Stay away from those who are smart but not kind.

Stay away from those who are smart but not kind.

If a man is kind, heaven will not deceive him.

there is a saying in Daojing:

"A man is thick, not thin; in fact, he is not in China."

the way of dealing with others is not as smart as kindness.

some people are smart, but they are not kind. Such people must not get to know each other deeply.

character is the best fengshui

Cao Cao once said: "

troubled times do not attach importance to virtue.


he thinks that a person's ability is far more important than his character.

but when he captured Lv Bu, he remembered that this man had betrayed his master three times and still killed him.

Yang Xiu is famous for his intelligence, well-known, well-remembered, and excellent ability, and Cao Cao showed no mercy.

ability is never greater than character.

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A smart and capable man can only be proud of himself for a while, and he can only be honest and reliable to survive.

in the Qing Dynasty, there was a man named Jin Anqing, who was good at economy and financial management.

but his heart is not right, and he is corrupt many times.

he set up to rescue Lin Zexu, became an aide to Lin Zexu, and was soon sent out of the country by Lin Zexuli.

he turned to Zeng Guofan, who rejected him seven times in a row. Although I saw him later, I still refused to use it.

some people find it strange, so they ask why. Lao Zeng once said, "these people are like ghosts and gods, so they can stay away."

character is a person's best pass.

character can make up for the lack of ability, but ability can never make up for the lack of character.

A man has bad intentions and goes through some crooked ways. No one is willing to trust him, and he will not achieve anything after all.

kindness is the cleverest

A heavy kindness or two is greater than a ton of cleverness.

Human calculation is not as good as heavenly calculation.

the more you calculate, the more you lose; the less you care, the less you lose.

when Yu Minhong was a student at Peking University, he cleaned the dormitory every day, helped the whole dormitory to fetch water and meals, and never complained.

others said he was stupid, but he said, "

are all classmates, so why bother so much?


when he founded New Oriental, his classmates came back from abroad to help him.

the rich give money and make a strong contribution.

they said, "


with the support of his classmates, New Oriental is getting bigger and bigger, and God has finally lived up to this kind young man.

the ancients said, "

the swordswords are not sharp and skillful.


those who haggle over everything accomplish nothing, and only those who are kind and generous can get what they want.

it is a blessing to suffer losses, and only those who do not care can gain trust and maintain kindness, which is the greatest wisdom.

people are kind, but heaven does not deceive

the Book of changes says: "

carry a lot of virtue.


only when a person is lenient and kind can he bear his responsibilities and blessings.

God will not ignore such a person, let alone treat such a person badly.

in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the emperor gave a flock of live sheep to his ministers on New year's Eve.

but the sheep are different in size, fat and thin, and there has been disagreement on how to divide the sheep.

some people say draw lots, others say kill meat-sharing.

then Zhen Yu stood up and said, "

Don't worry so much, just pick one.


after saying this, he led the youngest one away.

everyone followed suit, and the sheep were soon divided up.

when the emperor knew about this, he took a different look at Zhen Yu and soon promoted him to dean of Taiyuan College.

Wang Xifeng in A Dream of Red Mansions loaned money and forced the second Sister you to death.

and her leniency to Grandma Liu saved her daughter's life after the defeat of the Jia family.

when a man is kind, heaven does not deceive.

God sees a person's calculation and generosity.

those who like to calculate will eventually pay for their shrewdness.

people who are down-to-earth and kind can be blessed by God sooner or later.

, let's be a kind person together!