Shanghai man died suddenly in a rental house, and chat records were exposed: 2022, don't joke about your life.

Shanghai man died suddenly in a rental house, and chat records were exposed: 2022, don't joke about your life.

Life is not a short run, but a marathon.

browsing on Weibo the other day, I saw a saddening hot search.

Zhao Lei, a designer of a company in Shanghai, died suddenly in a rented house at the age of 26.

according to Zhao Lei's relatives and friends:

"from January 13 to 27, the group received a bid, resulting in Zhao Lei working hard all the time, often from 2: 00 a.m. to 4: 00 a.m."

the record of working hours in April last year shows that he worked a total of 276.5 hours that month, of which he only took four days off and worked an average of more than 14 hours a day for seven days.

in his chats with friends before his death, Zhao Lei also mentioned many times:

"I've been working overtime for three years."

"I feel very close to death recently."

"I'm going to die, all night all week."

between the lines, all reveal deep tiredness.

but no one thought that this smiling young man was actually hovering on the brink of collapse every day.

the sentence "why don't you cut it for me in December" is really distressing.

in the comment area, a netizen's message resonated with tens of thousands of people:

"he's only 26."

Yes, he was in his prime, and he died unexpectedly before he could see more of the world.

it is hard to imagine what kind of pain his parents and family will have to go through the second half of life.

what is even more sad is that the case of Zhao Lei staying up late and sudden death is not alone.

similar tragedies happen around us every year and every month.

"because I stayed up late, I got a kidney!"

this is not a joke, but the real experience of Mr. Xu in Jiangsu.

in a physical examination at work, Mr. Xu found that his urine test was abnormal.

after work every day, as usual, I stay up late to play live games and often go to bed until two or three o'clock in the morning.

then I got up early the next day and went to work. I only slept about five hours a day.

unexpectedly, when he got his own examination report again, he was suffering from malignant kidney disease.

more unfortunately, the irregular schedule made his kidney disease worsen sharply, and several times of hemodialysis did not get any better!

in the end, kidney transplantation became the only treatment.

it wasn't until now that he realized how foolish he was to overdraw his body regardless of the circumstances.

however, there are still too many people walking along this road foolishly.

on July 10 last year, the blogger

@ Simi

get together with friends and play until 10:00 the next morning.

at 11:00 at noon, she went directly to the dentist and went to have her hair and nails removed in the afternoon.

at the end of the day,

@ Simi

I haven't slept for 40 hours.

I thought I would just get some sleep, but on the night of the 16th, the nightmare began.

Getting ready to get a gorgeous emerald green semi formal dress to make your stunning figure stand out? This is your one stop place for the perfect collection.

@ Simi

first I felt cold all over. Even though I was covered with a thick quilt, I was still shivering.

then she started talking nonsense again. She wanted to go to the hospital, but she couldn't get up.

when she arrived at the hospital, after a blood test, the doctor saw that the viral index in her blood was 500 times the normal value, so she was admitted to ICU that night!

, she completely lost her ability to take care of herself, ate, drank and scattered all in bed, and had to draw eight tubes of blood every day.

A week later, the doctor told her that her illness was sepsis.

the disease can cause septic shock, with a fatality rate of up to 60%.

it can be said that she is lucky to survive.

although she narrowly escaped the bullet, she calculated by herself that the cost of this hospitalization was about 300000.

how many people in life are like Mr. Xu and

@ Simi

similarly, with a sense of luck, I think it's no big deal to stay up a few nights.

and how many people think they are healthy enough to make it up after staying up all night?

but they overlook the fact that life is never a fluke, and you don't know which will come first, tomorrow or accident.

every time I stay up late, the harm to the body is omni-directional, burying hidden thunder to the body.

if you look closely, you will find that there is not a small number of news of sudden death due to staying up late every year.

in November 2013, 29-year-old designer Li Maotao died of sudden cardiac death.

before his death, he once posted on Weibo:

"coming to this city for half a year, I know what the city is like at night after 12:00, and I also know when my aunt begins to sweep the streets. at 4 o'clock, the night in the city is full of hazy, foggy and non-smoky."

in June 2016, Jin Dan, the 45-year-old chief physician, was found to have died suddenly in a hospital dormitory.

my colleague said that before he died, he startedI worked until after 10:00 in the morning.

Last March, a 34-year-old female journalist died suddenly in Nantong, Jiangsu Province.

in order to get first-hand information, she always gets up early in the morning and at night, shuttling around every corner of the city.

but the high intensity of work has already overwhelmed her body.

you see, staying up late is something the soul can survive, but the body can't.

Yu Juan, a female teacher of anticancer Fudan University, wrote in "unfinished this Life":

"at the critical point of life and death, you will find that staying up late for a long time is tantamount to chronic suicide."

Don't think of your health only in the death of others.

staying up late will lead to sudden death, which is really not a joke.

there is a narrator in the TV series "I'm fine in my hometown":

"sometimes I can't help asking people who have sacrificed their time for health and happiness, do they really get what they want?

but if not, try to love yourself a little more. "

think about it, is it really worth trading sleep time for opportunities, status, and money?

you know, staying up late may give you temporary pleasure and may buy you a little more time, but it all comes at the cost of overdrawing your body.

what's the point if you don't have a healthy body, no matter how much money and power you have?


@ Santuo

I once had the experience of staying up late for 10 years and would not rest until three or four o'clock every day.

after an abnormal heart, she suddenly realized that she couldn't stay up late any longer.

so she began to change her schedule and record the detailed process on vlog.

in order to urge herself, she signs in on Weibo every day, and as long as she fails to do so for one day, she sends red envelopes of 100 yuan to each fan.

finally, her experience of going to bed and getting up early is summarized and shared with you:

1. Set a penalty to punish yourself for doing something you don't want to do if you don't go to bed on time.

2. Keep exercising every day, consume extra physical strength during the day, and fall asleep more easily at night.

3. Eat less starch for breakfast, because starch has a high glycemic index, and it is easy to feel sleepy after eating.

4. Dim the room lights 1 hour before going to bed, away from all kinds of electronic products, such as mobile phones and computers;

5. Every time you take a hot bath or soak your feet before going to bed, the drop in body temperature is more likely to cause deep sleep.

6. After lying in bed, wearing a blindfold, a pure dark environment can help us fall asleep;

7. Don't think about yourself before going to bed to avoid anxiety.

8. Don't rely on alcohol or melatonin. External forces make us fall asleep faster, but sleep is poor and addictive.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"Life is not a short run, but a marathon."


at the end of life, the fight is about health.

how can you strive for a wonderful life without a healthy body?

, hope to see you here, from today on, sleep well and learn to be kind to your body.