference is so distinct that people have to find that there are only two grades in college.

less than a year before graduation, I will never know that this school, which has been admitted for three years, this place known as the ivory tower of life, will at some point become its greatest burden and burden.

"8 classes a week, one for each half day."

if you are a disciplined student, your life may be

so you can only go halfway across the school, go back to the dormitory to browse Weibo for a while, wait for the canteen to open, or open app to order takeout.

only when the sun goes down, do you dare to walk out of school boldly, but at that time, the only meaning of getting out of school is entertainment.

for other grades, this is supposed to be a leisurely college life, but once in the senior year, this leisure becomes a sword of Damocles, hanging over your head, making people think of ways to escape quickly.

however, due to this arrangement of the school, students who want to be disciplined will not be able to take part in any internship that requires work.

once asked the teacher why the school deliberately separated the curriculum.

but missed the autumn trick, a lot of things are cold.

the three-week simtrade training is a nightmare for many ITC and English college students.

this rule is simply a disaster for students who are already in internship.

an intern who asked for three weeks' leave soon after he joined the job is nothing more than digging a hole for himself.

as for the content of practical training, it is to play the role of importer, exporter and factory on the platform from morning till night, simulating the process of completing foreign trade transactions.

most importantly, even if the score of the system is the highest, it does not mean that you have acquired the ability to plan strategies in the enterprise.

maybe he is used to the complaints of each class of students. The teacher was not angry, but replied with an official template with a straight face: "there may be something unreasonable, but the school always has a school system."

it's just a system that everyone knows is unreasonable, but it has never been changed.

for the sake of preparing to participate in the evaluation, the school has been "strictly grasping the school spirit" recently.

this means that students who are interns outside have to be restricted by the access control time again.

in order not to write a review, washing hot water, bus and shared bikes are no choice but to pay expensive express fares every day.

he shrugged: "the whole department is here, so an intern dares to go first?"

it's just that this Japanese food is a little baffling.

those whistles mean: you should get up early with or without class, instead of sleeping in the dormitory all day.

it can't tell who has an early class or who is sick, let alone who spent the wee hours of the deadline liver last night for the project, and those harsh voices will be heard mercilessly.

for other grades, it is also hard to lose the Internet at 11:00. As long as it is 10:30, no one dares to start a new game of LOL.

if it used to be inconvenient and troublesome. That could be a hard wound for an intern.

there are always times when people are eager to get out of campus and get rid of all the trouble of being tied up.

these troubles from seniors are not so much the conflict between the students and the school as the conflict between the enterprising spirit of the students and the stability maintenance system of the university.

for fear that students will become wild when they are free, they will be decadent in the dormitory or play around;

they are afraid that if they are not forced to grasp the school spirit, students only like sleeping and playing computer games.

I have to admit that the establishment of these systems has indeed raised the lower limit for some students and restricted some of their laziness and madness.

it is a propellant for some people and a stumbling block for others.

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and limited to the status of students who have not yet got rid of, we have to endure the bumps of the mountain road.

I suddenly found that this is actually the most difficult spiritual practice in the four years of college.

good night.

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