People who suddenly change their avatars.

People who suddenly change their avatars.

A man who plays hide-and-seek doesn't want to hide until dark.

the body is as follows:

there is a girl in the message area.

the first time I saw her comment,

there were two ice colas oozing water next to me.

I don't know whether to leave or come to find a boyfriend.

when I saw it for the second time,

was particularly conspicuous under the attack of the upper and lower color photos.

maybe I broke up.

must be more than just a memorial to lost love.

whether it's love or life,

the world is like a black farce,

and then stay in the unnoticed corner.

I am very familiar with this avatar.

there are students who have been scolded by the teacher to doubt life.

even my younger brother, who is forced to go to the Austrian math piano,

discord with friends,

when I gradually lose touch with the boy I like,

everything seems to be far away from me,

put up a sign in front of the door that no matter strangers and acquaintances do not approach.

although I meant:

, it's really just a disguise, or:

it says:

but if you want to come, you can still come.

No one asks me what's wrong.

this doesn't mean that I have renewed hope for life.

I have no time for inexplicable and sudden hypocrisy.

after all

is also my lowest period of time.

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is not just to prove that you are really disappointed.

makes you less disappointed alone.

sometimes you just want to have such a person.

just to see the girl's profile picture.

she finally changed her avatar.

the puppy's fluff surrounds her hands and looks warm.

although it is impossible to click on each other's moments in the comments,

should have received some greetings.

so you don't have to pretend to isolate yourself with a black avatar.

because there is only disappointment that has been treated well,


if you see someone around you suddenly change their all-black avatars,

I still want you to click on the chat window.

maybe you won't get a response.

but I think these concerns,

, are just issued by us on behalf of the world.

is very important for people who are in disguise.

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