The longest relationship between people

The longest relationship between people

The person who really wants you to be happy is your true friend.

Chen Jiru, a writer of the Ming Dynasty, wrote in the secrecy of the small window:

it makes people feel happy for the first time, but it doesn't make them bored for a long time.

Happiness at first sight is addictive, but relationships that have been together for a long time without boredom are often more desirable.

after going through half his life and going through many ups and downs, I just realized that the most important thing in communication between people is to be bosom.

and the longest-lasting relationships meet the following three points.

wordless is also warm

A delivery guy was fired because of the company's operational difficulties and canceling the service site.

he is the backbone of the family, and the family's expenses, large and small, are waiting for his meagre salary to maintain.

now that he has lost his only source of income, he is so anxious that he doesn't know what to do.

he had intended to tell his wife the sad news, but after much deliberation, he decided to hide it first and tell her later when he found a job again.

so he still went out early and came back late, wiped his express van clean and pretended to be at work every day.

and every morning, his wife still prepares eggs for him, his favorite wine, and soaks Chinese wolfberry in his thermos cup for him to drink.

he goes out at a fixed time as usual, but his direction is no longer the company he used to be, but shuttles through various recruitment markets and shops, looking for new job opportunities.

after more than a month, he finally found a suitable job.

he decided to confess the secret to his wife, but it never occurred to him that his wife had long known the news of his dismissal.

when he asked his wife why he didn't expose him, his wife replied, "if you don't want to tell the truth, it's natural for you to consider it. Why should I expose you and put extra pressure on you?"

in the face of her husband's concealment, the wife chose to be silent, preserving the dignity that the husband tried to keep.

teacher Lin Qingxuan once said, "the best expression is silence, not language."

not all concerns have to be conveyed by words, and not all love can be felt only by speaking out.

there are times when everyone needs time to debug and recuperate themselves, or to think calmly, or to vent freely.

at this time, you do not have to say much, do not worry too much, silent guard is the greatest comfort.

sometimes, choose silence at the right time, silence is also a kind of warmth.

respect differences

philosopher Leibniz said: "there are no two identical leaves in the world."

in this world, everyone has different life experiences. These different experiences have created different values, formed different hobbies, and led to many different choices.

and in the communication between people, these differences always bring some differences.

Taiwanese writer Bai Xianyong and host Chen Wenqian are very good friends.

Bai Xianyong once caused a sensation on both sides of the strait with the Peony Pavilion, but his good friend Chen Wenxi never said anything of praise and showed no interest at all.

after some understanding, Bai Xianyong learned that in Chen Wenxi's eyes, love is an unreliable thing.

and Bai Xianyong's Peony Pavilion gives love the highest praise, it can transcend life and death, through the secular, which Chen Wenqian can not understand.

after knowing the reason, Bai Xianyong no longer mentioned the "Peony Pavilion" in front of Chen Wenxi, and rarely asked her to help publicize and express her opinions.

and the relationship between the two has not changed.

in this regard, Chen Wenxi said: "I am very grateful to him for his understanding. He can innovate, I can be stubborn, and no one will convince the other. "

everyone is born different, sometimes we don't have to understand, we just need to respect each other.

Olympic champion Wang Hao also envies others for his love with his wife.

Wang Hao's wife, a dancer, went to Beijing to study because she loved dancing. Under a coincidence, she met Wang Hao.

his wife loves dancing, but Wang Hao knows nothing about it. Wang Hao is obsessed with table tennis, but his wife knew little about table tennis before she met him.

but it is such two people with very different hobbies who always support each other's dreams.

he remembered her dream and would buy her a pair of beautiful red dance shoes when he was on a business trip in France.

she guarded his dream and took care of his seriously ill mother while he was preparing for the Olympic Games.

only when two people who love each other sincerely accept each other's differences and support each other's dreams can their marriage last happily.

I have heard such a sentence:

knowing how to respect the differences of others is a person's greatest maturity.

the world is so big that everyone will inevitably get used to looking at things from their own point of view.

and knowing how to respect the differences of others embodies tolerance and understanding.

Confucius said: "the gentleman is harmonious but different."

A good relationship lies not in consistency in dealing with problems, but in understanding and cherishing each other.

irrelevant interests

Lu Xun has this passage in the preface to "Scream":

"is there anyone who has fallen into trouble from a well-off family? I think that in this way, we can probably see the true face of the world."

there is a reality, called Luo.It's hard to know people.

when you are in a high position and have wealth, you will naturally be full of people, but once you are down and out, those relationships that once seemed indestructible, just like the kite string, will be broken with a slight pull.

but if it is a true friendship, you will not stand idly by just because you are in trouble.

in the TV series "Golden years", Jiang Nansun's father owed a huge debt because he was addicted to stock speculation.

because he was unable to repay, he hopelessly went down from the bathroom and cowardly ended his life.

overnight, Jiang Nansun changed from the daughter of a rich family to a poor man with huge debts.

because of bankruptcy, the Jiang Nansun family had nowhere to go. She asked her former beloved boyfriend for help, but she didn't want to be rejected.

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when she was discouraged, she could only turn to her good friend Zhu Lock for help.

when Zhu Zuosuo heard the news, he immediately rented a room and picked up the Nanson family.

in order to lighten Jiang Nansun's burden, Zhu Suosuo began to sell the house desperately. In order to earn more money, she sold the house that she was supposed to sell to Mr. Ye's friend, which made Mr. Ye furious, and Lock lost her job as a result.

Lock said to Nan Sun, "share blessings and troubles." That's what you told me. Don't leave each other at any time. "

A crisis of bankruptcy made Jiang Nansun see clearly his boyfriend's so-called "sincerity" and understand the value of Zhu Zuo-lock.

Yu Qiuyu once said: "long-term friends are neither temporary playmates nor contacts. They do not exist for any utilitarian reasons."

the older you get, the more it becomes clear that long-term relationships between people have nothing to do with interests.

only those who really want you to be happy are your true friends.

some people say: "the relationship between people is like knitting a sweater, it is built with a stitch and thread, and when it is dismantled, it is only gently pulled."

although an eternal relationship is desirable, it is also fragile.

it takes two people to work together in order to become stronger under the washing of time.

only when we know how to cherish each other's sincerity, can we be warm without words, respect without similarities, and exist without benefits.

in this world, the heart is unfathomable, but the truth is hard to find.

it is a lifetime blessing to have a sincere affection.

if you are lucky enough to have such an enviable friendship, please cherish it.