People who are really big: no explanation, no entanglement, no blame.

People who are really big: no explanation, no entanglement, no blame.

Only in this way can you travel light and go to a better future.



writer he Quanfeng once said:

"when you have more magnanimity, you complain less; when you broaden your mind, the road becomes wider; if the pattern is big enough, the problem disappears."

many problems in life actually come not from the outside, but from the heart.

people with small patterns are apt to sink into trivial things.

people with large patterns do not explain, do not entangle, and do not blame. Free and quiet, open-minded and leisurely.

does not explain, it is the realm

I saw an interview with Zhou Jie, who was rehearsing the play "Beijing Fayuan Temple" at that time.

the reporter talked to him about the rumors that he and Chen Daoming had conflicts and were banned more than ten years ago.

Zhou Jie said, "Chen Daoming is my master. How can my master ban me because of a trivial matter?"

the reporter asked him, "Why haven't you explained it all the time?" These rumors are harmful to your reputation. "

Zhou Jie said, "if you hurt, you hurt. Those who know will know naturally. What's the use of telling people who don't know?"

Zhou Jie was repeatedly rumored before he disappeared from public view, but he never came forward to explain it.

concentrate on running his own farm and lead a lively life.

and all kinds of rumors of that year have gradually disappeared with the passage of time.

Confucius said, "if a man does not know, he is not a gentleman."

people don't know you, and you don't get angry. Isn't that a gentleman?

in life, everyone will be misunderstood and misunderstood.

you never know how many versions you have in someone else's mouth.

if you are always explaining, how much time and energy can you waste in your life?

most of the time, silence is not a mistake, but a pattern, a realm.

there is a story of Zhuo Mao giving way to horses in the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Minister Zhuo Mao has outstanding meritorious deeds, but he is generous and kind-hearted.

once when he went out on horseback, he met a man who insisted that he lost the horse.

Zhuo Mao asked him, "when did you lose your horse?"

and this horse Zhuomao has been bought back for several years.

he knew full well that the other party had made a mistake, but Zhuo Mao did not explain and gave him the horse.

people around me don't understand.

A few days later, the man found the lost horse, returned it to Zhuo Mao, and apologized.

Zhuo Mao ignored it and forgave him.

when the story got out, everyone praised him for his kindness.

the ancients said: "flirtatious is not talking about Feng Sheng, but being speechless is the longest."

silence is a more powerful force than explanation.

not a word has been spoken, but it is far better than a thousand words.

when a person is unwilling to explain a misunderstanding, he uses his own strength to resolve and bear it.

such people are generous and benevolent, and their blessings tend to be deeper.

Don't blame, it's open-minded

on one occasion, two soldiers lost contact with the army after a fierce battle.

the two men trudged through the forest and still failed to catch up with the army after more than ten days, and they had run out of food.

only the young soldier had a piece of venison on him.

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after a breakthrough, the two men breathed a sigh of relief when the young soldier was suddenly shot.

the soldier behind ran over in panic, burst into tears and quickly bandaged his wound.

the two were speechless all night, and both felt hopeless for survival.

and no one moved that piece of venison.

the next day, the two men were found by the army and survived.

years later, the wounded soldier Jack said, "I know who fired that shot, and he is my comrade-in-arms." When he hugged me, I ran into his hot barrel.

but I didn't hate him, because I knew he ate venison alone in order to go back to take care of his mother alive.

the world is so cruel that his mother still didn't wait for him to come back.

I held a memorial ceremony for the old man's family with him. That day, he got down on his knees and begged me to forgive him. I didn't let him go on. We have been friends for decades, and I tolerated him. "

the Grandmaster says: in this life, people want to see themselves, heaven and earth, and sentient beings.

when you see your inner sincerity and hypocrisy, you will understand respect and understanding.

see the breadth of heaven and earth, understand their own small, but also give birth to an open-minded.

saw sentient beings and understood the sufferings of sentient beings, so they understood tolerance.

when a person reads a thousand sails and makes a clear understanding of the world, a kind of compassion and generosity naturally arises in his heart.

there is not so much anger and blame for other people's injuries and mistakes.

in the Chronicles of the three Kingdoms, when Liu Bei attacked Yicheng, Liu Xun, the son of Liu Zhang, led his troops to resist.

Liu Xun held on to the city, but Liu Bei could not capture it for a long time.

military advisor Pang Tong led the crowd to attack the city, was shot by a flying arrow, and unfortunately died.

after the destruction of the city, the crowd was so angry that the officers and soldiers asked Liu Bei for his life to kill Liu Xun.

Liu Bei said, "if each is his own master, there is nothing wrong with it."

finally forgive Liu Xun and let him go back to Liu Zhang.

Liu Bei's magnanimity finally touched Liu Zhang, who led millions of troops and civilians in Yizhou and surrendered in Kaicheng.

Liu Bei, who got from Yizhou, was not only captured quickly.Won the hearts of the people, but also have the capital to compete with Cao Cao and Sun Quan.

belonging to Liu Bei has finally arrived.

the ancients said: "if you are not lenient, you cannot reply at the same time, and if you are not kind, you cannot cherish the public."

only by being broad-minded and kind-hearted can we win more support.

tolerance is not only a kind of heart, but also a pattern.

only those who are wise will not tie knots in their hearts. Only such people can tolerate and cross people.

Forrest Gump once said:

"Life is a process of constantly weeding out, slowly knowing what is important and what is not."

when one sees the distant mountains and the sea, the presence of one's eyes becomes insignificant.

other people's criticism, unnecessary entanglement, inner resentment, let go one by one.

only in this way can you travel light and go to a better future.

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