On the first day of New year's rework, if you don't want to go to work, be sure to read these three sentences!

On the first day of New year's rework, if you don't want to go to work, be sure to read these three sentences!

As long as you have enough to eat and drink, there is hope for everything!

have you watched this year's Spring Festival Gala?

in the sketch Father and son, there is an impressive scene.

out of concern and yearning, the father always sends messages to his son.

but the son's reply every time is either "OK" or "um", and even only reply "hehe" later.

after listening to his father's complaint, the son retorted:

"what era is it now? it's very fast-paced. I don't reply when other people send me text messages."

as soon as his voice dropped, his cell phone rang. As soon as he saw the news from the leader, his son's tone immediately became respectful:

"Leader, thank you for your cultivation and love. I wish you and your family good health, all the best, and always walk in the spring breeze."

looking at the front and back faces of his son, the father was angry and asked him:

"Why don't you give him a reply" hehe "?

the son was suddenly asked speechless.

many people can't help smiling when they see this.

in fact, the young people who say hello to the leader in the sketch are the epitome of countless beating workers.

work is hard-working and uncomplaining, and leaders are even more on call, not to mention saying "hehe" to the leaders, even if the leaders are slightly dissatisfied with their work, they should worry about being afraid for a long time.

Life is not easy, and I believe every beating worker has a deep experience.

one of the few things that can comfort workers is the Spring Festival holiday.

but now, unwittingly, the balance of the Spring Festival holiday has been used up.

before the migrant workers all over the country are ready, they have to go back to work and welcome a new round of working life.

these migrant workers who are forced to leave their warm beds are well versed in the "art of working". When they turn on the mode of complaining, they are all jokers.

in the past few days, my uncle's moments have been maxed out by all kinds of migrant workers:

Xiao Mu

not getting enough sleep, unfinished work, unfat wallets, unaffordable minks earn 200 million in half a lifetime, one amnesia, one memory

as long as I work hard enough, the boss can live the life he wants



A part-time job can't earn much money, but a few more jobs can make you have no time to spend money!

Long for glamorous modest long sleeve formal dress for your coming parties or dating? Our collections are available in a variety of delectable materials.

these self-teasing, seemingly mourning, actually hide the workers' unwillingness to ordinary life, which is the workers' exclusive black humor.

"No matter how unhappy you are and how bad things you encounter, you should go on with a smile."

in fact, they are also eager for promotion and salary, and for a better life.

they are never stingy with sweat and hard work, and are willing to give all they have for their dreams.

in life, everyone wants to succeed, but the successful ones are always in the minority.

recall, have you ever had such a confusion:

"you obviously work overtime every day, but you don't have yourself every time you get a promotion and a raise?"

"obviously I have worked very hard, but my level has not improved at all."

I remember there is a saying on the Internet: "from a person's working status, you can see his development in the next three or five years."

in fact, if you want to achieve work results and want a promotion and a raise, in addition to your own ability, your work status is also very important.

so how to get into the state quickly?

how to develop better work habits?

at this time, instead of thinking hard, let the master show you the way.

in 2022, professional bigwigs in major companies offered three promotion and salary suggestions for reworking workers.


stay away from procrastination, opportunities are only for those who are prepared

nowadays, many people have a common problem: procrastination.

always think of getting up late in the morning and doing less during the day. I can't finish my work today, but I'll make it up tomorrow.

the task at hand is procrastinated again and again.

if you want to change yourself, you must first give up procrastination and develop the habit of punctuality.

Shi Ruizeng, Vice President of Brand of FILA-FILA Greater China, said:

"punctuality is my most convincing quality.

if we are in a hurry, we will order takeout, work together, have meetings together, and have lunch together. "

in this era where every minute counts, the workplace is like a battlefield without gunpowder smoke.

always remember that your view of time is your hardest card.


improve work efficiency, hard work is more persuasive than hard work

there is such a story within Huawei.

an old employee complained because he was not on the promotion list: "I have worked hard without merit."

unexpectedly, after being heard by Ren Zhengfei, he immediately criticized him:

"what is hard work? Toil is ineffective labor.

invalid labor is a waste. It would be nice if I didn't let you lose money. What nonsense do you have to do? "

I believe that we all have "veteran employees" who repeat this kind of ineffective work.

they are busy all day, never arrive late and leave early, but workThe ability to do will never be improved.

because they are only thinking about how to get through the eight hours at work, they seem to be working conscientiously every day, but in fact they spend most of their time fooling around.

