Stay in Beijing.

Stay in Beijing.

There are others who understand why you stay.

cousin is still the most polite cousin who pours tea and cuts fruit and doesn't want us to help with anything. It's good for us to come and chat with my uncle.

my dad holds the steering wheel without even looking at me : "what's rare? If I had been willing to stay here, I would have been in the unit a long time ago. There is no need to run around so much trouble now. "

I didn't talk, and I didn't dare to talk. Then my mother said to me lovingly, "you, think about going home to work in the future. Don't go too far. Why are you so tired?"

but my cousin is really tired. He told me that he works in a company market for twelve hours a day, with a monthly salary of 7,000 yuan, half of which is spent on rent. But even in 3500 houses, it takes more than half an hour to go to work by subway.

his answer has only four words: "there is not much left."

his reply is also simple: "I don't want to come back."

he only told me: "when I come back, it will be useless."


"my hometown doesn't need beautiful things."

my father took this sentence as a capital to show off among his neighbors, but he was ridiculed by his neighbors: "if you have no future in art, how can you pass the exam?" Less than ten people in our town can get in a year. "

the same scene appeared again in the third year of high school. Finally, I was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts as the first place in the city, and after graduation, I went directly to work for a design company in Beijing with a starting salary of 13000. I thought I could finally raise my eyebrows, but when I got home, I found that I was just an "extremely hard Beijing drifters" in their eyes, and it was useless to earn more.

they knew they couldn't beat me, so they shook their heads and said , "well, call back more often."

it's not my arrogance, it's just my understanding of beauty. There is indeed a huge gap between cities. There is an exhibition of Salvador Dali's works in Beijing, and you can also watch Meng Jinghui's stage plays on weekends. Be it subway advertisements or gallery posters, you can see ideas that are different from those before, rather than immutable templates and copywriters.

so I should stay in Beijing for a long time, unless one day I think I am so strong that I no longer need to study.

Liu Andong, the operator of an Internet company

returned home yesterday, threw away his briefcase and collapsed on the sofa, but not long after lying down, he began to get up and pack his bags to prepare for tomorrow's business trip.

I looked at the broken chain helplessly and told myself : forget it. I've been using it for three years.

I have been floating in Beijing for three years.

I agree with these words of my parents.

it's just that even in such a city, there is still a reason for me to stay.

get paid, go to the mall to try on your favorite clothes, the feeling of freedom and being served is really good.

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I like the "humanity" of big cities that are divorced from "people".

the humanization of big cities makes people have more sense of security.


students usually end up with a red face and a deep sigh, which sounds like the sound of courage leaking out.

stay in Beijing to say that because dreams come true, actually, it is because Beijing is more suitable for the new generation of ordinary young people.

at any time, this city is always using the greatest tolerance to tolerate our temporary marginal position and relative shallowness, it gives us time and soil to grow and develop, to live a more prosperous and full life.

when I saw the news, I was still moved.

and now, finally, someone understands why you stay.