The root cause of people's unhappiness: lack of wisdom

The root cause of people's unhappiness: lack of wisdom

May you understand your own way, practice your own deeds, and be happy in your life.

someone on the Internet asked: "Why are people unhappy?"

there is a highly praised answer that goes like this: "there is nothing in the world."

people who are always bitter and bitter are often due to lack of wisdom and cognition.

and really smart people, no matter where they are, can live freely and freely.

people are unhappy because they are not wise enough

there is a sentence in A brief History of Today:

"the deepest source of all kinds of pain lies in your own mind."

author Yuval Herari had a lot of troubles when he was in his 20s. He felt that the whole world was baffled and couldn't figure out why pain was always filled with his own life.

he has complained and tried to use various academic tools to explore and deconstruct, but he has never been able to solve it.

until he took part in meditation for the first time, he suddenly found that he had been angry 10,000 times over the years, but he never wanted to observe how he felt when he was angry.

every time I am unhappy, I focus on the person I am angry with, never seriously thinking about why I am angry, and never observing the true feeling of anger.

so he began to observe his heart and change his view of the world.

he tried to turn his past unhappiness into a driving force for exploration, and successively wrote a brief history of mankind, a brief history of the future, and a brief history of today.

Herari says he found the secret of re-understanding himself and the world through meditation.

but his method coincides with rational emotional therapy in psychology.

this method of treating emotion is called emotional ABC theory.

An is activation events, which refers to what happens to a person;

B, that is, believes, refers to a person's ideas, cognition and beliefs;

C, that is, consequences, refers to the result and emotion produced by an accident.

when something goes wrong with C and people feel unhappy, they often think that An is too tricky.

but psychologist Ellis found that B actually plays a bigger role.

that is to say, it is not the thing itself that determines the mood, but the person's perception of it.

if a person is always unhappy, in the final analysis, it is because of lack of wisdom.

to be happy, maybe you need to upgrade your mind.

to be happy is not only an ability, but also a kind of spiritual practice

have you ever thought about what kind of person will not have trouble?

a millionaire or a prince or princess?

I think there is probably no paradise in this world, nor is there happiness in a complete sense.

No matter who you are and where you are, you will encounter all kinds of challenges and difficulties.

No one is easier than the other in life.

when you don't succeed, you will suffer from the difficulties on the road.

when you realize yourself, you will be bored because you have nothing to do.

in the words of Schopenhauer:

"Life is a mass of desires. If you can't satisfy your desires, you will suffer, and if you are satisfied, you will be bored. Life swings between pain and boredom."

however, if you always shed tears when you miss the sun, you will eventually lose the eyes that find the stars.

if you are always saddened by temporary gains and losses, you may not be able to appreciate the charm of the future.

so, how can we overcome the pain and stay happy, or calm, all the time?

the older you get, the more you find that staying happy is not only an ability, but also a kind of spiritual practice.

the ability here is a person's way of thinking.

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you see, individual failure, from another point of view, is collective success;

temporary unhappiness, in the long run, may only be the test of heaven.

what we are talking about here is to learn to live side by side with pain.

regard the tribulations in life as the interlude of life, and the setbacks in life as the splash ink in the picture.

then, learn to live peacefully with injustice and unhappiness.

in fact, no matter how hard life is, as long as you don't cry for pain, you are an artist.

the best practice is to live in the present

when you realize that staying happy is an ability and a kind of spiritual practice, it is already the first step towards happiness.

at this time, do you think, how can you improve your ability to stay happy? How can we better realize spiritual practice?

many people live their whole lives without realizing that the real ashram of life is secular, that is, the human world.

as the old saying goes, "the small is faint in the wild, the big is faint in the city."

that is to say, if a person has peace of mind, even if he is intimate, he can still be in Taoyuan.

the best way to practice a person's life is to be able to keep peace, live in the present, not afraid of the future, not thinking about the past, not confused, not trapped in love.

to live in the present is to learn to face problems directly.

the first reaction to a problem is not to complain or flinch, but to go up in the face of difficulties and find a way.Solve it.

for example, if you are bothered by your figure, you should analyze the reasons for your weight gain, and then make a long-term plan to get closer to your goal.

for example, if you are bothered by communication, you should think about the problem of your communication, whether it is tone, attitude, or content, and then solve it bit by bit.

this is also consistent with the very important point in spiritual practice, "seek inward and practice outward".

the so-called spiritual practice is to find out what you really want.

otherwise, you will ask for it all your life, study it all your life, and suffer all your life, but in the end, you will find it all for nothing.

the so-called inward asking is to find out what you really want, whether you want to have a peaceful life, or whether you want to have a hot career.

the so-called outward study is to plan your own way of life, how to gradually achieve your goals and ideals in the journey of fighting with the world?

understand your goal in life, and then face it calmly, calmly, and realistically. For you and me, it is the best practice.

most of the time, we are unhappy because there is something wrong with the way we look at the world.

is surrounded by various myths of consumerism, hedonism, elitism and so on.

while busy with temporary gains and losses, immediate interests, unable to get out of the quagmire of depression.

however, when you jump out and look at things from a different point of view, there may be new gains.

after all, all lost goodness will return in another way; all temporary unhappiness will be compensated in another form.

learn to live in the present, learn to live side by side with suffering, perhaps, you will find that all the good things are closely linked to yourself.

, may you understand your own way, practice your own deeds, and be happy in your life.