The best way to change fate.

The best way to change fate.

To control yourself well in case of trouble is the best luck.

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some people say:

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"the first reaction to an accident hides the end of one's life."

Life is changing all the time, and when problems arise, your reaction affects your destiny.

as the famous Festinger's law says:

there are 10% things in life that you can't control, while the other 90% are things you can control.

Control yourself is the best way to change your destiny.

when you are down, adjust your mindset

writer Ma Jiahui once said:

"when something bad happens, it doesn't necessarily have a bad ending. If you change your mind, bad things can't be seen as good things."

people will inevitably encounter several difficult hurdles when they live in the world.

if you have an unstable state of mind, you can crush yourself with a little wind and rain.

when you are at a low ebb, you will accept it, don't be depressed, don't complain, and life will go against it.

Li Jihong, a famous translator, shared a past story.

after graduating from university, he wandered around Shanghai for five or six years and changed several jobs unsatisfactorily.

the gap between reality and ideal makes him complain and bored every day.

as a result, reality beat him hard again, and because of his meagre remuneration and malicious arrears from the payer, he often starved.

in such an awkward situation, he often laments his lack of talent and wakes up from anxiety every day.

once, a friend recommended to him a book called talking to God.

when he stayed up late to finish reading, all his negative attitudes such as anxiety, decadence and complaints were immediately cured.

after adjusting his mindset, he actively faced all his unhappiness every day, and he never stopped translating and writing.

being at a low ebb and being negative won't solve any problem.

A good state of mind is the ladder for you to climb out of the valley.

just as Kazuo Inamori said:

"the moment you change your mindset, your life takes a turn for the better."

when you are proud, control your desires

Aristotle said:

"indulging one's desires is the greatest evil."

the most surprising thing is Weiya, the first sister with goods.

how beautiful is she?

has tens of millions of fans and watched 117 million live broadcasts.

Live selling villas and rockets;

start a company, be a boss, earn billions of dollars a year;

meet with the Prince of Thailand and have dinner with former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon;

won the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, was elected a member of the all-China Youth Federation Committee, and was selected on the 2020 Forbes list of Chinese celebrities.

come up with any of these scores, which ordinary people can't work hard for a lifetime.

however, her endless desire made her fall from the top to the bottom.

in just one year, in order to satisfy her growing desire, Viya evaded 643 million yuan in taxes and 60 million yuan less in other taxes.

it is even more difficult to imagine that the relevant departments have repeatedly urged the back payment of taxes, but she still does not carry out thorough rectification.

as a result, Hangzhou Taxation Bureau ended her scene with a notice of administrative punishment.

her years of hard work also ended with a net-wide ban.

the tax of six or seven billion yuan is actually not too much for people who earn billions of dollars a year.

because as long as it is calculated in terms of 100 million, even if it is only 100 million, it is enough to satisfy the enjoyment of luxury.

then why does Viya, and many people like her in life, still make mistakes when they know what they are doing is wrong?

A passage by Zeng Shiqiang, a master of Sinology, is a good explanation:

"people can't be without needs. In other words, people all have desires."

but people should learn to control their desires and control their own needs. Because people who have too many desires cannot be satisfied. "

desire can make or destroy people.

when you gaze into the abyss and sink in desire, the abyss will come back to gaze.

when you are complacent, properly control your desires and be strict with yourself, so that the scenery can last forever.

rein in your emotions when you are aggrieved

there is a classic scene in the movie Xin Jing Wu Men, which, though vulgar, tells the truth.

in the film, Zhou Xingchi's luggage is taken away by Zhong Zhentao.

Zhou Xingchi was so angry that he desperately caught up with him and wanted justice.

but Zhong Zhentao didn't admit his mistake and spit on Zhou Xingchi confidently.

Zhou Xingchi felt aggrieved and did not want to be outdone, and the two men spit on each other in the alley.

as a result, Zhou Xingchi was spat all over when it was clear that he had done nothing wrong.

the writer once said:

"you can't convince your opponent to become angry, you can only expose your emotions."

when people live a lifetime, they will inevitably encounter bad people and things.

maybe you're not wrong, but stillWill be misunderstood and even abused by the other party.

if you can't control your emotions and struggle with each other, you will end up disgraceful yourself.

the novel "I am not Pan Jinlian" tells such a story.

Rural woman Li Xuelian was slandered by her ex-husband.

her ex-husband splashed her dirty water: "are you Li Xuelian?" Why do I think your name is Pan Jinlian? "

Li Xuelian feels aggrieved, and in order to clear her own innocence, she has been fighting lawsuits in all aspects for 20 years.

people often say, don't mess with bad people and bad things.

Why? Because you struggle with bad people, bad people have nothing to lose, but you waste time, emotions, and even lose your life.

Zhao Yuping, a lecturer in Sinology, once put forward a theory of "happiness concession".

means that whoever is happy gets out of the way.

when two people have misunderstandings because of small things, the one who is better and happier should bow his head first, because once there is an argument, the happy person loses more in terms of cost.

there is no one in life that cannot be misunderstood.

when you are aggrieved, you don't have to explain, let alone argue.

to manage your emotions and make yourself better than each other is the wisest way to fight back.

keep your posture when you are lonely

I don't know if you have this kind of experience.

in many cases, the more you rack your brains to fit in, the more tired you become.

I have heard a saying: "the deepest loneliness is to force yourself to be gregarious."

all the strength comes from your loneliness.

many people should have seen this picture.

this photo was taken by netizens when Zhang Xiaofei attended an activity in January last year.

at that time, she was still a starlet who had been in the entertainment industry for many years and was still at the bottom.

the one sitting around the table is a big shot.

because she was not famous, others gathered around eating hot pot and singing songs, and she could only stand by silently, in a dilemma.

there is no exclusive seat, and no one even pays attention to her.

it was not until her good friend Jia Ling called the staff that she was seated.

people who have experienced loneliness can experience the desolation of being neglected and isolated.

in the face of this situation, some people choose to cater to the smiling face, while others choose to keep themselves.

Zhang Xiaofei is the latter. When she is not recognized, she does not grovel to try to fit in, but suffers silently and sharpens her acting skills.

the director said she was too ugly to play the heroine, so she delved into the sketch.

grinded over and over again, practiced again and again, and persisted year after year, she finally waited for a chance to perform "Hello!" Li Huanying.

I can't help thinking of a lyric:

"indifferent people, thank you for looking down on me and letting me live a better life without bowing my head."

when you are lonely, you should refrain from crying.

solitude is not shameful. Heroes are always alone, and only the weak gather together.

what you have to do is not to fit in blindly and not to follow the crowd.

A person's achievement is in direct proportion to the loneliness he endures.

when you are lonely, keep your own unique posture, work hard calmly, struggle alone, and wait for yourself to bloom slowly.

as the old saying goes, "Life is made by yourself, and happiness is sought by yourself."

No matter what circumstances you are in, it is possible to turn things around.

A person's fate lies in the way he deals with problems.

the weak are resigned to fate and at their mercy; the strong are in control of themselves and change their destiny.

the best luck is to take control of yourself in case of trouble.

, may you take your destiny into your own hands and live a better life.