People with high EQ have these speaking habits.

People with high EQ have these speaking habits.

A cultured person, a person with high EQ, has style and style, and speaks more gracefully.

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people who are fastidious in speaking and EQ in doing things are the most comfortable people with a very high quality of dealing with others.

the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach.

be patient,

will listen

A real talker never relies on a sharp mouth, but a pair of ears that reach to the depths of the soul.

once, Carnegie met a world-famous botanist at an important dinner.

Carnegie didn't say a word to the botanist all the time, but listened attentively.

however, when the dinner was over, the botanist praised Carnegie to his host, saying that he was an "inspiring person" and an "interesting conversationalist" at the dinner.

in fact, Carnegie didn't say much all the time, just let himself listen carefully, but won the favor of the botanist.

communicate with others, do eight points to listen, two points to speak. This is not only a kind of speaking wisdom, but also a great EQ.

someone confides in you, which shows that you are talented, moral and trustworthy. Being willing to listen to others shows that you are down-to-earth, sincere and delicate.

people with high EQ know how to respect other people's emotions, listen more to others, and say less about themselves.

be considerate,

do not reveal the shortcoming

there is an old saying: "people have short, do not reveal, people have private, do not say."

most of the time, our judgment of a person lies in whether we can talk nonsense about what hasn't happened in verbal conversation, and listen more to other people's things than talk about them.

other people's injuries are hardships that we have never experienced, not to mention, respect and understanding for others and adherence to our own self-cultivation.

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people with high EQ do not infringe upon other people's comfort zone and get along with each other properly; they are considerate of other people's difficulties, not cold-blooded, and do not reveal their shortcomings.

this is being honest with others and being responsible to yourself.


do not belittle

A person's character, upbringing, and EQ are not reflected in his attitude towards his boss and friends, but by whether he has the same respect and goodwill for the weak in his words and deeds.

some people seem to be personable, but they yell at waiters, sanitation workers, and so on, saying bad things, belittling them to elevate themselves and show their sense of superiority.

people, how to treat the weak, we can probably see his self-cultivation and pattern.

Xunzi wrote: "being kind to others is warmer than cloth; hurting people with words is deeper than spears."

A cultured person, a person with high EQ, has style and style, and speaks more gracefully.

their souls are elegant, never worship high and trample low, do not bully the weak, but are more understanding and tolerant, courteous and courteous to the weak, warm and tolerant in words.


do not argue

Why do some people have poor interpersonal relationships and are labeled as "low EQ"? One of the more important reasons is that they like to overexert their tongues and always outdo others in words.

Don't get too entangled with trifles.

if you look at the families around you who often quarrel and have chicken feathers, one side is always very strong and belligerent, fighting for three points without reason and being unforgiving.

this is how many relationships break down. As a matter of fact, it's no big deal to suffer a small loss verbally.

there are always some people who feel that as long as they have not seen it, there is nothing in the world. If you say yes, I will argue with you about right and wrong. There is no need to wrestle with these people. With different levels, there is no need to talk hard.

there is a kind of mind, which is called "if you don't fight, the world can't compete with it."

the real wisdom of people with high EQ is that they are more rational, can grasp the discretion and yardstick when speaking and doing things, and do not argue about things that are not worth it.

be honest,

repeat promises

has there been such a person around you?

they promised with sincerity and seriousness, and soon forgot all about it.

there is still no news about the repayment of the money, but the agreed secrecy turns around and tells others that the last time it is agreed will not change its nature.

A person who pays attention to his promises is the same as he appears to be, dares to say and do, and his EQ will not be low. And a hypocritical person, full of lies, valuing profit over righteousness, is not worthy of deep acquaintance.

people with high EQ will never break their promises and do things that will not make people feel cold. Only by keeping their words and deeds in line with their words and deeds, their exchanges are worthy of trust. Only in this way can they go far.