The most terrible thing about a family is not poverty, but internal friction.

The most terrible thing about a family is not poverty, but internal friction.

The best fengshui in a home is a harmonious atmosphere.

as the old saying goes: "

injustice is full of wealth, as well as family and poverty.


Rich families, if disputes continue, will gradually decline; poor families, if a peaceful, can also raise a good feng shui.

the rise and fall of a family lies in its management. If relatives are not in harmony, their blessings will be impaired.

domestic friction is often more frightening than poverty.

A harmonious family is more amiable than angry

have read such a story.

A couple who owns a bakery will lose their temper if they have a little trouble because their business is too busy.

once, the two quarreled so bitterly that the husband waved a kitchen knife and shouted excitedly to his wife:

"you have to argue with me about everything, and if you do that again, I'll be rude to you!"

the wife did not want to be outdone and fought back loudly: "come if you dare. I don't want to live anyway!"

seeing that the two were about to start, a man shouted, "come and have a look, everyone. There are a lot of free cakes here. Come and get them quickly!"

as soon as they heard this, the husband and wife rushed forward to protect their shop.

after hearing this, both husband and wife fell silent.

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there is an old saying, "there is a long life in the Hall of Harmony, and the family of harmony is the most precious."

A prosperous and blessed family tends to be more kind than angry.

in the Spring and Autumn period, he was originally a doctor of the State of Jin, but he was dismissed and returned to his hometown because he was implicated by his father.

his wife never gave up on him, farming in the countryside together, leading a life of light food and bread.

one day, a minister passed by his house. He was working in the fields when his wife came to deliver meals.

the two sat on the ground and dined together, talking and laughing, and after the meal was over, he was still looking reluctantly after his wife left.

the minister was greatly moved to see that the two men lived in poverty, but their feelings were so harmonious.

when he went back, he said to the Duke of Jin Wen, "if a couple respect each other, they must be moral and educated people, and such people will certainly be able to govern the country well."

Jin Wen Gong listened to the suggestion and asked him to return to Chaozhong.

later, he made numerous meritorious deeds for the State of Jin, and was rewarded innumerably, and the situation at home was better than the other.

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto: "the family is in harmony. Although the family is not good, there is still some happiness."

the best fengshui in a home is a harmonious atmosphere.

only when there is peace at home, can everything be prosperous, and only then can everything be prosperous and rich.

Happy families are more grateful than picky

screenwriter Wang Haicheng once said:

"the most difficult company in the world to run is the family, the difficult relationship, the husband and wife."

between husband and wife, if there is only accusation and complaint and no tenderness and understanding, the relationship will naturally have no foundation at all.

not long ago, my aunt ran up to me with a snot and tears and told me that my uncle was trying to divorce her.

but in my opinion, my uncle's middle-aged rebellion is the outbreak of an honest man after years of forbearance.

my aunt has always been strong. If she has something in other people's family, she must have it. Almost all of her uncle's salary is spent on dressing.

after the two children were born one after another, her uncle advised her to save flowers, but in exchange for a mockery from her aunt: "if you can make more money, can I still be so stingy?"

my cousin is still complaining on various occasions about her honest and incompetent husband, saying that she is in her prime and that she is simply blind to marry this man.

over time, my uncle's reputation for cowardice spread.

in fact, over the years, my uncle has also worked very hard, driving a truck, carrying sand, and going out to work, but he has worked hard to earn money to support his family, but he has been blindly belittled and criticized.

after a long time, the two finally came to the point of divorce, and one family was torn apart.

I have read a passage that says: "two people who have been together for a long time will encounter both good and bad things. They can't stand repeated complaints and depressed family atmosphere. If they have been soaked for a long time, it will be easy for them to stay together."

it should be noted that the worst thing about a family is not poverty, but internal friction.

being picky about everything will only chill your partner's heart; only when you are tolerant and considerate of each other can you have a harmonious and happy life.

Liang Qichao and his wife Li Huixian have been together for more than 30 years and have never blushed with each other.

while Liang Qichao was abroad, his wife alone shouldered the heavy burden of the family.

there are elderly parents to serve and young children to raise. Liang Qichao is well aware of the difficulties, so he specially wrote to his wife in his busy schedule to thank her for her service to the family.

although the two are thousands of miles apart, their hearts are together.

the reason why a family is harmonious and happy is that both husband and wife have the wisdom to run a marriage.

Marriage is not a competition, it requires two people to be in the same boat, and the family is not a battlefield. There is no need for you to be weak or strong.

if you criticize everything, life will only get worse and worse. Only when you know how to be grateful and considerate can life prosper with each passing day.

prosperous families support more than complain

someone in Zhihu once asked, what is the root of a prosperous family?

some people replied that if there are fewer complaints between husband and wife, father and son, and the family supports each other, the life will be better and better.

in 1969, after Cao Dewang and his wife Chen Fengying got married, they began to plant white fungus and then pulled them from Fujian to Jiangxi to sell them to earn money.The price difference between.

his capital comes from all the dowry sold by his wife.

but then the money didn't make much, but the goods were withheld, and Cao Dewang owed a huge sum of money.

when his wife learned that, instead of blaming him for half a point, she cheered him up: "money is nothing, as long as people are here, and the big deal is to start all over again."

later, Cao Dewang was out on business, and his wife took care of his sick mother at home.

with the support of his wife, there is a stable rear, which led to the later glass king Cao Dewang.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "Father and son Benedict, brother harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

only by supporting and understanding each other can the family business prosper.

when Zeng Guofan went to Beijing for the exam, he not only failed the list, but also spent all the money he had with him. Zeng Guofan also borrowed 120 silver from his father's friends and bought a set of 24 histories.

120 silver was a large sum at that time, but Zeng's father said, "if you read these books carefully, I will pay your debts."

with his father's unconditional support, Zeng Guofan was able to become a generation of saints without distractions and anger.

there is a saying that when husband and wife are of one mind, their benefits cut off gold. In fact, the same is true of family unity.

Don't blame when things happen, but carry everything together. Such a family, no matter how poor it is, will get rich.

Sun Qifeng, a master of Neo-Confucianism, said: "with the rise and fall of family fortune, heaven cannot exercise its power, but it exercises its own power."

in the earthly world, having a stable and harmonious family is a person's most certain happiness.



, blame your loved ones less and take care of them more; lose your temper and be more friendly.