I very much agree with Han Guoqiang, general manager of Shanghai play World Culture Media:

"Young people should define themselves and live the life they want."

Yes, the most taboo thing in the workplace is not having your own goals and wasting your time all day.

you know, the life you want can only be achieved by your own efforts.

if you want to improve your skills, you have to choose the most difficult path and constantly strengthen yourself in the challenges.

if you want a promotion and a raise, you should take the initiative to break through your comfort zone, strive to improve your work efficiency, and speak with the results.

whenever you complain, complaining will only keep you where you are.

the result of your work is your business card, and hard work is always more convincing than hard work.


keep a clear head and take the initiative in your own hands

in the workplace, it is important to stay awake.

only by being clear about your strengths and weaknesses can you take the initiative into your own hands.

as Jin Yudong, senior vice president of VIsa- Asia Pacific, said:

"people who drink coffee alone will not leave their fate to the boss, but must take the initiative in their own hands and trade for themselves."

in her view, the reason why many people are unhappy in the workplace is that they have no desire for a promotion and a raise, but have no plans to grow up voluntarily.

Let the boss force himself to grow, and he can only be left behind by others.

if you want to go further and further in the workplace, you must have a clear understanding and understanding of yourself, and learn to define and pave the way for yourself.

A picture was circulated on the Internet, which alerted countless people.

Health is 1, house, car, career, family, dream. It is 0 that adds value to life.

if there is no health, no matter how many "zeros" will be meaningless.

Health is a person's greatest capital at any time.

and eating and sleeping well is the foundation of health.

when reworking after the end of the Spring Festival, McDonald's was heartbroken to get a raise for a promotion in the workplace.

in order to solve the embarrassing problem that people have no place to eat after rework

, McDonald's brought

fully upgraded OH Myka.

compared with last year, this year's OH Myka iterative upgrade has become

more comprehensive and considerate


in addition to guaranteed dinner, it also covers

four rights and interests available throughout the day


the so-called one-day plan is in the morning, and the importance of breakfast is self-evident.

Breakfast with 40% discount on OH McCa value

, so that you can have a reassuring breakfast at a special time and be full of energy to meet all kinds of challenges at work.

lunch is a day of heavy work transferred to a gas station.

at this event


A 4-piece set for dinner costs only 25 yuan

, while eating and drinking well, make your wallet free of burden.

even the essential coffee for professionals

enjoy a 40% discount

discount, long-awaited

"Coffee Freedom"


here comes

the most important thing is,

OH Myka can also

enjoy the benefits of free delivery


do you no longer have to worry about distribution fees? you can save time to get back to work and take us one step closer to promotion.

all these preferential benefits,

19 yuan can enjoy for 30 days,

you can get your money back only once

I have to say, OH Myka knows how to beat workers too well!

Liu Jia, CEO of Rubik's Cube Group, said:

"delay contentment at work and have fun in your life. In the workplace, physical strength and health are the most important, and eating well is the most important. "

Yes, have a good meal and get a promotion and a raise early.

replenish your physical and mental strength in time so that you can constantly overcome difficulties in your career.

McDonald's OH Myka hopes to protect the lives of workers around the clock, make them eat more comfortably, and protect their dreams.

some people say that everything in the past is a preface.

the unhappiness of last year is a thing of the past.

May you and I have a new beginning in the new year.

No matter how busy you are at work, don't forget to take care of your health, eat and rest on time, and don't make do with yourself.

even when you are in trouble, you have to keep a hard-working and optimistic attitude. Very often, you can only take a turn for the better if you stick to it.

always remember: "as long as you have enough to eat and drink, there is hope for everything!"

on the way to the future, McDonald's OH Myka will always be here with you, giving you more confidence and confidence in life.

like uncle, he can eat and drink well in his busyness.

enjoy the little beauty that belongs to the workers!