"that's what happened in your college."

"that's what happened in your college."

There is still a solution, class.

We studied Chinese, so everyone naturally took the Putonghua and teacher qualification certificates. When the sophomore went out for midnight snacks, I asked him, "do you want to be a teacher?"

ask again: "then what is the purpose of the exam?"

I said, "I won't take the exam."

I said, "I'm not a teacher."

I have fun, so I don't say anything more. I just watch him take CET-4, get a Grade A, and then get a "qualification certificate" in moments.

on the day of my reply, I was scolded by the teacher when I went onstage. They said I was cheating and writing in a mess.

I was in low spirits, apologizing and testing: "did I pass, teacher?"

"Why are you crying?" I asked.

now we have both graduated for half a year, and F and I haven't seen each other any more. I happened to see his article on his mood in reply to his thesis in moments.

when I saw the above paragraph, I was very sad.

F also admitted at the end of the article that another reason why he was so sad was that he suddenly realized that his painstaking creation over the past three months was just an evasive excuse for not wanting to face the pressure of employment.

there are too many such students in our class. They are obviously diligent people, but they just don't work in the right place. Clubs, student organizations, academic papers, final exams, graduation papers, compulsory internships, waste too much of their time, they should let themselves go in their junior and senior years, be beaten, looked down upon, and then know what they want.

A few days ago, I talked to our intern, and she said, "everyone in our class went to work as a cashier in a foreign trade company after graduation, with a starting salary of 2.5K and a 4% commission on a single deal." Otherwise, I will go to a financial company with a starting salary of 3.5k in the first three months and see the performance three months later. "

after hearing this, she said, "she is still too young."

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I believe that many readers will see that there will be a lot of "I disagree" here, because they cannot understand that ordinary undergraduate graduates in a second-tier city will encounter this situation after graduation.

and today, I want to write it because I feel like I haven't told you what I've seen in my life for a long time.

here, I want to give you the most practical advice:

No money, no experience, as long as you are comfortable, then do it.

foolishly follow the masses and cover up confusion with busyness. It looks carefree, but in fact, that kind of life is not comfortable at all.

is often the same group of people who say after graduation, "Life is just like this."

so, don't pursue the comfort in other people's mouth, pursue the comfort you want.

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