The girls who smoke.

The girls who smoke.

I don't want to see you smoke again.

either smoking is not good and girls should not smoke.

but no matter what the conclusion, can be put forward to express their own views, has proved that people care, proved that this is an "unusual" thing.

yesterday, after chatting with three friends, I realized:

@ Zhang Ruonan's first cigarette in high school

the chat between Zhang Ruonan and Zhang Ruonan began with this rebellious taboo.

when Zhang Ruonan was 4 years old, she became half an orphan of a single-parent family.

as long as Zhang Ruonan doesn't pay attention, he will be served by his belt.

in this dark process, no one cares about her, and Zhang Ruonan naturally learned to smoke.

maybe they feel sorry for each other, and the group of people treat her fairly well, especially the boy who has been chasing her.

that day, Zhang Ruonan skillfully lit a cigarette, but she was strangely choked several times, making it hard to tell whether her red eyes were smoked or moved, and then asked, "Why are you so kind to me?"

it is impossible for a 17-year-old girl not to be moved when she encounters such a thing.

it was only later that I learned that the play of that day was all a masterpiece by him and his friends.

"if you've been cheated a lot, you'll learn your lesson." I'm trying to save something.

Zhang Ruonan smiled and ended the chat with this sentence.

"if you smoke, you won't be bullied."

the reasons for violence are ridiculous. They can be good-looking, talking too aloof, being too favored by teachers, or being too popular with boys in the class.

told the teacher that he would deal with it seriously, but after dealing with it for a whole year, it came to nothing.

"it's really hard to be bullied." In the middle of talking, she suddenly stopped and said to me, "I put up with it for a whole year."

then pick one up for yourself, light it, pass through the lungs, and spit it out.

"in fact, I have practiced two whole packs of cigarettes for this moment." Kay smiled and said in an ostentatious tone.

in fact, Kay does not enjoy this state very much, but the title of a bad girl really makes her have a smooth life at that inexplicable age.

although it is well past that age, the habit of smoking has been retained today.

@ Chen Jing's first cigarette at the age of 22 was in college

November 4, 2015. Chen Jing remembers this day clearly.

the other person is a boy who dropped out of high school before finishing high school. He has been fooling around in society for several years. Were it not for his childhood relationship, he would probably never have a relationship with Chen Jing, who is in 985 University.

I didn't realize that this sentence is the scourge.

in March this year, Chen Jing made an appointment with the boy and was fully prepared to reappear in front of him in this image.

after being rejected, I put the box of Esse in the bag directly on the table.

Chen Jing bowed her head, was silent, and did not look into his eyes.

A scene that is too profound may be saved so hard in the mind that it is easy to be forgotten.

"but I heard that he recently gave up smoking and became very good for the girl he likes." Chen Jing said this to me with a smile, but her brow was still frowning. "and I have no plans to quit smoking at the moment."

"without shoulders, you can't cry when you're sad."

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he said, I will feel very helpless, because something very unhappy must have happened to her.

99% of boys light their first cigarette because they want to pretend to be cool and mature.

if you want to use something harmful to your health, it is useless to admonish you on the grounds of damaging your image.

they just relied on the breath of smoking to slow down until they couldn't find the strength to resist the pain. Nicotine was just their transit point.

right? good night.

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