The root cause of getting younger and younger is explained very clearly.

The root cause of getting younger and younger is explained very clearly.

Take the path of choice, don't choose the path of choice.

how to describe the state in which youth is gone?

one replied, "it's like being picked like a vegetable, and then I think your vegetable leaves are old and your date is not fresh."

people are too afraid of getting old, but there is nothing they can do about it.

the years cannot be changed, and only a few people get younger and younger and show no sign of getting old.

actually, you can do it, too.

the essence of youth is the vitality of the heart

how old is a young person?

is vague, but whenever someone mentions it, it is followed by a vibrant, passionate, beating heart.

the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are still in preparation, and a beautiful woman named Li became popular first.

she is the heir to the knitting of Shanghai-style wool, combining roses, roses, lilies of the valley, hydrangea, laurel and olives to make a beautiful award bouquet for the Winter Olympic Games.

is not only the modeling intention, the meaning is beautiful, the weaving techniques of each flower are exquisite, just a rose, it takes five hours to weave.

in order to ensure the quality of the bouquet, Li Mei has not been idle since she received the task, and specially spent five months training people to make flowers, each of which should be checked in person without any defects.

seeing this, the image of a strong woman always comes to mind, her career is booming, and she is in her prime.

but in fact, she is 70 years old, and what is even more surprising is that she hasn't been in contact with woolen flowers since she was 50.

there are people who spend their whole life pursuing what they love, trying new things, and being as energetic as ever. As long as you don't know her age, you won't even think of the word "old".

even if you know your age, you will sigh: "No."

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Li Mei is like this. She used to work as a magazine editor, but later she retired and began to study wool flowers. she not only wanted to have a pastime, but wanted to do it and went for the best.

as long as you are not old in mind, you will never grow old.

the mentality is not good, and it is futile to be young

now too many people, who are only 20 or 30 years old, are already shouting everywhere, "Hey, I'm old!"

just look at the age, is the right time, look at the state of mind, but it is a pool of stagnant water.

A netizen who works as a builder shared that he joined the industry after graduating from college because he is not very good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, and every day is just fooling around.

coupled with the fact that there are so many people at the construction site, no one has taken him after two years, and the leader has not even given him any work.

usually, the most he can do is to run errands and run errands, and most of the time he is playing with his mobile phone.

the people next to him are starting out one after another. His girlfriend is in another company and has been promoted to team leader, but he can only bemoan his unfair fate.

there is a concept in psychology called learned helplessness, which means that after experiencing many setbacks, emotions and cognition become more and more negative.

in fact, there was a chance to change everything.

look at what other people do, gradually bring up EQ, steal teachers to learn skills in their spare time, and even feel that they are not suitable, it is a way to change careers quickly.

but the negative state of mind blocks all the roads.

people can always be seen on the street with a long sigh on their back. Sometimes they think that they have gone through the vicissitudes of life. When they see the right face, they suddenly realize that it seems that this person is not very old.

the more you use your brain, the younger you become.

when you have a flexible mind, are curious about everything around you, and look forward to a new world, you are young.

groaning day after day, apart from complaining and being lazy, even aging will accelerate.

as for the true age, it doesn't matter at all.

Today's state of mind, achievement of the future state of mind

We make choices all the time, young or old, is also our own choice.

instead of reaching the age and feeling that the years are gone, it is better to integrate a positive attitude into life and let the young stick to it for a lifetime.

actress Wang Luodan saw a question: "can a 21-year-old girl still learn to skateboard?"

then she answered categorically:

"I am 33 years old this year, and I am still learning. As long as I like it, nothing is appropriate."

now that she is 38 years old, she still keeps trying and feels like a young girl.

she also worked as a director on Reality Show, from "shouting cards" to picking out every detail, and finally impressed everyone with the audience's high score.

Aging is cumulative tiredness, youth is accumulated enthusiasm, getting rid of job burnout, or maintaining a good appearance, the time is daily.

keep a good mindset, anti-age growth is not a dream.

Liu Sheng, known as the "most fashionable man", started working out 40 years ago, swimming and using bricks as equipment.

later, his factory closed down and naturally became a fitness instructor.

at that time, he did not have the advantage of professional knowledge and age, but he did not want to admit defeat, so he showed his true fitness skills to the students and secretly replenished his theoretical knowledge in private.

he is getting older and older, but he has more and more unique skills, and he has learned to be a good cook.

now in his sixties, he makes people call him handsome with any shape.

always feel that in front of the years, we are powerless to fight back. Only after seeing him can we understand that getting old is never a must. You can always be young and forever.Far away, tears will always fill my eyes.

Age is a number. Don't let this number shackle your life.

when your heart is warm and sunny, time will be gentle to you; open your heart, and fate will surprise you; live a steaming life, and aging will avoid you.

you are getting younger and younger, you have to do a few things right

I used to think that living younger and younger is determined by talent, but later I realized that youth is an ability.

it's not even hard to master, as long as you do these things:

remember to smile no matter what you go through

Life is not as usual, tired and hard, no one can escape, in every frown, the years will find a gap that can be eroded.

previous studies have shown that making a smile produces a sense of pleasure in the first place.

if you have a conflict with your partner, try not to quarrel and laugh it off.

has been criticized by the leader, don't be sad, smile at the mirror.

accustomed to smiling, immunity is strengthening, mental state is improving, even the appearance will be more beautiful.

No matter what you are afraid of, hug

from complacency to timidity, it is not an instant thing, but a disappointment for too long.

there is too much unknown and too much fear in the road ahead.

but you have to jump out this step. if you win, you will beat yourself. If you lose, you will be brave once.

as Yang Jiang said, "take a good choice, don't choose an easy one."

the next few times of ruthlessness, you will no longer be afraid, and you will live up to your time by embracing change.

No matter how dull the day is, you should live in an emotional way

Life is sometimes very simple, but simple to repeat, repeated to people who are sleepy and helpless, have no choice but to grow old in silence.

unless you have a boring life, you can live a more beautiful and flirtatious life.

you don't have to expect to buy a lottery ticket and suddenly become a millionaire. You just need to taste quietly and treat it attentively in ordinary days.

put on a delicate table mat before dinner, buy the coat your family loves when you go shopping, and cut the first knife on your birthday. If you have a vision in your heart, there will be no day worth aging.

, adjust your mindset.

if you are afraid of getting old now, you will live younger and younger every day.