Read the good of others and fix your own heart.

Read the good of others and fix your own heart.

Only by putting down the burden can we move forward easily.

once heard a saying: "whether a person is good or not is not what he has, but what he has in his heart."

when I think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

the sea of life will always experience the warmth of human feelings.

if there is always resentment in the heart, then the mood must be depressed and difficult to extricate oneself from.

and when you try to remember the goodness of others, your heart will be warm and pleasant.

remember how others treat you well

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto: "Don't read Shi En, don't forget if you accept kindness."

those who are good to you will help you only if they have you in their heart.

this love is not easy to come by, so you should know how to cherish it.

actor Huang Bo had a dark time.

singing in the bar, as a result, was bombarded off the stage, left the bar to do business, and finally lost a lot of money.

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when he was mired in debt, he later became an actor of ten billion yuan.

and all this has to be attributed to my friend Gao Hu.

Gao Hu guided Huang Bo in his first play and encouraged him to be admitted to the Beijing Film Academy.

when Huang Bo's life was the most difficult, Gao Hu gave him financial support.

later, Huang Bo hung all the way, shining brilliantly, and Gao Hu said proudly, "I brought him into the entertainment circle. He is popular, and I am also happy."

however, being tricked by fate, Gao Hu, as a "Bole", did not develop smoothly and could not even get a play.

in order to repay the gratitude, Huang Bo brazenly helped Gao Hu look for opportunities everywhere.

once, Huang Bo spent half a month with the director for a role, and finally had to throw out a cruel remark: "if he doesn't come, I won't act."

the director has no choice but to agree.

with the help of Huang Bo, Gao Hu slowly walked out of the trough of his career, and the story of their mutual success is still being talked about by people.

some people say, "A friend in need is a friend in need."

in good times, high friends may not be true friends, but when you are down, the one who really gives you a hand is your bosom friend.

in this impetuous era, people are busy chasing fame and wealth, taking care of themselves.

and those who can get out, hold an umbrella for you in the torrential rain, give you encouragement when they are humble, and help you with their pockets when they are in need, are the real dignitaries.

the writer Qi Pansy once wrote: "in this world, if you meet one person who is really good to you, there will be one less."

people move in a hurry in this life.

We will pass by thousands of people, and very few of them will really meet.

do not forget to repay the kindness you receive.

Thanksgiving to others will eventually benefit you.

learn to forget what others have done to you

"Cai Gentan" said: "people have kindness to me must not be forgotten, and resentment must not be forgotten."

forgetting other people's mistakes is the solution to many problems.

A person who wants to have a good interpersonal relationship is nothing more than "plant more flowers and fewer thorns."

in Liu Xiang's New Preface, there is such a story:

at the junction of the State of Chu and the State of Liang, soldiers of the two countries planted melon seedlings on their respective vacant lots.

one day, Liang people found that all the melon seedlings in their land had been torn off.

it was started by the people of the State of Chu, because they were jealous that the melon seedlings of the Liang State grew better than themselves.

Liang's popularity, however, one after another asked the county magistrate Song to tear off the melon seedlings in each other's fields.

Song said, "if other people do bad things, how can you do the same?" Let me tell you a good idea! "

Song said that the good way was not to destroy it. On the contrary, he sent someone to secretly water the melon seedlings of the State of Chu every night.

the people of Chu were very surprised to see that their melon seedlings grew longer and better. in the end, they found that it was the Liang people who had done good deeds, so they were very moved and ashamed, so they took the initiative to make friends, and a dispute was quietly resolved.

the Analects of Confucius says: "do not think about the old evil, resentment is the use of hope."

endless revenge can only hurt both sides, and knowing how to forget other people's mistakes is the highest wisdom in dealing with the world.

in life, you often meet people who find fault with you for no reason, those who denigrate you, and even those who make you stumble secretly.

instead of tit for tat, tolerate and forgive.

Sinology master Zeng Shiqiang once said, "when someone else punches you, you wrap your fists not with your fists, but with your palms."

if you take a step back, others will give you three points; if you build a bridge for others, they will pave the way for you.

in the end, you will find that people are mutual, you respect me a foot, I respect you a foot.

tolerate others and finally fulfill yourself.

the real strength of a person is the softness of his heart

Yang Jiang once said: "Life is really hard and needs practice."

suffering can break people down, or it can make people stronger.

there is a 20-year-old Shanghai girl who is in her prime, but she has encountered the darkest moment of her life.

the husband dislikes him and regards her as a "country bumpkin" and a stumbling block to the pursuit of free love.

as soon as she had her second child, her husband impatiently urged her to sign the divorce certificate.

after the divorce, she decided to bid farewell to her humble past and give it a try.

she learns from difficulties and refines herself from tribulations.

in the end, she became an elite in the financial world, and the clothing business was booming.

when her career was successful, she put aside past grievances and often helped her ex-husband who could not make ends meet.

after my ex-husband's plane crash, he didn't forget to take care of his parents and lovers.

she is Zhang Youyi, a banker in Shanghai, and her ex-husband is Xu Zhimo, a famous poet.

years later, Zhang Youyi is full of gratitude instead of complaining about this failed marriage: "I can't grow up without him, nor can I find myself."

A person's real strength is the understanding and softness that still emanates from his heart after a heart-wrenching pain.

British writer Rachel Joyce once wrote:

"if you have seen the swamp of the human heart, the torrential rain in the night, silent sighs and blooming smiles, you will not live ignorantly and brightly, and you will be closer to life."

because I know, I am more compassionate.

when you go through Qianfan and reconcile with the past, you will find that all the people you meet are actually here to ferry you.

good people make you happy, bad things make you open-minded, and difficult things make you strong.

have seen such a short story:

A master pointed to a piece of land covered with weeds in front of him and asked the young monk, "how to make it stop growing grass?"

the little monk thought for a moment and replied, "pull the grass every day."

the master smiled and shook his head, took out a handful of seeds and sprinkled them on the field.

then said leisurely: "the grass will grow again, and it will never be pulled up. Only by planting crops in this field can we change this barren grassland."

it is easy to get rid of weeds in the field, but difficult to get rid of weeds in the mind.

remember the good things of others, the happier you are, the less right and wrong you will be.

someone once said, "the road is difficult, but the difficulty lies in the heart."

always indulge in the unhappy past, it is bound to be difficult.

only by letting go of the burden can we move forward easily.

the road of life always has its ups and downs, but please believe that there are no insurmountable hurdles and no insurmountable mountains.

when you look around at the top, everything is clear and light, and you finally understand that all the past is just to cultivate your life to a higher pattern.