The greatest sadness of parents in old age is not that their children are unfilial, but that they are unfilial.

The greatest sadness of parents in old age is not that their children are unfilial, but that they are unfilial.

We are the happiest people when our parents are still alive and we have a home to return to.

there is a saying in "children's language": "

Love thousands of kindness and hardships, who knows my parents when they love me?


We always go through a lot of getting together and being separated, and the world is so cold that we realize how much our parents love us.

in the world, only parents' love for their children is a kind of nature, no need to return, no need to repay.

even when parents are old, the biggest sorrow is not that their children are unfilial, but that they can no longer pay.

for children, powerlessness is the most painful.

want to accompany you along the long road of life, want to protect you from the wind and rain in front of you, do not want you to face the thorns of life, do not want you to taste the sufferings of the years.

parents love their children and want to give them everything. They don't want them to go through the same hardships as themselves.

but now how many parents can only look at the far back of their children and cry bitterly.

even when you are sick, you have to comfort your child that you are fine, that you are not alone, and that everything is safe.

Han Yu has a poem describing his mother like this: the white-headed old mother weeps over the door and pulls off the sleeves.

when the child leaves his parents unheartedly, the father and mother are discouraged except for crying bitterly.

in fact, what parents fear most is that when they are old, they will become a burden to their children, but at the same time, they will be more afraid that their children will leave them without mercy.

be filial to your parents in time, don't procrastinate

"Song of persuading filial piety" says: "

people are not filial to their relatives, not as good as grass and wood.


it is not enough for parents to give everything they have for their children.

Don't dislike that parents are sometimes powerless, people's abilities are limited, and so are parents.

every ordinary parent is great when he is a parent of his child.

when I was a child, I was fed with one spoon and one meal; when I grew up, I was worried about it.

parents love their children, from the birth of the child to the end of their lives.

how many parents still work hard at the age when they should retire?

it is not that there is not enough money for old age, but that children who want to live better for the rest of their lives do not regard themselves as a burden.

if you want to raise your children, but not your parents, be kind to your parents.

parents are here, life still has a place to come, parents go, life is only the way home!

A happy old age for parents is the greatest career in life

Yan Rujing once said in "wonderful work": "

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parents are the only audience in the first half of their children's life, and children are the only audience in the second half of their parents' lives.


what is happiness for parents?

it means that you are so old that you can no longer hear, but you have children around you, talking loudly to yourself one sentence after another.

what is success for children?

is to rely on their own efforts, not to give their parents a rich life, but to enable them to spend the rest of their lives happily and spend more time with them.

Lao she said: "

even if you live to be eighty or ninety years old, you can still be more or less childish if you have a mother. Losing a loving mother is like a flower in a bottle. Although it still has color and fragrance, it loses its root.


when our parents are around, we will always be the treasure in the palm of their hands, and they are in love with each other.

when your parents are gone, who still thinks you are a child? Take you as a treasure?

one day you will understand that with parents still alive and a home to go home, we are the happiest people in the world.