The finale of "the World" is exposed: the sooner you understand these three truths of marriage, the better.

The finale of "the World" is exposed: the sooner you understand these three truths of marriage, the better.

May we all meet the true lover who is worth spending our whole life together in the world.

yesterday, the opening drama "the World" finally ushered in the big end.

this powerful TV series has earned enough of our laughter and tears!

on the way to chase the drama, even many stars can't help sending a message to Amway in the middle of the night, saying, "it's so beautiful, from the acting skills of actors to the polishing of the script."

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apart from lamenting the commendable affection of the Zhou family, what the uncle thinks is the most interesting is the marriage line of the Zhou brothers and sisters.

Zhou Bingyi is the eldest son of the Zhou family, with great ambition. He and his wife, Hao Dongmei, have completely different family backgrounds, but they still accompany each other to the last moment of their lives.

Zhou Rong is the only daughter of the Zhou family, beautiful and intelligent

, but desperate to follow love, the divorce ended in the end, but she did not lose faith in love, met a new lover, and the two grew old together.

Zhou Bingkun is the youngest child of the Zhou family, honest and honest. He and his wife Zheng Juan lived in poverty, but they realized the true meaning of happiness in the trivial life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea.

three people, three different marriage choices, created three different lives.

some people say, "what kind of marriage you choose, you have to bear the happiness or sadness that marriage brings."

I think so.

the marriage of the three siblings in the play touches the hearts of everyone in front of the screen, but it also reflects the marriage of modern middle-aged couples.

A growing marriage can withstand ups and downs

the love between Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei can be described as "one heart and one mind".

as the eldest son of the Zhou family, Zhou Bingyi has been excellent in learning since childhood, and he was quickly appreciated by the leaders for his outstanding achievements during the work of the bingtuan.

the leader saw the young man's lofty ambition and promised him a chance to be promoted as an expatriate, with only one requirement: break up with Hao Dongmei as soon as possible.

after all, in those days, marrying a lover with a criticized family background would hinder Zhou Bingyi's career promotion.

but surprisingly, Zhou Bingyi not only refused the promotion, but also proposed to Hao Dongmei directly.

in the birch forest, they made the oath of this life: "Life is the same as death."

later, the throbbing of youth has never been changed by the disturbance of the outside world.

Hao Dongmei was injured accidentally while working on the farm, resulting in her inability to get pregnant.

on this point, Zhou Bingyi, as her husband, not only did not dislike it at all, but also took the initiative to "take up" the responsibility in front of his father, falsely claiming that he was infertile, and Dongmei never gave up on him.

since then, Zhou's family has recognized Dongmei from the bottom of his heart that Dongmei is a good daughter-in-law and a true love.

and Hao Dongmei has been working as a parent, hoping that the two families can get closer.

when Zhou's father came home to visit her relatives, Dongmei finally persuaded her parents to visit Bingyi's house.

the Zhou Bingyi family was so overjoyed that they spent the afternoon cleaning and temporarily canceled the family photo they had been waiting for for many years.

unexpectedly, Dongmei's father suddenly fell ill in hospital and sent a secretary to visit, but the secretary mistakenly sent back the gift from Zhou's father and Bingyi.

this makes the Zhou family very embarrassed.

knowing that Dongmei felt uncomfortable, Bingyi hurriedly relieved: "this matter must be an important part of our husband and wife in the future. We should pay attention to it and be careful

deal with. "

Bingyi's words reflect his great wisdom, which not only relieves Dongmei, but also makes Dongmei realize the problems in marriage and needs to support each other and grow together.

Marriage is not the grave of love, but the end-result of two people walking together to protect themselves from the wind and rain.

it's hard to get to the end of each other's marriage.

if you have to choose the most unlikable character in the World, I'm afraid many people will vote for Zhou Rong.

Zhou Rong in the play is selfish, hypocritical and overly idealistic. She would rather suffer physically than mentally.

when she was a student, Zhou Rong had a secret affection for the poet Feng Hua and wrote letters in private.

later, without asking his parents' consent, he only left a letter and went to Feng Huacheng's small mountain village to marry him.

this has been going on for six years. After giving birth to the baby, Zhou Rong never sent a letter to her family.

it was not until the father of Zhou went all the way to the mountain village in Guizhou to find her that the marriage was reluctantly approved by the Zhou family.

I thought their marriage would begin with attraction and end up with each other.

but in the end, the love she pursued was in vain.

because of love, you can put aside firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, regardless of the opinions of the people around you, but marriage will not work, and marriage will be put into practice in life.

