Most couples who can really grow old have achieved these four points.

Most couples who can really grow old have achieved these four points.

I hope you and I can spend the rest of our lives with our loved ones.



Dr. Hai Lan of Fudan University once said:

"of the 7 billion people in the world, it is amazing that you meet this person for whatever reason."

Yes, it is not easy to meet a sea of people, and it is even more fortunate to marry again.

in this life, everyone hopes to keep one heart, and white heads will not leave each other.

however, the road ahead is long, the wind and waves do not stop, and the road to happiness is not without wind and rain.

those couples who stay together from youth to old age have experienced these four "qi". They are not afraid of the change of years and come to a white end hand in hand.

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when I first entered the marriage, I was "angry" occasionally

the meaning of Marriage says

"even if we find the right person, it won't be long before each other will change.

because marriage is a major event in life: if we go in together, we will no longer be the same person. "

A lot of times, people don't change.

instead, the chicks and dogs in life break the filter, showing us the most authentic side.

disappointment arises when you realize that your partner is no longer perfect and your marriage is full of gaps.

even if you used to mix oil with love, you will be confused by anger, keep love and tolerance out of the door, pick on your partner harshly, and a relationship will naturally fall into an impasse.

writer Duanmu Wanqing told the reader Eli's marriage story.

Ellie and her husband began to get bored with each other after only two years of marriage.

Eli felt that he had become lazy and sloppy since he was free and easy before marriage.

cigarette ash bounces everywhere and dirty socks are scattered all over the room. Apart from playing with her mobile phone and playing with the computer every day, I never thought of helping her with the housework.

my husband feels that Eli has also changed, and she is no longer considerate.

always forces introverts to change their careers to sales, does not allow rest after work, but also forces themselves to go to the gym.

as soon as they meet, they will quarrel endlessly, and then they will simply get angry and have a cold war.

from ignoring each other for the first few hours to not saying a word for half a month.

Eli cried aggrieved: "at the beginning of marriage is to go to the white head, but why walk, the marriage has changed quality?"

Duanmu Wanqing replied that Eli's marriage had problems because he was still using love standards to require marriage, expecting each other to be perfect, and imagining that the road to marriage would be smooth.

but it has been proved that marriage, based on momentary emotions and beautiful fantasies, is difficult to sustain.

if you want a lasting and benign relationship, you must give up your illusions and accept the real one.

face the shortcomings of TA and keep your love for TA.

as Hu Yinmeng said:

"if you want to maintain an emotion, the less you expect, the better. If you have no expectations, you can love unconditionally."

just entered the marriage, we gradually see each other all, two people with different living habits, there will inevitably be some collisions.

but only then do we really walk into each other's lives and have a chance to discover other bright spots in TA.

with a tolerant heart, lower expectations of each other, slowly sharpen the cornerstone of the initial stage of marriage, in order to make married life stable and sweet.

Middle-aged couple, do not leave "not angry"

when people reach middle age, marriage has gone through the initial sweetness, and in the calm daily life, it becomes dull.

however, life is a war without gunsmoke.

parents and children, family work, seats such as Mount Tai, piled up on their shoulders.

the rain, snow, wind and frost in fate also hit mercilessly without saying hello.

at this time, thanks to the silent company of the TA around me, I was able to withstand the wasted life.

Green Leaf Liao Qizhi, gold medal of Hong Kong TVB, is best at playing all kinds of small roles crushed by fate.

and his real life is even harder and more difficult.

in 2003, his youngest son Nuo was found to be suffering from blood cancer, and his wife, Chen Miner, was greatly stimulated by the recurrence of depression.

regardless of grief, Liao Qizhi began to run between his home and the hospital.

in the evening, he can't have a rest, so he has to go to the TV station to host the program to earn money to support his family.

Chen Miner was distressed by Liao Qizhi's hard work, and she could not bear to bear her husband to carry it alone.

even if she is mentally ill, she chooses to go to the hospital occasionally to accompany her youngest son to fight the illness.

after more than a year of chemotherapy, the onset of complications, the rupture of the tube for injecting drugs in her body, and the sufferings suffered by her youngest son, she, as a mother, has endured it all in her heart.

in fact, these stimuli are harmful to Chen Miner's depression.

but no matter how hard it is, she does not flinch, always bravely tide over the difficulties with her husband, and face the problems given by fate with him, because they are a whole.

there is a good saying: every couple is a life-long friendship.

No matter how the years turn over and over again, as long as we never give up and depend on each other, no matter how dark the night is, there will always be a moment of dawn, no matter how difficult it is, there will be a day to get through.

Gorky said:

"Marriage is the combination of two people's spirits, the purpose of which is to overcome all the difficulties and hardships of the world."

the value of marriageNot only do two people share the prosperity of the world, but also when they wade through the dark places of life, they live to help each other and cherish each other.

