Save more money, it's expensive to live!

Save more money, it's expensive to live!

When people reach middle age, it is difficult to make money and even more difficult to save money.

2022 has just arrived, no matter whether others ask you or not, you will ask yourself in your heart:

how much money do you have left in the past year?

after opening the bank card, I found that I thought I had earned a lot, but in fact I didn't save much.

then the soul asks: where is all the hard-earned money?

A few days ago, there was a discussion on the Internet: is it normal for post-90s to have no savings?

some people say that today's young people earn less and spend more, so it is difficult to save money.

in fact, it is difficult for most people to make money from open source.

when people reach middle age, it is not easy to make money. Save more money. After all, it is very expensive to live.

it is difficult to make money, and it is even more difficult to reach middle age

have seen a piece of news.

A deputy director in Beijing, in order to experience the life of ordinary people, decided to work as a takeout clerk for one day.

I thought it was not easy for a takeout worker to ride a bike around, but at the end of the day he was so tired that he complained.

his day goes like this:

because I am not familiar with the environment, I can't find out where the store is at first;

if you get your meal in a hurry, you can't have a rest, so you have to run to the buyer's address immediately.

wait until the noon rush hour, snowflake-like orders fly in, but there is another traffic jam on the road, so the order can not be picked up and the takeout can not be delivered, so we can only wait anxiously in place.

even if it is not easy to deliver a meal, it is still fined for overtime.

originally, there was not much money for a single order, but it had to be deducted.

at the end of the day, Director Wang delivered only six takeout orders and earned 41 yuan.

"it's really not easy. I feel aggrieved."

"after running for such a long time today, I made so little money, which is so far short of my goal of 100 yuan."

"this money is really hard to earn!"

what is even more gripping is that at the end of the day, a real takeout guy said to him:

"those of you in the office will never know our pain."

when people reach middle age, some people are clean and decent in tall buildings, while others shed tears in the wind and rain.

in this world, there are only a few people who are rich in food and clothing, and many are the majority who are covered with dust and struggle to make a living.

it is difficult for ordinary people to make money, especially at a certain age.

some time ago, a fellow-villager asked me if I had a good job and introduce him to him.

the fellow-townsman is 42 years old. He came back from a trip to the job market and said in dismay:

it's too hard to find a job now. Either you don't want anyone over 35, or the salary is pitifully low.

how can you raise a family with such a little money?

period, he interviewed many companies, one of which offered a price slightly close to his expectations.

it's just that the company hasn't replied for a long time, so a few days later, he went to a lower-paying job.

there is no way, the daughter of the family is in high school is a tight time, the wife's poor health can not be too tired, the family's wage chain can not be broken.

but unfortunately, the company called the day after I joined the job, but the fellow-townsman has already signed the contract with the current company.

this is always the way in this world. The rich have more choices, while the poor have no choice at all.

it is often the case that the money will be used elsewhere before it is warmed up.

when people reach middle age, it is difficult to make money, and it is even more difficult to save.

it is difficult for people who have been poor to save money

there is a kind of people in life: those who find it difficult to save money are always poor.

they seldom feel the taste of money, so they have some money on hand, not to save or invest, but to spend immediately.

there is such a kind of psychology in psychology, which is called "compensation psychology".

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it is said that those lives that have been owed will spend money to make up for their missing lives when they are a little better off.

Poor Dad, Rich Dad talked about the reasons why poor people cannot get rich. Apart from the necessities of life, they will not delay contentment.

as soon as they earn money, they will spend it immediately, buy a bottle of beer to reward themselves after a hard day, eat a delicious meal and spend the money immediately, or spend the money on fun projects to save their tired bodies.

once people fall into the quagmire of desire, it is easy to be swallowed by desire.

I have a cousin who has worked for many years and has been unable to save money.

when asked where she spent her money, she said she didn't know that there was always not enough money to spend, and she lost it as soon as she got it.

but it's easy to go to her room.

the room is full of clothes that used to be popular, as well as all kinds of bags and shoes.

there are all kinds of big-name skin care products on the dresser, thousands of them each.

people who don't know think that she has either a high salary or a good family.

as a matter of fact, my cousin is just an ordinary migrant worker, and my family is originally a very ordinary working family.

once my uncle suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. The hospital told her to pay an operation fee, which was about 20,000 yuan, but she couldn't even take it out.

the bank card doesn't have much money, and I have to pay it back every month.High credit cards, so I can only borrow money from my cousins crying on the phone.

after all these years, my cousin didn't make any money, of course not.

otherwise, how can I have the money to buy those luxury items?

in the words of my cousin, when I see other people carrying beautiful bags, I also want to buy them.

work is very hard, so always want to compensate themselves in various ways, one is for vanity, the other is to satisfy themselves.

so, for the sake of immediate satisfaction and desire, I spent all the hard money I just got, but in the end I was empty-handed.

the more people who have not been treated well by life, the more they seek to make amends elsewhere in order to achieve emotional balance.

their credo is: if you get drunk today, worry about tomorrow.

once they have money, their first idea is to spend it, enjoy it, and finally enter the endless cycle of having no money.