Sanmao once said:

"Love will not last long if it does not fall into the real life of dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money."

the marriage of Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng is just like this.

when I was a student at Peking University, eldest brother Zhou Bingyi and Cai Xiaoguang discussed poetry at home. Feng Huacheng immediately published a few words about his own reasonable views on current popular poetry.

as soon as her voice dropped, Zhou Rong immediately came out to dismantle the stage:

"everyone says a good poem, but you have to say it's bad. You just can't eat grapes and say the grapes are sour."

doesn't give Feng any face at all.

even the eldest brother on one side could not bear to watch, so he took Zhou Rong aside and told him to give Feng some face.

Zhou Rong didn't feel anything wrong.

when he returned to his hometown, in order to solve the housing problem, Feng Huacheng gave up the dignity of the poet and begged people everywhere to vote for him with gifts, so that he could be mentioned in his position so that he could get a bigger house.

and Zhou Rong despised Feng Huacheng's behavior through the back door and scolded him in front of Cai Xiaoguang for "despicable means and losing the character of an educated man."

and this is the last straw that crushed their marriage.

as Feng Huacheng said to Cai Xiaoguang:

"is also a gift, in her eyes, you are the ability to survive, I am despicable."

how much the young Zhou Rong admires Feng Huacheng, but now Zhou Rong looks down on him.

the two people either complain, quarrel or have a cold war all day long, haggling over trifles and living a life of chicken and dog.

one doesn't know what to give, and the other doesn't want to quit, and the gap in this marriage is naturally getting deeper and deeper.

in a good marriage, we are both backstage for each other

Marriage is a web woven by both husband and wife, and any one of them will lead to loose stitches.

the marriage of Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan in the play is the most solid background for each other.

when I first met Zheng Juan, Zhou Bingkun was an honest and honest worker in the lumber mill, while Zheng Juan was a "miserable girl" who was pregnant with her elderly mother and blind brother and made a living by pasting cardboard boxes.

at the behest of Shui Ziliu and Luo Shibin, Zhou Bingkun sent Zheng Juan 30 yuan for living expenses and 5 yuan for running errands, all of which were also given to Zheng Juan.

but this did not last long. Shuiliu and Luo Shibin were arrested, and Zheng Juan and her family lost their living expenses.

in desperation, Zhou Bingkun had to secretly pawn a pair of ancestral bracelets and send Zheng Juan living expenses every month.

coming and going, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan had a spark of love.

later, Zhou's mother accidentally became a vegetable, and Zhou Bingkun was suddenly in prison.

at the critical moment, Zheng Juan endured gossip from her neighbors and insisted on helping Zhou Bingkun take care of her paralyzed mother in bed.

it lasted for more than half a year until Zhou Bingkun returned home safely.

and Zhou Bingkun was also moved by Zheng Juan's inseparability and finally decided to marry Zheng Juan as his wife and really give Zheng Juan a title.

in order to prevent Zheng Juan from being subjected to gossip, Zhou Bingkun even lied to the public that Zheng Juan's son, Nannan, was his own son who "gave birth before marriage."

even in the face of disgust and ridicule from his neighbors, he did not shake his intention to protect Zheng Juan.

after marriage, the two of them are getting better and better.

Zheng Juan devoted herself to housework and took care of Zhou's mother, so that Zhou Bingkun did not have to worry about her career.

Zhou Bingkun, who made money, also bought Zheng Juan a bike for the first time. Even if the car was stolen after only one day, he didn't complain. He just wanted to buy her another one.

in order to make his family more comfortable, he spent a lot of money on a big house, and the family happily moved to a spacious and bright building.

although in the end, the house was repossessed and the money was wasted, Zheng Juan did not complain at all, but cooked food in the old house and comforted Zhou Bingkun and said, "consider it a beautiful dream."

in Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan, Uncle saw the best appearance of a marriage.

A good marriage is not the unconditional giving and sacrifice of one party, but the mutual support and mutual dependence between the two parties.

as Yang Lan said:

"Marriage needs another kind of bond other than love, and the toughest one is not children, nor interests or money, but righteousness that treats each other with all sincerity."

Lin Yutang once had a very incisive metaphor about love and marriage.

he said:

"Love is a snack, marriage is a meal.

although the snack is delicate and sweet, it can't be eaten as a meal. At best, it's just afternoon tea, or an embellishment for leisure.

and meal, although it will become boring sooner or later because of repetition over and over again, it is a necessity and a habit every day. "

if you think about it, it is true.

Life is full of bits and pieces, the lover who really enters the marriage will gradually understand the life friendship between husband and wife, but: I am sick, you cook a bowl of porridge for me; if you are tired, I will give you a shoulder to lean on.

, may we all meet the true lover who is worth spending our whole life together, not forgetting the youthful appearance and not being afraid of the white hair.


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