The most painful awakening in middle age

The most painful awakening in middle age

There are some obstacles in life that you can't escape.

Confucius said, "there is no doubt at forty."

when they turn 40, they find that many people still have so many doubts when they reach this stage.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

Life, one year old has the taste of one year old, one station has one station scenery, your age should become the medal of your life, not the reason for your sadness.

the most important thing in a person's life is to wake up.

only by constantly reflecting and precipitating in life, looking down on gains and losses, and feeding the big pattern, can we have a better life.

when you are sad, don't confide in

in the wonderful work, host Cai Kangyong mentions an experience.

once, because something bad happened to him, his mood hit rock bottom, so he tried to talk to his good friends.

did not expect that what he did not only did not comfort his friends, but scared them.

these friends said, "even you are devastated, so what do we do?"


finally, Cai Kangyong said with emotion:

"Don't pin your hopes on others, no matter whether they are malicious or well-intentioned, don't pin your hopes on others."

if you feel that others can't help you at all, you can't get anything in exchange for showing your collapse in front of others. instead, it brings you a lot of trouble. "

the world will not show mercy to you because of your wailing, and no one will help you take care of what happened to you.

writer Sanmao also said:

there is time for people and things in the world to come and go. We just need to make ourselves look our best and wait quietly.

Don't talk about it everywhere when you are sad, because there is never any empathy in this world, and no one can really feel the grievances and sorrows you have experienced.

one day you will understand:

your grievances should be digested by yourself;

Don't tell everyone about your sadness.

because 80% of people are indifferent and indifferent; 19% of people gloat, while they really understand 1% of you, they are willing but powerless.

what you have to do is to hide your sadness and grow up step by step.

babbling on and on will only make those who despise you despise you more; make your loving parents worry more about you; and let innocuous people regard your pain as something to talk about.

instead of talking everywhere, it is better to practice alone.

when you hit rock bottom, don't complain

in 1983, 43-year-old Ren Zhengfei was cheated in a business, resulting in the company's 2 million yuan loan never returned.

in this way, Ren Zhengfei became a homeless man.

and his wife, Meng Jun, is a very enterprising woman. She believes that Ren Zhengfei's dereliction of duty has brought irreparable losses to the company, and a divorce letter is handed to the other party.

Ren Zhengfei, who lost his financial resources and was divorced, has to take care of his parents, six younger brothers and sisters and his life at this time.

he and his parents and nephews live in a small room of more than ten square meters in Shenzhen. There is no place to cook, and the balcony is used as a kitchen.

in order to save money, he only smoked shoddy cigarettes from his hometown in Guizhou, bought dead fish and shrimp, and discarded vegetable leaves, and his life hit rock bottom in an instant.

despite the dangers and difficulties, he was not intimidated and had no time to be sentimental. The responsibility of the family and the urgency of survival made Ren Zheng make up his mind to start a business.

in September 1987, Ren Zhengfei cobbled together more than 20,000 yuan to formally establish Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen.

however, the ideal is plump and the reality is bony.

because of the shortage of funds and limited experience, Ren Zhengfei and his partners do whatever they want to make money.

after unremitting efforts, Huawei's economic pressure has finally been alleviated after a period of time.

talented woman Zhang Youyi once said, "Life has always been accomplished by yourself."

A person's greatest backing is himself, and a person's best feng shui comes out step by step.

when we are studying, we always complain that we have too little holiday time, too much homework, and too difficult examination questions.

when writing a graduation thesis, someone always complains that the mentor asks so much, but does not instruct several times, and the thesis wins the prize, but also writes the name of the mentor.

after graduation, we always complain that we have so much work, but our salaries are too low and our benefits are so low.

when falling in love, some people always complain that other people's lovers are so good, but their own lovers always make them angry.

everyone has the right to complain, because complaining can sometimes relieve stress and emotions, but if one is used to complaining, it will make your life dark.

after all, there is no absolute fairness in this world. Everyone is born different.

you have no right to force others to think what you think, nor do you have the obligation to accept everyone's ideas.

in the midst of life changes, we always encounter things that we do not want to do. Some people rise in the face of difficulties and overcome them.

there are also people who retreat in the face of difficulties and evade them.

those who rise in the face of difficulties succeed; those who retreat in the face of difficulties accomplish nothing.

everyone is at a low ebb, so instead of complaining, it is better to change.

when you complain, luck has turned around.

when you get through that unknown silence, you will eventually usher in the dawn of your life.

when humble, do not speak

in Xunzi Zhong Ni, it is said: "when a gentleman is a gentleman, he is arrogant, and when he is extended, he extends."

Zeng Guofan, who "moved seven times in ten years and jumped ten grades in a row," can be described as triumphant.

Zeng Guofan, who had a proper official career, later offended the emperor and his colleagues because of the fierce compositions of two words.

is full of blood and bears a bad name. In the face of such humiliation and frustration, where to go?

Zeng Guofan's choice is to take his teeth out and swallow them with blood.

since then, he led the army alone, regained his strength in Hengyang, and finally became an invincible Hunan army.

he summed it up in one sentence:

Don't stop when you're sleepy. If you get through this, you can make less progress, and then you'll be sleepy and hard, and you'll prosper and work hard one day.

in the adult world, there is no such thing as "acknowledging pussy". There is only the courage not to admit defeat and the courage to become more and more brave.

writer Jia Pingwa once said that the greatest "capriciousness" of a person is to insist on doing what he likes regardless of everything. Only in this way can I say that my trip has been worthwhile all my life.

the essence of life is that there are all kinds of difficulties after a thousand difficulties.

Su Qin in the Spring and Autumn and warring States period was not only poor, but also had a low social status before he became famous.

the wife of the family did not even want to look him in the eye. It was in this predicament that Su Qinmo kept silent and worked hard to become strong, and finally got the appearance of the six Kingdoms and returned home.

after his wife and parents, they came out to meet them on their knees.

the example of Su Qin tells us that if a person does not have any social status, he should not talk too much or exhort others, just strengthen himself.

the famous host Bai Yansong once said in a speech that he would ask his students to copy the moral Sutra and let them choose the ten sentences they were most impressed with.

as a result, most students chose a sentence in Chapter 23 of the Book of morality:

the wind does not end, showers do not last all day.

Bai Yansong explained:

"in life, you often encounter wild winds to hit you, and the heavy rain pours down in your face, making you feel that the end of the world has come.

but at this time you have to believe that no matter how strong the wind is, no matter how heavy the rain will stop, the psychological support you get at this time is huge.


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when you are sad, you do not talk to yourself; when you are at a low ebb, you cheer up and do not complain; when you are humble, you do not speak.

you can't escape some obstacles in life.

instead of going to all the trouble to get around it, climb bravely, maybe it will make the highest point in your life.

May all the hardships of the first half of your life will be a stepping stone to your success in the rest of your life.