People who are really good never complain.

People who are really good never complain.

Although life is difficult, may you be brave and fearless.


"worry-relieving grocery store" says:

"it is because I am alive that I have a chance to feel the pain."

No one can be carefree all his life, and everyone will feel the pain from life more or less.

it's just that in life, some people are used to complaining about their grievances, often complaining that there are not many gifts from fate, while some people heal themselves silently and gradually become the strong ones in life.

the more powerful people are, the more they learn not to complain.

after all, there is no one in the adult world without suffering. Instead of being busy complaining, it is better to go quietly.

you don't have to tell everyone about your suffering

We often say, spit it out.

it seems that for those things that are difficult to solve and often make you unhappy, as long as you complain to someone, you can get the understanding of others and get temporary relief.

but as "Stars in the Deep Sea" says:

"in fact, there is no such thing as empathy in the world. If the needle is not stabbed into others, they will not know how painful it is."

it is a pity that your suffering is often painless and unitchy to others.

as a matter of fact, when you uncover a scar, you will always be the only one who hurts; to spit out bitterness, it is only a moment of relief.

in wife's Romantic Journey 3, Tang Yifei talks about taking a lot of blame for her marriage to her husband.

she said that her husband was still hesitant when she and her husband decided to get married. Later, she angrily spent 260 yuan on the wedding dress.

in the program, Tang Yifei talked about this grievance ten years ago and could not help but burst into tears.

then, she posted six more blog posts on her Weibo to explain and tell her sufferings at that time.

in order to spit it out, Tang Yifei even sent 60,000 yuan red envelopes among her fans to thank everyone for their understanding and support.

however, such words and deeds have been questioned by more netizens. Some people say that she is eye-catching, some say that she spends money on powder, others say that she has gone too far.

Tang Yifei's re-mention of the old story is probably to get everyone's understanding and respect, but in fact it has been more questioned and misunderstood.

in fact, many grievances in life are that the more you think, the more bitter you feel, and the more you talk, the harder you feel.

you often can't get the understanding of others, but just move yourself, so why complain to others and show scars everywhere?

Zhou Mi wrote in Kuixin Miscellaneous knowledge:

"the song of the river is bad for those who are not good at sailing.


means that it is not that the river is too curved, but that you are not good at boating.

God will not be kind to anyone, nor will he be kind to anyone. You often feel that life is bitter, perhaps because you are not strong enough.

Life gets better, never complain and start

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Life is not as good as nine times out of ten, but Lin Qingxuan said, "often think about one or two, not eight or nine."

if there is something wrong with you, you will complain; when you encounter something bad, you will complain in disappointment, and the negative emotions will only wear out your will to live.

Life for the better usually starts without complaining or complaining.

A woman named Selma accompanied her husband at a desert army base.

the desert is hot and the environment is hard. Selma is a stranger and doesn't know the local language. She often complains about the life here.

Selma could not help complaining when she wrote to her parents. However, her parents' reply to her was as follows:

"two men looked out of the bars of the cell, one saw the dirt, the other saw the stars."

later, Selma followed her parents' advice and stopped complaining, but began to change herself, learning the local language, making friends with people around her, studying plants in the desert, and enjoying the scenery in the desert.

thus Selma came out of her depression, and two years later, she wrote her life into a book called the Castle of Happiness.

the things that make you miserable are often the things that can accomplish you.

if you are depressed and feel sorry for yourself, your life will only get worse; if you adjust your mindset and forge ahead, you will meet a stronger self.

as writer Liu Tong said:

"it is better to carry a lantern than to complain that you are in the dark."

in the CCTV documentary "the other me in the World", Max was abandoned by his dependent mother at the age of 13, and he began to live alone.

but Max never complains. He loves dancing and life.

referring to his unfortunate experience, Max said he would no longer complain about his mother's abandonment, and the most important thing for him was not to stand still, but to keep going.

Max said:

"although he is not very happy now, he is close to happiness."

sometimes life is full of hardships, and learning to heal is a required course for adulthood. You can only rebuild your life by trying to get rid of the mud.

be yourself and make your own arrangements

there is a line in the movie Flying over the Bedlam:

"you've been complaining about this place, but you don't have the courage to get out of here."

many people complain about the sad situation because they do not have the courage to face their lives squarely and change their lives.

what really makes people feel powerless and painful is often their own incompetence.

when a person stops making excuses to complain and talk, he tries to find ways to make himself stronger and his life better.Then life is bound to give him more satisfaction.

cartoonist Lu Yishan mentioned his high school experience in the documentary "Blossom."

in the second year of high school, she encountered campus violence and was isolated by the girls in the school, and even the girls in the dormitory did not eat with her. This isolation and helplessness made her life on the verge of collapse.

when she recalled the experience, she held back tears and said that school at that time was like hell.

even so, Lu Yishan seldom mentioned it to anyone, let alone complain. At that time, she chose to draw and get through that difficult time.

she drew all the words she wanted to say on the paper, so she drew more and more, and the more she painted, the better, Lu said. Painting is her cure and cry.

since then, she never gave up painting.

to her surprise, during her three years as a graduate student studying medicine, she published three comic books in her spare time.

John Scholes said in the wishing Tree:

"there is no incurable pain, there is no unending destruction, all that is lost will come back in another way."

the best way to relieve your depression is never to confide in others, but to have enough courage and ability to live a good life.

how easy it is to complain and complain, how hard it is to change and be strong.

when you use complaints to escape life's problems, there is always someone to heal themselves and move on in silence. Only by focusing on living your own life can you truly fulfill yourself.

people who are really good never complain.

as the old saying goes:

"fate leads those who are willing. For those who do not want to, fate drags along. "

the moment you choose how to face life has already determined the direction of your life.

troubles are often given by yourself. people who like to complain are very sad, and those who like to complain often have a hard life.

No kind of harvest is easy. In life, if you want something, you have to seek it; if you don't accept your fate, you have to work hard.

cowardly people choose to complain, and strong people have long learned to heal themselves.

, although life is difficult, may you be brave.