I didn't realize that saving money was the answer to the adult world until I was deeply distressed by money.

also gradually understand that the more money you have, the more you have to find ways to save money, save money, and save money.

at critical times, only when you have money in your wallet can you resist the risks of life; only by saving enough capital can you have the opportunity to make money.

take saving money as self-discipline, it will become a habit

the reason why you can save money: either open source or save money.

when people reach middle age, it is too difficult to make money. If they can't make money, they have to save money.

I saw a news some time ago that Wang Shenai, a 32-year-old Douban woman, said that she had "scratched" two apartments from between her teeth after graduating nine years ago.

Wang Shenai's way of saving money is very strict.

in order to save money, she never parties with her colleagues and seldom buys new products.

clothes are all used clothes of friends, and daily necessities are either bought in groups or coupons.

maintain such savings, with a monthly savings rate of 90% of your salary.

this way of saving money is generally very difficult for most people to achieve. The purpose of cutting expenditure is not to make life tight, but not to spend money indiscriminately on the premise of living a good life.

there are only two reasons why most people can't save money:

first, the desire to spend money can not be controlled;

second, I haven't formed the habit of saving money.

to solve the first point, the first thing we need to understand is that there is no need to spend a lot of money.

if you open the wardrobe, are you lying there, buying sweaters on sale and never wearing them once?

the small things bought in order to make up the reduction are useless for the last time, and they still need to take up space.

the first principle of spending money is to pay for the moment.

the money spent because of hoarding turned out to be a waste.

for every sum of money we spend, we will never "overspend". The first thing is to never spend money beyond our means, and the second is to try not to pay for the future.

you don't know what will happen in the future. What you like now may change in a few months.

the second principle of spending money is that practical value is greater than anything else.

there is a saying that I think is very appropriate: "I would rather spend 2 yuan on something worth 1 yuan but useful than on 2 yuan worth 2 yuan but not useful."

do not buy things that are not needed at all, no matter how cheap they are, except for their aesthetic value.

saving money is as painful as self-discipline, and the desire to manage is actually the opposite of human nature.

in fact, as long as you master certain skills, it is not that difficult to save money.

prepare a notebook and start bookkeeping

bookkeeping is not unnecessary, it is equivalent to review and reflection.

record where your money is spent. Next time, remember that you don't have to spend the money you shouldn't spend, and correct your bad spending habits.

make a savings plan

when you start to set a plan, be sure to stick to it. Even if there is a slight discrepancy, it is possible to make it up later.

there is also a way to save money.

for example, the 52-week savings method:

52 weeks happens to be a year, saving 10 yuan in the first week and 20 yuan in the second week. And so on, an increase of 10 yuan per week, a deposit of 13780 yuan in 52 weeks;

for example, the 365-day savings method:

prepare a table, count the number from 1 to 365 in the table, save according to the corresponding number once a day, the saving number can be random, marked with color after saving, you can save 66795 yuan a year.

there are many ways to save money. as long as you choose the one that suits you best, you will gradually save money in your hands.

saving money is what every adult should be aware of

recently I saw a picture and found it particularly gripping:

on one side are the elderly who dance in the square, who are leisurely and cozy, and on the other are the sanitation workers who have no savings, and the elderly are rehabilitated.

after retirement, people with savings live in good nursing homes, dance square dances, and those who do not have savings have to work around the clock for food and clothing.

Life is a long journey, and you must plan ahead while you are still capable.

never eat for a day, do a day's work.

making money is a necessary ability for adults, and saving money is a necessary accomplishment for adults.

when I was young, I always thought that making money was cool, spending money was cool, and QQ search for people who saved money was not generous at all.

I found out when I was older that I made a profit.Money is difficult, money is spent quickly, people who save money are open and bright, and they don't panic if they have money in their hands.

what kind of life you will live in the future depends on how much money you save now.

saving money may not set your wealth free, but it will give you your own roof when the wind and rain comes.

saving money may make you a little uncomfortable now, but it can make your future easy and calm.

the adult world is full of people who depend on themselves, and there is no one they can rely on.

apart from relatives, money is the most reliable sense of security.

the reason for saving money is not only to give yourself the capital to be independent and not to rely on others, but also to go further for your ideals.

the rest of my life is expensive and needs the support of money.

make more money when you have time, but save more when you have nothing to do.

, save more money now, how free you will be for the rest of your life.