The best self-discipline: don't procrastinate, don't talk much, and don't do it.

The best self-discipline: don't procrastinate, don't talk much, and don't do it.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of others, live in the present.

"Meditations" says:

"Don't be slow in doing things, don't talk in disorder, and don't be restless in the soul, so that life can be smooth and worry-free."

A person's best self-discipline is to take care of himself.

focus on what needs to be done, and it will happen.

calm down and do not procrastinate

I have heard a sentence:

"Action is the cure for fear, and hesitation and procrastination will constantly nourish fear."

We often get caught up in wishful thinking, but forget how to act.

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the more hesitant you are, the more anxiety you breed.

diligence can solve most of the problems in life.

Shi Yue is the author of those things in the Ming Dynasty, and his success comes from his daily accumulation.

at the age of 5, Shi Yue began to read history books for two hours a day.

11 years old, he read five thousand years up and down seven times;

after the age of 12, he flipped through the 24 History, Zi Zhi Tongjian, Ming Shi Lu, Qing Shi Lu.

with such persistence, over the past decade, he read more than 60 million words of historical materials, and finally wrote "those things of the Ming Dynasty", which won countless favorites.

"nothing in the world is difficult when you are diligent, but everything in the world is off when you are lazy."

Life is like a tree, it must be deeply rooted in order to grow into a towering tree.

fishing for three days and drying the net for two days will never be a big deal.

Zeng Guofan said in his family letter to his children:

"when ordinary people do something, they must devote themselves to it and make unremitting efforts at the beginning and the end.

Don't change your mind, do this and think like that. If a man is without persistence, he will achieve nothing in life. "

calm down, fight hard, and eat hard food.

the wind starts at the end of the duckweed, and the waves form between the tiny waves.

to deal with people and things, you need to be down-to-earth and diligent, and avoid being half-hearted and procrastinating.

keep your mouth shut and don't say much

as the saying goes:

"A pot of water does not sound, half a pot of water jingles."

when you are alive, be careful with your words and never be frivolous in your actions.

getting rid of complaints and arguments is the highest self-cultivation.

Rice ripening and low ear, human ripening in a low voice.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang had talent from heaven and earth, but he lived in seclusion and ploughed Longmu.

under the complicated situation at that time, Zhuge Liang was unwilling to conspire with people who had different aspirations and different paths.

simply choose to shut up, regardless of right or wrong, waiting for the right time.

ploughing the fields on sunny days, reading poems and books, studying the art of war and keeping a low profile on rainy days are known as "Mr. Wolong".

finally, when Liu Bei took care of the thatched cottage, Zhuge Liang chose to step out of Longzhong, leaving a story handed down through the ages.

later, on his deathbed, Zhuge Liang wrote a "Book of rings" for his children:

"quiet to cultivate oneself, frugality to cultivate morality. If you are not indifferent, you cannot be clear about your will, and if you are not quiet, you cannot go far. "

words represent a person's three values.

people who really have great wisdom choose to be quiet and not judge right and wrong.

Don't worry about other people's mistakes without dealing with other people's affairs.

it is our lifelong practice to have a ruler in our hearts and a moderate degree of speech.

Di Zi Gui Yun

"it is better to talk less than to talk more, but don't be clever."

would rather be silent than flatter.

the hero is silent, the years have a voice.

Don't say much, but you can be introspective.

instead of talking, it's better to spend your time improving your skills.

keep your heart, people are not impatient

"Xunzi" cloud:

"if you are not cold when you are old, you cannot know the pines and cypresses; if things are not difficult, you cannot know a gentleman."

the more difficult times are, the less anxious you are.

people are not impatient, everything is perfect.

Deng Yaping is a famous table tennis player with a "big heart".

but she has excellent psychological quality, solid training, and does not disturb in the face of danger.

at the 1994 Asian Games, the national table tennis team faced a strong opponent, and the score was dragged to 2:2.

while Deng Yaping just played the fifth game, deciding the outcome of the game, everyone was scared.

in the end, Deng Yaping won the score with a strong state of mind, stable play, both attack and defense.

later, in an interview with the Roundtable School, she said:

"in fact, everyone is nervous and wants to win the game. And my way is to focus on every ball, neither lax nor impatient, and fight down point by point. "

there is no genius in the game, it's just a more stable state of mind.

the heart is not impatient, there are no details. If a man does not do it by himself, good fortune will come to him.

it is recorded in Zuo Zhuan:

"Life is made by oneself, and life is made by the heart. There is no way out of misfortune and misfortune, but every man confesses himself."

mindset, more important than anything else, can determine a person's fate.

sailing against the current, one pole cannot be slowed down; a drop of water wears away a stone, but a drop cannot be abandoned.

for the rest of your life, keep your heart, don't be out of line, and don't act impatiently.

Yang Jiang once wrote:

"A person gets different degrees of self-cultivation and benefits after different degrees of exercise. For example, the more spices are mashed, the finer they are ground, and the stronger the fragrance is. "

the society is complex, and the human heart is even more unpredictable. The only thing we do is, sinceDiscipline and self-improvement.

calm down and do not procrastinate;

keep your mouth shut, don't say much; keep your heart, you won't be impatient.

, if the body is breeze, return to insipid, do what you want to do, regardless of the rights and wrongs of others, live in the present.