I witness your life, and I have your support behind me.

walking in the roaring torrent of time, we resist the rain, snow, wind and frost together, share the misery of life, slowly grow old, and slowly turn white.

after middle age, Xinsheng is "convinced"

after the middle age of pots and pans, the love between husband and wife seems to be diluted by the years.

some people become numb and let their feelings slide to the cold.

and some people, constantly recalling the ups and downs along the way, can not help but trust the people around them, love in their eyes, and their feelings become stronger and stronger.

in 1956, on the 66 birthday of Chen Yinke, a master of Sinology.

he couldn't hide his excitement because he was always introverted. He praised his wife, yhost n: "Weaver is still in the mood for wine, but the fat function can be sealed."

year after year, he has gray hair and wrinkles, but he is more beloved than ever, and he can't do without this beloved wife who has gone through the trials and tribulations with him.

at the age of 54, Chen Yinke, who was at the peak of academic research, had binocular lesions and could no longer recover his vision.

for a scholar who needs to read books every day, it is like a bolt from the blue.

however, Chen Yinke was not depressed for long, because he had another pair of bright eyes.

when he wants to know everything in the world, his wife reads newspapers for him;

when he wants to find some information, his wife helps him look through the vast literature;

when she wants to write poems and courseware, his wife watches quietly and keeps records for him at any time.

although Chen Yinke could not see it, his wife's efforts were engraved into his heart bit by bit.

he owes his academic achievements to his wife, who must write the cover of every book.

Chen Yinke also regarded his wife as the backbone of the family and solemnly told his daughters many times:

"without a mother, there would be no family. We should all take good care of our mother."

and Tang Yi, she can understand her husband's willingness to devote his life to inheriting Chinese culture.

therefore, she can endure occasional heart discomfort, prop up her weak body, and give selflessly for decades.

the deep friendship between husband and wife is as insipid as water, but touching.

very much like the marriage that writer Li Xiaoyi appreciates:

"passionate retreat, time flies, still like each other, still feel that everything is the best arrangement, everything is the best choice."

time is long and full of unknowns.

however, even if we stumble along the way, we have tamped our feelings in the wind and rain, deeply trust each other's character, and will no longer be afraid of the impermanence of time.

if you know each other for a long time, you can have long trust; if you have long trust, you will be able to stay together.

being "convinced" of each other is worth the attack of fleeting time, and the years are still good.

grow old with happiness on your face

I am young and ignorant. I think that only hot love can make me happy all my life.

as everyone knows, a marriage that lasts forever is a confession with the longest affection between firewood, rice, oil and salt, one vegetable and one meal.

No matter when and where, with each other's fulfillment, we can have the rest of our lives.

whenever you open the marriage story between Qian Xuesen and Jiang Ying, you will always be deeply touched.

one of them is China's "father of science and technology." high achiever, a double doctor, has only academia in his heart.

one is that vocal musicians studying in Germany and standard young women in literature and art are full of romantic feelings.

it doesn't match in any way, but the couple know how to fall in love with each other's strengths and live in tolerance.

Qian Xuesen is used to staying alone in the study after dinner until the early morning. Jiang Ying is not angry. She respects each other's work habits very much.

and Qian Xuesen, he will not force Chiang Ying, who comes from a superior family, to be a good wife and mother and make soup every day.

when she was in a foreign land, Jiang Ying learned to cook and do housework with a pair of piano-playing hands.

Qian Xuesen couldn't bear it, so he bought a bamboo flute and played a song with his wife who was busy with household chores from time to time to arouse her real happiness.

after returning home, my wife began to work at the Central Experimental Opera House.

whenever his wife performs on the stage, Qian Xuesen will also bring his colleagues to attend, giving his wife the highest standard of support.

if Qian is too busy at work, Jiang Ying takes great pains to record the performance and play it back to him to ease her husband's tension at work.

time flows, beauty changes into white hair.

in their 80s, they finally have a chance to give up their work and snuggle up.

they will walk quietly in the morning light, and they will go to concerts and art exhibitions together.

Jiang Ying said happily:

"our spare time life is always full of artistic flavor."

Qian Xuesen is happily grateful:

"when I encounter difficulties with a piece of work and I am puzzled, it is often Jiang Ying's singing that enlightens me and enlightens me. How happy I am!"

two people in different spiritual fields, relying on tolerance and understanding, friendship and loyalty, gratitude and treasure, warm themselves together in the fireworks world, winding all the way further and further.

some people say that it sounds touching to grow old, but when it comes to reality, it takes a long time to test and endure.

not romantic or dreamy, full of a large number ofTrivial and mediocre.

Yes, people don't really understand the definition of "white head" until their twilight years:

through thousands of mountains and rivers, after many storms, you and I do not change our original heart, accompany each other for a long time, be grateful for each other's existence, is the greatest blessing in this life.

time is long, and how many couples let their feelings slip away in the face of each other day and night, and become strangers in less than half the way.

they lament that love is short, that marriage is impermanent, and that their partners are not considerate.

all good marriages go through these four stages:

the "bad spirit" of the newly married period; the "no gas" of the bumpy period; the "obedience" after the waves; the "blessing" of the steady period.

all marriages that can go to the white head have been tempered day and night, breed understanding and compassion, and finally release dazzling brilliance.

such a marriage is worth the gloom of the world, and the passage of time is enviable and touching.

, I would like you and me to be able to spend the rest of our lives with our loved ones.