People who really love you are stupid when they meet you.

People who really love you are stupid when they meet you.


Thank you for your tolerance. Good night

what moves me easily is "what would you like to eat?" Compared with making

for you, it's really easy to buy it for you.

just search, place an order, buy, and everything can be done with the flick of a finger in a few minutes.

so if you want to make you happy, I'll buy it for you.

so are you satisfied or dismissed?

to do this, you need to pick your own ingredients and learn how to do it.

it's all about making you feel happy about his work.

choose to buy because I hate spending time and energy.

I often hear my friend's dishes exclaim that she just wants to share recipes with others, but sees the secret of happiness in it.

(my husband, when he was a boyfriend at that time, cooked for me for the first time and specially asked for a day off to cook at home. However, I didn't eat until after 8 o'clock, but the shampoo eggs he made were really touching. Now I do it for me every anniversary)

(since childhood, I don't eat chicken skin or duck skin. When I went to my boyfriend's house for the first time, his parents killed chickens and greeted him. When his mother (now my mother's mother) saw that I ate Boiled Chicken with Sauce and skinned it on the table first, he told his son (now her husband) to skin me first and then gave it to me every time he ate chicken, duck and husband.)

vegetables insist that strong> should be eaten in season. Eat for your body, and recipes are excellent. novice success rate is 90% . I have tried basic zero failure.

cook for him to show your love. Come and pay attention to the vegetables!

I tell you, in winter, in order to drink this bowl of soup, many people queue in front of the store in the early hours of the morning and wait for two hours in the cold wind to eat it. I am one of them! Hate waiting in line to teach you to cook at home!

"Super worry-free meat in one pot!" Eat it when it is cold and lazy.

(poke the picture or title directly to the original text)

can win 1.4 million fans, of course, not only a little bit of "brush", she also has a small nickname, called "Chinese recipe version on the tip of the tongue". What do you mean? Is to let us see the drooling "tip of the tongue", people can make it for you.

this dish gives her a sense of elegance.

Taiwan friends say that this dish is not greasy to eat every day

big reunion, with this dish can calm the scene

-what fans agree with is actually her way of life-

drinking the right sugar water in autumn, which is moist and beautiful!

Gollum, this pot of Fish in Sour Soup is so exciting!

working hard to make money is to spend money harder!

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